Creates constantly operating projection of the consciousness of the world, covering areas of interest and personal processes. Allows you to "anchored" processes on certain qualities of the world and combine them with a defined special intervention programmes.


For the manufacture of this device I had to use some model of the world, both in the sense of connectedness with a larger world, and in the sense of connection with the human consciousness as the projector, a picture of the inner world, the world external. Any MODEL is always a considerable simplification of the model. You should not take it for reality, make sudden and, conversely, deeply thoughtful insights.

This is just a simplified flat panel display is CONVENIENT for this device. A kind of "map" of the world in principle can not be displayed on the plane and even in the usual volume does not fit.

However, despite this warning, of course it is this form of display was not a random choice.
1. The basis is trenchline principles, well described in trenchlines model.
2. For secondary based on certain observations made in connection with the discovery of personal memories, no connections to other models and a number of other factors.
3. Should not be seen model is selected for the stabilizer, as my perception of the world, it is only a model useful to us in this particular case.
4. Don't spend excessive analogy, although certainly some direct communication, with a description of the theory and practice of tenacula Puck Jevu are present, there are also some analogies with separationthe system/tree of life.

For us, from a practical point of view, is an important feature associated with purely custom properties, ie convenience and use. The second most important parameter, is more or less soft pairing with the real world, without the direct conflict model and the world. I hope this is achieved.

If, however, undertake some comparisons with the tree of life, then we will consider that we have taken a different view, which offers a similar display, but due to a different slice of a multi-dimensional object, their relations and combinations look a little different.

The working space of the device-plane with marks on it.
In Central point have NATO zone, aka, the high-frequency range (very conventionally, one would assume that separationthe scheme it will be from the border 9БА further analogy, related with the location of the zones and their qualities, I'll leave the personal imagination of the reader). That space with certain properties, which normally is not touched.

Each sector has an axial line, so as a result, we get something very popular in some traditions, a circle with 6 sectors (6 swirls, 6 Ki, and so on). Such a division when working with trenchline principles mentioned above, is a kind of natural way - of the centerline, this area is most clearly manifested the properties of a particular force (HETERO, HOMO, NEUTRO).

And contact forces is the area where there are special properties because of their (forces) conjugation, a buffer zone of interaction.

Overall, our entire world is a "buffer zone" - a point at the intersection of forces.

Initially, the Stabilizer is 4 qualities, starting from the center.

It looks like the working field of the device completely:

We will focus on the qualities of the zones and borders individually, but there is a famous rule that nothing is so revealing as a personal experience.

Recommend to get personal experience in 5 sectors. In three buffer zones (light, dusk, connection) and the axes with the power of Hetero and Homo (chaos and stop). Experiences from these areas can be hazardous to health, especially for people with heart disease.

The main way of working with the field device installation of the ANCHORS on one of the points. An anchor is an object (e.g. a small disk shape), coated with a certain image.

One side of it (bottom) free and clear. Take the marker, you can erase, blank sheet of paper and put on the sheet list, numbered in order, and the Anchor put the number from the list.
All. The anchor is ready to work.

To remove the link with the working field of the device the Anchor can be simply removed and put aside.
For complete removal of communication, you need to delete the number from the anchor, and put it on two days on the subject of "eraser".

In principle, instead of a number, the anchor can be applied to any symbol in the application which You concentrate on the object to which a link is created, but it's easy to get confused. The introduction of a defined list has an affinity with the lab magazine. I recommend to write also the impact parameters (start time, end used additional items and the area of the Stabilizer).

What can be "anchored":
- physical objects and machines, devices. To stabilize them use sector NEUTRO power, or the nearest to it part of the HOMO sector. Depends on what it is tied to the anchor (for example, some devices may not behave appropriately in the offset in the Homo). However, in some cases, for example the shift to other positions, but it's the impact, not stabilization.
- animals, plants (recommended Neutro sector only).
- people (the whole plane, except for dangerous areas, but in normal operation only that part that the picture on the right.
-the processes of the abstract plan (e.g. creative process working group
objects do not have a single material display, because they are composite and complex (e.g. firms, communities, territories, social groups, etc.).
-computer programs
-... many more.

It is understood that the anchor may be associated with those processes which You are in, the same applies to people. I.e. in the aspect of, for example, the impact on the employee, you can create an anchor on him, in terms of "Fyodor-employee", such an anchor will not affect the man's don, just on the working and manifestation of him when he was at work.

Implies that users of the Stabilizer fully realize the responsibility and the possible reaction of the world to inappropriate effects.

There can be multiple anchors on a single object to work with it in different aspects.
Allowed the use of anchors outside the desktop of the device, but in conjunction with programs developed under the stabilizer.

The basic kit Stabilizer released with two additional programs: protection and communication.
programs can be located on the desktop of the device under the anchor (the impact site) and above the anchor (the object manifests this quality of acting on the world).

Program protection designed to reduce the risks of any kind associated with the object (if"on radiation" the object, for example an employee will begin to be a source of protection to others.)

Program communication is designed to establish certain ties, such as business relationships, relationships in the workplace, etc.

When programming the anchors, as mentioned above, you can create an anchor to the entire object, but rather its individual aspects. For example, the person-as-employee. Or subway as a means of transportation to work, etc. You can create connection, anchor with macro-objects of the external world with a view to their stabilization (e.g. the city in which I live to put in Neutro area).

I deliberately pay more attention to the process of creating the anchor, because some aspects of the "anchored" unnecessarily is not desirable. For example physical health (subject-the person as body and cocoon) to be anchored can only be very gently and then very carefully with this anchor to work.

Avoid the access of unauthorized device that can play mindlessly, this can create very dangerous consequences. The device creates the conditions of "microcosm" in which to made to it using the anchor object, your influence grows.

In addition to this passive work with the Stabilizer, is the effect of anchoring everything around in a mild measure. Ie, You start a stronger influence on the surrounding processes not even actively using the stabilizer, in working with him as a modulation source consciousness.

So, we have briefly reviewed the type of connection object or its parts, with anchors.
Anchors can be placed on the Stabilizer, engraving of up.

Area for the placement can be selected according to different principles. One of them - intuitive effects. Ie You can move the anchor until you have the feeling that this guy is right for him (at the moment) area.

It should be noted that it is unacceptable to permanently leave the anchor associated with people outside Neutro zone or close to its borders.

In General, the work with the Stabilizer, involves regular inspection of anchors and zones, unused anchors should be removed from the workspace, or move in nacro area.

The second methodzones - logical. On the basis of their names and purpose.

The third waynot areas, as anchors - working with them off the field, but with the use of programs such as "protection". Example. Place the anchor on the subject "protection" and the associated object (equipment, person, company, etc.) will begin to act factors through the events step-up their security. Of course it can be done on the field Stabilizer.

It should be noted that all of the anchors, once programmed You in touch with the object and not the subject of worn out eraser, still connected with the system of stabilizer, even if not located in his field.

Thus, mentioned in the example above, "fresh"use of the program-the subject works through the device itself, but without additional influencing factors areas of the field. This technique can be used if You are afraid to make a wrong choice sector for the location of the anchor, making thereby an additional factor in the unfolding process, whose influence is difficult to determine in advance.

With the device and its working field there are also several ways of interaction. The first two were mentioned above. This direct work with the anchors and the effect of the device in the passive mode to the operator. The latter is due to the fact that the unit as it closes on itself the processes where your mind plays a leading creative and management role. In other words, there are areas in the world where it is your projection has a leading influence. They are closed on the stabilizer and work with them intensifies and ordered.

This explains the "passive" mode.
However, there is a third mode, similar in its parameters approach the BZ 3.0. This mode of restructuring of the field stabilizer. The operator is able to call on the stabilizer local temporary changes, i.e., to reprogram the zone to almost anything. The principle here is very simple - this is my world, I am free to change the laws of nature. This principle of course does not cover the entire reality, only your projection of it, reinforced stabilizer. But inside the stabilizer, assembled connection, where your influence is great. The restructuring of the field is consciousness and intuitively. This may not move a previously located anchor.

Freeeach stabilizer kit from25 programs:
- 12 PCs anchor
- 1 PCs eraser
- 12 PCs on the choice of the buyer from the range of (basic or additional).


5.the communication gap- allows you to create a disturbance of object relations, even-minded with each other on the frequency principle. the General mood and status.
7.control- mental control over the object (any), has a double-sided nature (in the sense there is a channel of reception and transmission). the status of a person or object.
9.stop magic 1-2- a ban on the deformation of the world are not in material ways, temporarily suspends any external influences and /or other artifacts on the territory of the described stabilizer. Of course there's nothing absolute. But it's a working object.
10.through the looking glass- method to register the object status of vicoletti of the common processes to produce a strange place, etc.
11.the exclusion zone- anomalous area. It causes discomfort. Can be used to mentally (indirect) protection of the premises where there are no people (the psi-protection, generating the desire to leave the area). But also the anomalous zone, you can create a simple anchor position on the field...
12.pass- bypasses the effect of the stabilizer aimed at the creation of anomalous zones for the same object (e.g. person) may lie on the field (at anchor) or in the pocket of the person.
Removes the impact of stabilizer of any kind!
13.additional stabilization- just an additional stabilization of the object.

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