Wristband CLEAN LIGHT AU. Increasing the energy of the Light body

Wristband CLEAN LIGHT AU. Increasing the energy of the Light body

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Tool for Light-Creativity, Light-Manifestation, Light-Representation.


It is a powerful tool for Svetovalcev, Svetoprestavlenie, light performance.

Active work with the energy of the whole body, clearing and strengthening information scent.

Wristband BEAM Clean will help You:

•• To customize a Luminous body;

•• Master Contactless Light massage;

•• Clear the Light flow through the hands;

•• To coordinate the Light flows around the person;

•• To develop sensitivity to Light fluxes;

•• To increase the Luminous energy of the human body;

•• To raise energy stability;

•• To create Light, the crystal - shapers of events;

•• To enhance the simulation processes structures;

•• Support the luminous cocoon in all aspects of the light hierarchy of the times;

•• Designing your light body (soul body, mind body, soul body and mind body)

All men are luminous beings. The light emitted from the human can be measured by various equipment (GDV camera, thermal imager, etc.). This Light is called differently - BIO Light, aura, biofield, etc. We will use the name BIO Light or Living Light, as all beings glow.

Through the hands are luminous almost all the meridians of man. With maps of the light meridians can be accessed on the Internet. (http://tibet-medicine.ru/novosti/meridian-cheloveka)

The question naturally arises, why Shine the living creatures and people including? Because these radiation spent a large amount of energy. Numerous studies of Living Light, made by various scientists have shown that one of its functions is information exchange with the outside world. Through light human body are vast arrays of information, and information exchange bilateral.

The information goes not only to man but also from man. That is, we keep telling ourselves about the world (other people, animals, plants, various objects) and leave your trail of information in the environment. This trail remains for a long time and the other person can feel this track. For example, there are practices that allow details to reproduce the information track of the other person until the repetition of movements and actions. There are schools teaching the perception of information scent.

This information exchange takes place when we touch the hands of any objects, people, animals, etc. Through which Light rays emanating from the fingers, we can read the information tracks and at the same time to record your lighting portrait. This is a natural process that occurs constantly and is not dependent on our will. However, in this process may contain various distortions. In the information traces left by other people, may be information about the negative events that happened to these people about their illnesses, emotional disorders, calamities, etc. That is in the flow of information is entered chaos.

At the same time, light flow, which goes from us can also be informational traces that negatively affect other people. Sad thoughts, experiences, psychological trauma - all this should not be broadcast to others. In most cases, people are not able to control the quality of their luminous track. In order to help them and to enhance the purity of the information marks in the light of bilateral interactions was designed Wristband RAY is Clean. This wristband, worn on the hand, performs the role of structural information filter, cleaning natural the rays of light passing through the hands.

Organizing the structure of the Living Light, the light wristband configures the user's body, enhancing light beams, making them more powerful and bright. As the fingers are all the systems and organs of the person, then feedback is svatoborice functional systems of the body. The effects of light amplification and energy as a result of the application of Restandol can be seen with the help of GDV equipment, such as Well device BIO (kirlian.ru). Also ordered the light streams which are not only from hands. The Light body starts to be more vivid and saturated. It also improves the tone and mood.

Wristband Beam-Net promotes sensitivity to Light flows. Increased susceptibility to information that comes from your fingers, especially if the user is engaged in practices to increase the sensitivity. You can remember people who have successfully demonstrated a surprising psi phenomena in contactless interaction with the hands.

Most interesting is that Its Living Light man is able to transform the light traces left by other people and create one light solitons (light crystals), which can be harmonizers and tuning forks for other people. This is a special kind of creativity - Svetovalcev, which can be found on the seminars. Wristband BEAM - Clean enhances these processes, allowing to design structures using the simulation models the Physics of the Structures.

Who useful Wristband Luchistye?

1. Healers and therapists Luchistye will quickly tune into customers and effectively implement their procedures. Will increase the performance. The practitioner will recover faster after sessions. Improved safety

2. The musicians will be available to more complex pieces. Will increase the quality of their games and improvisation. Emotional connection with the audience will be thinner and more varied. Opens new possibilities in the manifestation of their skill and virtuosity.

3. Dancers will gain increased brightness of the dance. Dance get great integrity and light appearance. The light pattern of the dance will fascinate and enchant.

4. Athletes Luchistye will improve accuracy and endurance. Their ability to withstand stress and emotional overload of the competitions will increase significantly. Athletic performance will increase.

5. Love Luchistye will give new and exciting experiences and sensations. No wonder they say - "the love Language - the language of touch". Obmennoi Light of Love is increased when using Restandol Luchistykh.

6. Cooks and those who like to cook Luchistye will allow you to create new culinary masterpieces. When cooking, people unconsciously put my Light trail food. Their attitude, to those they prepare, their status (health, joy, happiness, etc.), all of which ends up on our table. Wristband BEAM - Clean removes distortion from a Light of this record, forming pure flavors.

7. Writers and poets will feel an extra burst of inspiration. Their Light connection with the Muse will become clearer. Structure of a literary work becomes multidimensional and in demand by readers.

This list can be continued long enough. It's hard to find people who Wristband - Luchisty can be useless. All of it will benefit.

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