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The elimination of the psycho-physiological effects of the use of psychotropic (narcotic) drugs. Elimination of drug addiction. Alignment and stabilization of mood. Increasing willpower and self-control. The increased stress.


  • The elimination of the psycho-physiological effects of the use of psychotropic (narcotic) drugs
  • The elimination of the drug (aversive effect)
  • Alignment and stabilization of mood (normotimicescoe effect)
  • Increasing willpower and self-control
  • Increased resistance to stress (adaptogenic effect)

Since the early 90-ies of drug abuse started snowballing progress throughout Russia. There is no need to cite the statistics of how many broken lives and ruined lives associated with it is spread and how many young people even children who never knew life, killing this disease. Our mind have become accustomed to messages in the media about the current tragic situation.

Formed a kind of "mental barrier" to this terrible reality. All people are different. Different and drug addicts and not all of them evoke empathy and compassion. Very often these people cross the threshold of law with the aim to get money for vital dose. It is not surprising that many people are of the opinion or even belief, that addicts don't need to bother, that addiction is their fault and that they are much more effective repressive measures.

But among drug addicts, and a lot of those who sincerely wish to get rid of harmful dependencies that are waiting for help and still hope for her. And, unfortunately, there are many cases that end tragically.

According to official statistics, only 8 – 10% opium addicts get rid of addiction, and the results of clinical observations in the structure of Russian main addiction is the drug abuse that is addiction group and primarily heroin.

The worst thing for these patients is not so much overcoming abstinence syndrome ("withdrawal"), but the need to live for quite a long period of time after treatment, when life becomes tasteless, dull, joyless. The drugs deprive a person of the ability to be happy and to enjoy life without taking drugs themselves.

During this period man is hard to find a any activity, it is difficult to get a job, because all he will do will not bring a positive emotional reinforcement. And any business that acquires some meaning only if it brings at least some satisfaction.

The feeling of joy is recovering very slowly – from six months up to 3 years. This period is called the rehabilitation (recovery). And it is this period of "emotional emptiness" not many can handle and re-snap. These patients do not have the strength to overcome the disease, do not have enough willpower to cope with irresistible attraction, and, in addition, they lack support (the right support and help) from others. Many of them, most expect this support and assistance, and we are able to provide it.

Not edifying speeches and stories about the dangers of drugs – they all know it better than us and experienced the damage "the hard way". They are waiting for help that will allow them to get out (albeit slowly, though not always successfully, step by step) from the situation which they evaluate as hopeless. Assistance, which internally will allow them to see and evaluate the world differently.

Auditory psycho-correction program (APC program) NARKONET developed in order to facilitate and expedite the process of psychological rehabilitation of drug addicts is to give them back the meaning of life, which is necessary to return to a normal life. In the middle of last century, the Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist Victor Frankl in his research found that if a person has no meaning of life, the exercise of which would make him happy, he tries to achieve happiness in the bypass finding meaning, in particular, with the help of chemicals.

APK-program NARKONET aimed at addressing the psycho-physiological effects of the use of psychotropic (narcotic) drugs, primarily for the restoration of the emotional sphere, on increase of level of self-control and willpower, on the formation and strengthening of those personal characteristics which will help to find new meaning and new purpose of life and to withstand disruption.
The kit NARKONET included 2 CD-ROM, which during the course of psychotherapy it is necessary to listen to it in the order specified in the attached instructions. A course of psychotherapy designed for 63 days.

During the entire course of auditory psychotherapy categorically exclude even minor occasional use of psychotropic (narcotic) drugs that caused the addiction. If the person is not able to fulfill this condition, then you must first undergo treatment in hospital (hospital, drug addiction).

The first months after a course of psychological correction of the disease can still remind myself the sudden downturns in mood States of depression and even sudden craving for a drug. But APK program NARKONET is not acquired in a single course, but forever and in case of even minor threats of disruption will have the opportunity to repeat the course of psychotherapy in order to consolidate the rehabilitation effect.

Package contents:

  • APK-program (2CD),
  • Brochure
  • Manual,
  • Packing.

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