Card "Angel Feather"

Card "Angel Feather"

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-cleaning the space/cocoon man/situation/bind
-any effects where it is necessary to remove traces of Energo-dirt
-harmonious effects, which must be powered
-much more at the discretion of the applying.

- do not apply too often

Method of application:

To submit the activation process of the emanation of the energy of the card as the "burning" of the pen, making a goal.

Differences from other products: concentrates huge potential in one point of space-time. Throws it on the specified action. Please understand that this action is cleaned of dirt, if your goal is not very green and you feathers to burn, that will not help.

Own examples to use: dip for extra help immersed in the aspects of cleaning.

Similarity: has an affinity for Pandora.

May enhance the effects of using multiple cards.

Execution:1 a plastic card.

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