AquaMaster US MEDICA Pure-Water

AquaMaster US MEDICA Pure-Water

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Specifies the number of impurities in water, measures the water temperature.


Your health depends on the quality of drinking water

AquaMaster US MEDICA -TDS Meter determines the quality of the water. It can be taken almost anywhere, even while traveling in another country. As is known, the child's body is most sensitive to the quality of fluid consumption, so the device is simply indispensable for families with small children. To find out how safe the water is for Your body, immerse it in a TDS Meter and wait a few seconds. The measurement result will be displayed on the screen of the device. So You can be sure that this liquid is not a threat to Your body before using it.

An explanation of the readings

Fully purified liquid by distillation

Liquid, ideal for drinking

Water purified natural (natural) way or by using carbon filters

Water obtained by artificial digestion. Contains large quantity of impurities, up to a maximum permissible value

The liquid that is not recommended for use in food purposes

500 or more
The use of such water for drinking is extremely dangerous for the body

What harm can cause poor-quality water

The outward manifestation of
Accelerated aging process that affects skin and hair

Frequent breakdowns of household appliances
Devices which include heating elements, are easily damaged because of the scale formed

Only clean and safe water
The water that You think is crystal clear, may contain hazardous impurities. TDS Tester from US MEDICA accurately determines the amount of impurities. You can check the efficiency of used water treatment equipment, conducting the measurements of the device before and after cleaning of the liquid. So You can protect not only yourself and your loved ones, and to monitor water quality for aquarium and extend the life of household appliances.

The temperature of the water
For the normal functioning of the organs and systems of the body constantly needs fluid. But too hot water has a destructive effect on the digestive organs. You can determine the temperature of the water using a TDS Tester. Recommended temperature of drinking fluids for adults is 20 to 22 °C, and for children under the age of 3 years, from 26 to 30 °C.


ModelUS MEDICA Pure Water
Measurement range salinity (salinity)0-9990 mg/l
The range of temperature measurement0-80°C
FoodLR44 battery 2×1.5 V included
Dimensions, D×W×h, cm15,4×2,6×1,9
Weight65 g
Timer auto off5 minutes

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