Svetlitsa OBVIOUSLY (OCHE-VIDNO) AU. Better sleep quality

Svetlitsa OBVIOUSLY (OCHE-VIDNO) AU. Better sleep quality


Short description

OBVIOUSLY is a system adapter of view. Helps to develop a new quality of vision; to promote creativity.


The blindfold OBVIOUSLY is a system adapter of view.

Imagine that You have a tool that helps You to change the WORLD forbestallowsto seehis unexpected andopenit is something new, previously unknown.

Bandage OBVIOUSLY is such a tool. It helps:

  • to developnew quality of vision;
  • effective work equipmentthe realization of desires;
  • be WONDERFUL, to notice what You have not noticed;
  • be PERSONABLE, learn how to represent what is before You and had no idea;
  • to increaseCreativity.

Healing effects:

  • Improves microcirculation in the capillaries around the eyes.
  • Relaxes the eye muscles and eye nerves.
  • Quickly relieves eye fatigue.
  • Effectively prevents the occurrence of eye diseases.
  • Prevents the appearance of puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

Cosmetic effectis a decrease in voltage in okoloplodnykh muscles and rejuvenate the skin.

The effect of structure EVIDENT in tangibleimproving eyesight. Relieve tension in eye muscles, restores the structure of the vitreous body, lens and cornea. It will help to cope with the headache and stress, eliminates insomnia and morning puffiness of the eyes. Perifericheskoi it improves blood circulation in the contact area, improves oxygen delivery to the tissues, promoting well-being and proper rest during sleep. Dreams become vivid and memorable.


  • To relieve eye fatigue.
  • In the complex treatment of eye diseases, myopia in children and adolescents.
  • To relieve morning puffiness of the eyes.
  • To improve the cosmetic effect of the eye cream.
  • To relieve headaches related to eye strain.
  • For a quick and pleasant sleep.

Eyes are the main organ of VISION? It is known that the image from the eye is formed in the brain. From how the brain processes information depends on the quality of poluchaemoi pictures. Because OBVIOUSLY improve the structural relationships in neurons, the image is formed more complete and bright.

The BRAIN receives information not only from the view. There are also other receptors that help the brain navigate the world. There are a number of schools that teach the formation of the image of the surrounding world of the alternative sources of information.

The most famous of them School Golden ray Denisova N. N., school Grade Komisarova, school Bronnikov. They have developed a number of effective techniques for the development of alternative visions.

Patch OBVIOUSLY helps to include in the formation of the visual image these alternative information channels, which amplifies and complements the image obtained through the optical channel.When using appropriate techniques, with bandages APPARENTLY alternative vision can easily turn into a sustainable information channel. Moreover, in addition to an alternative vision can be achieved:

  • four-dimensional vision (to see the contents of the vessels, hidden walls);
  • x-ray vision (the vision of the internal organs)
  • the vision of KNOWLEDGE (the visual image is not formed, but there is knowledge about the subject)
  • uvelichenie and reduced vision (visible in binoculars or a microscope)
  • twilight vision (seen in low light and complete darkness)
  • and other interesting modes.

OBVIOUSLY helps to create visual images which arise bypassing the visual channels. IMAGINATION, FANTASY, REPRESENTATION — all cases, when the dressing will OBVIOUSLY help to create a colorful picture.

Architect, to create the project, it must first be submitted. The artist must first imagine the picture that he could draw. Any business will be more successful if you can imagine it endincarnation.The better the imagination, the more successful anycreative activity.

Patch OBVIOUSLY helps the development of imagination and creativity.

An appointment based VISUALIZATION many techniquesthe realization of desiresandcontrol reality. The more accurate, brighter and more harmonious the resulting picture, the better DREAMS are realized.

The bandage will OBVIOUSLY help YOU to create high quality VISUALIZATION, fullvitality and faith.

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