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Designed to work with information and all the layers of human experience through the hair, affecting including the very deep and distant corners of it, and parts.


This artifact aims to work with information and all the layers of human experience (and the non-human:)) through the hair, affecting including the very deep and distant corners of it, and parts.

The artifact consists of six elements:

1. Integration, centrality, and healing from the centre. This element can be present in several ways. First, it is a call to itself as a Whole from its centre and source of his "true self", which releases itself from the thousands of white birds made of light, as the personification of his integrity, creative and healing aspect of love. They fly to all corners of the Soul to all the parts that make up the Whole, with the aim to provide assistance and support and to heal those parts that have the greatest need, and to remind each and every part of herself that she's not alone, and together with the other parts represents something more, something incredibly beautiful and powerful. Each bird reaching its goal, is in the heart centre of a human or other creature, igniting the inner light and memory, and connecting and synchronizing it with its Whole, nevertheless keeping self-awareness the current manifestation.

The second image you can imagine in a planet like those in "the Little Prince" Laden with tables and chairs opposite each other like in a cafe. Into that space come all the past/parallel personality of the operator, his ancestral experience in the form of ancestors, all its parts and aspects, and sit opposite each other at resonance, the principle most needed in a particular experience or information. For example, someone in need of healing, and someone has the right skills. Someone just needs to talk, and someone who possesses sufficient wisdom to its presence to provide a harmonizing effect on the speaker. Someone needs some knowledge/information, etc. Thus there is a deep interchange of experience and information, the flow of energy, just like a beautiful dance, a complete synchronization and integration itself, as a Whole, previously fragmented into parts (for attunement — well transferred as:

This fragmentation presumably generates what is called "ego", which, apparently, is the artificial formation caused by loss of memory and self-awareness as something more, not just current identity. When this process takes place harmoniously in sync with the current identity and keeping your awareness, simply there is an understanding that it is not the only part, though very valuable at the moment.
Also this element is intended to help the operator to reach the depths of myself and from the state of self-love and total acceptance of self and all its manifestations, to hear yourself as a Soul, as a creative being, living according to natural principles, and not imposed social algorithms.

2. Creativity in all its aspects. Connecting with your creative potential and nature. The awareness of myself as a creative being, able to naturally influence themselves and the world around us in harmony with him and with yourself. Creative non-trivial approach to what is happening inside and outside, freedom of manifestation, spontaneity, flexibility, imagination.

3. Access to information through the hair. As you know, the hair is a kind of "library" that stores information. If you want to get some information, the answer to the question of the Council from the depths of himself, to get some insight or understanding, then, combing hair, and expressing the right intent, can, absorbed in himself, "come up" with the right information.

4. The the knots. This item is for disentangling the information knots, resulting in a long time, the journey of the Soul and the many incarnations in synchronization with the Subconscious mind of the operator. Here it should be noted that, like any other artifacts BJ, this artifact does nothing for the operator, or against his will, and is a great helper for his Subconscious. Just as the comb untangles tangled hair, his information, interacting with information operator through the hair, used his Subconscious mind to unraveling the energy-knots, smoothing and straightening streams, leading them in a harmonious state, when the energy flows freely and naturally. This element can be used both passively and to work with some very specific situation or request.

5. The Inner Child Is The Creator. This element overlaps with the first element and operates on the same principle, but in the context of a child. Each of us has a wonderful, fun, exciting creative energy part in the form of Inner Child outside the imposed unnatural programs and dogmas that are alien to the creative nature of man and limit his manifestation of the natural and spontaneous expression of the creative joy and pleasure, but also of wisdom and deep understanding of themselves and the world. It's not just the inner child's current personality and inner child, in a broad sense, we can say, children's manifestation of the Soul as a Whole, which combines childlike innocence, spontaneity and the gaming aspect with wisdom and awareness, as well as mogucnoscu For attunement with the way you can watch the Austrian TV series "Pippi Longstocking". A child playing with the World on equal terms, Rebnok-Alchemist, transforming reality and a refiner in its different forms and periplasmic with her, picturing the world, sounding him or creating him from clay, then burning and dealing the patterns that become the fabric of a new reality... From this state to work well with problems that seem serious and difficult to resolve. Can be a simple and elegant solution, or are you just playfully transform the situation came out of the game, or by assigning its own rules
Also, thanks to this item it is possible to awaken, to help and to heal baby nevalennyi parts of ourselves (not the current personality, but in the broad sense) "the principle of birds", described at the beginning.

6. DNA repair at the information level. Help the unconscious mind in removing distortions introduced in the genome or acquired, to restore its harmonious for the current personality structure, removing information collection and interference. This element works in the long term, although someone may feel it immediately.

On the crest laser engraved pattern as a reflection of the content. Key-DNA with a helical head is a key setting for information using a comb. To configure before use, it is recommended to put the thumb of the left hand on the head of the key to attune to an artifact with the process and yourself, calm your thoughts, to enter into a relaxed meditative state and to begin the process of combing Birds reflect the essence of the above process and the crest. To comb, preferably with the left hand to activate the right hemisphere, but this is not mandatory.

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