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The elimination of the psychological reasons leading to excess weight; Elimination of psycho-emotional mechanisms of disorders of metabolic processes; Increased emotion and vitality; Activation and increased muscle tone; Increased resistance to stress.


  • The elimination of the psychological reasons leading to excess weight
  • The elimination of psycho-emotional mechanisms of disorders of metabolic processes
  • The increase of emotional background and life of activity (activating effect)
  • Activation and increased muscle tone (tonic effect)
  • Increased resistance to stress (adaptogenic effect)

Our brain and especially its unconscious sphere controls all! processes in the body: hormonal, metabolic processes, emotional state. Harmful environmental effects and stress state with time, break and distort this process of regulation, which ultimately leads to disorders and diseases, including the metabolic processes.

For example, well-known is the fact that the excitement of many people causes increased appetite, and a state of psychological discomfort and depression often leads to corpulence even in those people who eat relatively few. That is why experts say that if you have overweight, the cause is almost always related to intelligence, and not with any physical disabilities.

According to numerous studies, in 90% of cases the source of the fullness lies in the field of psychology. One of the main causes of overweight is improper eating behavior of a person or the use of food with non-food purposes. In search of positive emotions (or avoiding negative) people on one or another psychological cause is turning to high-calorie delicious food. This gradually leads to the formation of popular stereotypes.

Therefore, in order to not only get rid of excess weight and long (preferably forever) keep a normal figure, you need to break this well-established pathologic pattern, to form a new image of yourself and learn to live in the slender body easily, actively and safely.

Auditory psycho-correction program, the FIGURE focuses on physiological, but not metabolic, mechanisms of overweight. Computer technologies allow to introduce therapeutic (corrective) information in such a way that it addresses the underlying causes of excess weight and directly at an unconscious level rebuilds pathological mechanisms (psychological, physiological and metabolic and metabolic).

APK-the program consists of 2 CDs, which during the course of psychotherapy must listen to it in the order specified in the attached instructions. A course of psychotherapy designed for 84 days.

Please note that APK-the "FIGURE" not "codes" in disgust. In the program "RELAXATION" in the unconscious (inaudible consciousness) the form is embedded suggestion (inspired) plants that produce impact in three main areas:

  1. eliminate psychological causes (increased anxiety, depression, propensity for emotional experiences) leading to physiological disorders, pathological (increased) appetite and to excess weight,
  2. increases the activity and muscle tone, which leads to faster metabolic processes and the predominance of the processes of splitting of fat over their accumulation
  3. generates a person what in psychology is called "self-acceptance" - a positive attitude, respect for themselves (their actions and behavior, your appearance, your body), a sense of confidence,

The latter is necessary to maintain mood, activity and health in all its manifestations.
The use of psycho-correction program "SHAPE" does not exclude the use of other methods aimed at weight loss (diet, fitness, supplements). On the contrary, the integrated use of various methods that activate all functional levels of the organism (mental, physiological, metabolic), will only accelerate and consolidate the process of gaining a slim figure and fix the result.

And the last thing that should be noted based on the results of previous testing APK-program "SHAPE". As a rule, the desired effect does not occur after one course of therapy, especially if the excess weight exceeds the norm. Fullness develops or a day or two and not even 2-3 months. And weight loss often takes more time than the acquisition of excess weight. But only a gradual recovery rules leads to stable result. Quick result – a bad result. All quick ways to lose weight lead to quick return on excess weight at times a lot more than before treatment. Many nutritionists are of the opinion that most physiological and sustainable weight loss in the range of 10 – 15 kg. per year.

APK-the "FIGURE" specifies the body right direction to the physiological harmony – weight goes slowly but steadily – on average 1 – 3 lbs a month. Thus, weight loss occurs in the process of conducting a course of psychological correction and after its completion. To achieve and consolidate the desired results, it is recommended to repeat courses of therapy (not more than 2 times a year, preferably autumn and spring).

With each subsequent course of therapy will be the increment of effect and reducing the probability of the "effect plateau" (when the weight stabiliziruemost on some level, and no further decreases).

Package contents:

  • APK-program (2CD),
  • Brochure
  • Manual,
  • Packing.

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