Trainer for stretching behind US MEDICA FlexyBack

Trainer for stretching behind US MEDICA FlexyBack

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A special device that helps to tone up the lumbar and spinal muscles promotes correct posture and reduces overall body tension.


Restores the natural shape of the spine and correct posture by gently relaxing the back muscles and stretching the spine. Relieves fatigue and pain in the back, supports the back in a physiologically correct position, gives emphasis to the waist, removing the load and not allowing the slouch.


1.Durable design

2.Ergonomic shape with a longitudinal cutout for total comfort of the spine

3.The absence of contraindications

4.Easy to use

5.It's enough to do twice a day for 5 minutes

6.Trains the muscles of the spine

7.Relieves the spine of excessive load

8.Improves posture and increases flexibility of the spine

9.Small size and weight

Who is FlexyBack:

  • If you have a sedentary lifestyle, during the day spend much time standing or sitting;
  • If you cannot allocate time to complete the sport.
  • If you slouch when sitting, or watching his feet while walking;
  • If you experience discomfort from low mobility of the spine, with care bend, avoid sudden movements of the body;
  • If at the end of the day you feel fatigue and pain in the back and loins;

After injuries of the spine and diseases of the back or spine necessary to consult your doctor before applying any of the simulator, including FlexyBack.

Where you can use the FlexyBack:

  • Home – lean Flexy Back to the back of the chair, armchair or sofa for correction or prevention of stoop;
  • In the office – lean Flexy Back-to-back office chair or chair to relieve the lower back and prevent fatigue and back pain;
  • In the car – Flexy Back will give emphasis to the waist, not allowing to stoop, and preventing fatigue and pain;
  • On the floor or carpet – to relax the muscles of the back and return the spine physiologically correct shape and length.

Trainer Flexy Back is designed not so much to stretch back, how to return the spine's natural physiologically correct shape, and the back lost flexibility.

Most people know the feeling of the low mobility of the spine and characterized by pain in the lower back when lifting from the floor the fallen subject, involuntarily I'm afraid too quickly to straighten up. Or at night, lying in bed, hear the silence of the night aching tired back.

A great remedy for these symptoms is gymnastics and swimming in the pool. However, it is not always possible to find time for sports. Busy schedule, taking care of house, family and children; time spent in travel, and shopping, are forced to abandon many "frills", including not allowing people to spend valuable time on yourself.

The ideal method of application of the simulator Flexy Back is to the following schedule:

  • Waking up in the morning, before getting out of bed, get out from under the bed simulator FlexyBack;
  • To lie down on the rug;
  • Slowly lie back on the trainer FlexyBack stroking the back vertebrae by vertebrae;
  • To fully relax. Think about something good to tune in to a successful day. Smile confidence;
  • Gently lifting;
  • Repeat the same procedure in the evening before bed, remembering the good moments of the day;

The effect will not keep itself waiting. Your back will thank you, and improved overall health will be a great reward for "five minutes peace", a gift from you to yourself.

"Flexyback" has no restrictions on the physique and age involved, but the most severe cases of spinal disorders (see Contraindications).

The health of the back and spine

Based on the individual preferences of different categories of users, specialists US Medica are developing exercise machines and massage equipment to help people take care of their health in an environment where sports are not available for one reason or another.

They differ in principle of operation, the time required to spend, the presence or absence of additional conditions, and cost.


Color Black
Basis Durable steel frame with ergonomic shape
Upholstery Wear-resistant PU leather
Filler Hypoallergenic fiber, 3 cm thick
Dimensions, D×W×h, cm 40×26×10

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