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We aggregated in one system a whole range of developments and programs have been established for a long time. And combined it all into a single system. In General is a difficult and complex decision.

Its concept is to give the person the opportunity for longer is the most efficient phase of its interaction with the world, which affects all of his psycho-physical nature.

The final product is called "Panacea-Youth".

The VIP version

The product (complete set) consists of a wide bracelet in the format of E-technology, the same strength and technology used in the 3.0 S++, instead of 3.0 which now includes spectrochimica pan-young. The product is very energetically strong.

Product VIP-version will be made by the piece, under the order. Conditions pre-order and other features will be discussed individually. The VIP version will run with the full reference for future carrier! The possibility of its transfer to another person is only one line of descent.

So.... Youth.

What is the youth? Actually, what it really is?

Let's go back and read what you think about the science:молодость
if you pay attention to the section of etymology, it becomes noticeable, fun fact, not well understood from a modern point of view:


Comes from the adjective young, then from Braslav. forms, which among other things has occurred: article-Slav. Milady (gr. ?ωρος, ν?πιος), Russian. young, Ukr. molodi, Belarus. young Bulgarian. young, the serbohorv. MLA?d, MLA?Yes, MLA?d?, Slovenian. ml?d, mládа W., Czech., Slovak. mladý, Pol. mlody, B.-puddles., n-puddles. mlody. Old. the basis of-u, judging by the expression on his youth, etc.-Czech. z mladu — the same Pol. zа mlodu "young", cf. step. old-Russian. mologie, malagisi younger. Related etc.-prusc. maldai (im. mn. M.) "the boy", maldian (VIN. units) "foal", maldunin (VIN. units. h) "youth", etc.-ind. mr?dú? "a soft, gentle, meek", cf. step. mradiyan, Greek. ?μαλδ??νω "soften, weaken", lat. mollis (from *moldvis) "soft" arm. mеlk "effeminate, weak, weak", etc.-IRL. mеldасh "soft, gentle, pleasant", hotsk. ga-malteins "dissolution", etc.-eng. meltan "to melt, to restplace". Along with *meld - existed indoor. *meldh-, Ms. etc.-ind. márdhati, mr?dháti "to soften, weaken", the Greek. μ?λθων "effeminate man", μαλθακ?ς "effeminate, delicate," gotsk. mildeis "the meek." Used data dictionary M. Vasmer; see literature.

Youth are in many languages associated with the concepts of gentle, soft, weak and the like. Why this is so and whether it is good or bad? I'm afraid modern man not only knows an adequate response to this question, but never thought about what are the different States of it and the people around him bodies and minds.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand the item. Perhaps the main one.

Digress a little from the derivation. Perhaps many, or better to say the most, ever to see active older people, actively employed in some very enthralling their business. Surely You have noticed that they look years young, and in fact, these are. Maybe You had to see the other side when such a person gets into the condition where he is deprived of the usual activity, it very rapidly can "grow old".

Equivalent, some people can look older beyond his years, taking the extremely static in fact a way of life.

What is the reason?

People genetically predisposed to two basic conditions. The first of which we may call contemplative, the second instrumental. However, social programs, and borne them information this is nothing, and modern man such information is not received.

The second condition is directly transferred to the product BJ 3.0 and it is quite in harmony with the fact that everyday is meant by youth. At least does not contradict. However, this "harmony" is only possible when a person is constantly in full as of 3.0, that for most is unattainable... and this is due to the fact that people used to dive deep into social games, as they are not observers but involved character. And this (or similar) condition and is good where the desired mode of contemplative state that word-formation is combined with the concept of youth in many languages. Why?

As people begin to age (physically) due to wear and tear of the structures of cocoon in case of refusal of the above two modes. Not exactly so. Able youth, a man contemplates his surroundings, having the ABILITY to absorb all this new details in your painting.

And it is the absorption and there is a "softness" or that give the ability to perceive new, which in many languages is called youth.

In this state, we attractive to the opposite sex and that appealing to us. And it's not just. As one of several foundations of such relations is in-depth interaction with us as worlds, given the similarity and different partners.

What happens then? under the yoke a little (or a lot?) not a true picture of the world, man thinks he has learned the world and it is "stable". He ceases to learn, to wonder, to get new experience, impressions and new information in your cocoon. And this static approach can be suitable for some phases of the work with as 3.0 (not for everyone), but as a rule person about any condition 3.0 do not know. However, he begins to try to bend the world under his persistent picture of him. And from that moment begins to age. And it is quite psychologically and physically.

Of course this is not the only factor. Because the modern idea of youth is usually associated with the concept of health (or, better, the "horse" of health), and other factors associated for most with memory or perception of youth. And Yes, the young however are too sick. And wanting to be "young" or at least have the potential to change this way, people want to be young in all facets of this everyday concept.

By the way is not very healthy children and different genetic abnormalities are the basis of not only the environment, nutrition and other factors referred to by modern science. One of the reasons exactly the same. The pressure of socio-stitched picture of the world exceeds personal potential for contemplative development. The person in this state is "static" and not being able to change the world, he begins to break under the action of the world.

I tactfully try to lead the reader to believe that the various phenomena perceived as an extremely different perception of people with formally the same calendar age and the phenomenon of "aging" are connected not with a certain gene that makes you look older, and with a combination of factors, one of the main is not usually considered a factor in our relationship to the world. In other words, the construction of our interaction with the world. In a counter-interaction it is destructive for the world and for us. In the body of accumulated errors, the root and nature which lies at the information, not the molecular level.

Of course the development of different technologies trying to replace information maintain youthful biological and chemical influences on the body, by definition, is inefficient and one-sided. The impact of such developments may solve some specific aspects of symptoms related to the outward manifestations of the process. Moreover, I absolutely do not deny their possible utility in specific cases, when based on reasonable natural approach and natural ingredients.

But globally, people as unified energy-information micro-world requires a different approach, in principle, known methods of Oriental medicine. However, these methods are known to have rather limited effectiveness. That is connected firstly with the fact that many of them myself applying also I just want to get a bonus in the form of symptoms (appearance, feeling, health, etc.) and not in a hurry to change lifestyle.With this approach, even with a successful result, users are faced with hidden forms of ageing — the body as the whole system often begins to fail in an unexpected way.

On the other hand, fans of the naturopathy leading to a healthy and proper lifestyle, also often faced with certain problems. On the one hand, the cause of these problems is often a completely different plane — they have only limited information, believing that their system is the natural existence of self-sufficient, but we live in a much "destroyed" from the natural state of the world.

This requires rather complex and large set of measures and tools that can support a person in a state when his body is not destroyed and manages to regenerate faster or comparable to the destructive processes, including with the external world and its state (parameters of the environment in the broad sense, including electromagnetic and noise pollution, Microbiology, habitat, food, and much more).

Thus, speaking about youth, as information about the human condition:
it is important to understand that a holistic approach is needed.
it is important to understand that it is impossible to obtain a stable and long-term effect without delving into the essence of the harmful factors and including them whenever possible (food, water, home environment, other measures are supportive in nature).
it is important to understand that modern developments in this field, based on a technological approach to the body and cage, can be effective in their niche and dangerous at the same time. And they need to be careful.

What we have included in the complex Panacea-youth?

1. The ability of renewable mental and psychological attitude on the "main" factor described in the beginning of this material — oriented world view plastic allowing the adaptive refers to his picture of the world (it has a clear side benefit to different practices for example). This "core" system youth. This factor was the best way to work with those who have experience using Panacea and BJ BJ 3.0 from a few months up to six months. But this does not prevent to start to use "the panacea for youth" themselves to such use.

2. The set of resonances with these conditions of the body when possible and vigorously runs his regeneration with rejuvenation. This factor can work with different efficiency. To improve the efficiency is possible by the above-mentioned factors, General health of the body.

3. Information package affecting intracellular processes, and self healing wave parts of the genome.

4. A set of programs restoring the normal circulation of energy on the basis of PP3 (for the genome). The problems of artificially encapsulated in human traffic(off of a number of important routes of energy) it is possible for example to study short description практики1 have Servista.

5. Other additions associated with known techniques us restore itself and rejuvenate.

When working with the system a Panacea-Youth all items 1-5 gradually imparted to man as an EXPERIENCE.

What is the difference from BJ different versions?

1. The main objective БЖ1.0 — 2.x — harmonization with nature and coaching-awakening possibilities. (of course I have simplified to the limit, to keep within the short phrase).

2. in the case of 1.0 Lite 2.1 and Panacea — there is a bias towards more or less aggressive, i.e. intensive possible use of the resource and the situation, restoration of the cocoon, through which is the projection on the physical processes in the body (again, simplified for brevity to convey the General sense).

3. in case 3.0 is a passive work just work with the standard (similar in effect to PP3 from the description), plus, is training of consciousness, to work in mode where the world doesn't destroy cocoon, and the man does not destroy but constructs the world. However, most people can't is in this state 100% of the time, and it is not true would (wear 3.0 is available around the clock, but the consciousness switches the activity of this mode in the above-below).

Panacea-the youth team is a library, more like a Vx training series, the basis is "flash drive" on the hologram-label is a Panacea. This ensures a high integration of information and material levels of reality.

Through this approach, in connection with this issue, this product "plug" a hole in the General recovery of man, created us. This is due to the described problems of forgetting the state of youth as a regime of new knowledge in the world.


Working with maps. The cards contain a laminated plastic stickers are a panacea with special program. Two of them should be placed under the heel for 20 minutes a day. Allowed continuous operation with them (positioning in the Shoe, it is allowed to trim). The third card needs to worn in the left or right pocket. When placed in the bag — put the bag on the other shoulder(the hand).

Work with additional labels. Additional stickers will contain a program for handling substances and products in contact with the user.

It is recommended to place them:
— on the vessel of water from which you drink regularly (at least twice a day on the bottle, the flask to take with you. Preferred glassware.
— on the bed.
— permanent chair (sofa, stool, other things) in the kitchen or other eating area.
— the workplace (chair stool table).
— on the electronic devices with which there is constant contact (cell phone, computer, etc.).
— on a plastic Mat under the dish (Mat purchase separately at any convenient store) to use when eating
— on hard case for glasses, if the glasses(lenses) are used.
— the bottle is regularly used cream, makeup, other (if used).
— in the bathroom

When using multiple sets of different people, each gets their own personalized label separately (e.g. in the bathroom). The stickers work with the operator!
When using the economy version all the same, only 1 card can be used in turn with the left and right foot and at other times, in a pocket or bag.

Stickers are used at the discretion of the (preferably liquid bath, the cell).
Allowed perekleivanie and fixing tape.

The VIP kit instead of cards uses a bracelet created by a special technology.
VIP kits are only made to order, with presetting on the operator.

VIP-versions have higher efficiency.

I recommend to pay attention to the fact that the most efficient use of the system in conjunction with our other products and, together with General Wellness techniques are widely known.

Possible side effects from using the system (including demo) — light getting into the mood characteristic of student age. Activation of relations with the opposite sex. (Two aspects — the personal desire and attention). These effects may lead to incidents in the misunderstanding of their nature. Please be careful.

However, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to simply push the generated state of light "childishness".

If the effect associated with a change in the feeling of the world not come the first time, it is recommended to continue the application within 1-3 weeks prior to onset of effect and further desire. The optimal mode of use of any version of the system — day-to-day. (night work sticker on the bed).

One of the certain effects is the change in the attitude of the world to You. The world is beginning to perceive You as more youthful object sensing an error in your cocoon as a kind of "misunderstanding" and stimulating that can help to correct them. (including the situational level)

Another side effect, which in this case can be shown even brighter than usual from BJ, is a "positive wave" if you are experiencing the antithesis of this effect more than a week, you should take a break in the robot system, temporarily replacing its use on BJ 2.1 or a Panacea.

Youth VIP version

Panacea-Youth. Holographic General profile

Panacea or product "P"

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