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To sounds used special bilateral treatment, contributing to the resolution of internal conflicts, with the addition of ultra-low frequencies, reflecting peace and tranquility.


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Sound material broadcast "Bilateral Meditation" based on a musical structure intended to harmonize the emotional sphere (toned drums).

To sounds used special bilateral treatment, contributing to the resolution of internal conflicts, with the addition of ultra-low frequencies, reflecting peace and tranquility.

Well-suited for summer afternoons. You can use the evening for a quick sleep.

Duration:30 minutes.
Format:wav and .mp3

You can listen without headphones, but, preferably, on a stereo system.

It is highly recommended to avoid listening when driving vehicles and work with potentially dangerous machinery.

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It has been over 20 years sinceFrancine Shapirodeveloped a simple and effective method for working with emotional trauma – EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).[1] In Russia this method is called EMDR (Desensitization Through Eye Movements).

Over time, as is usually the case, the basic method became overgrown with a variety of modifications and variations. In particular, it was found that similar results can be obtained when stimulated (by successive touches) of the right and left halves of the body (bilateral kinesthetic stimulation), and, using a special audio signal applied alternately on the right and left ear (bilateral autostimulation).

Bilateral autostimulation has certain advantages – much less tiring; promotes deep relaxation of the arms and shoulder girdle; and, strange as it seems, stimulates the imagination (visualization).

These advantages caused a rather high popularity bilateral autostimulation among therapists of different orientation, which can be a special background audio[2]during psychotherapy sessions (not necessarily even associated with EMDR).

Very popular the data of record use by therapists working with these technicians as "Reincarnation Therapy" (therapy past and future lives), "child Regression" and "post-mortem Communication" (meeting with important dead people), because, as already noted, bilateral autostimulation effectively stimulates the ability to visualize.

Audio"Autumn" (meditative Blues)and"Bilateral Meditation"was born due to the needs for deep rest during the day.

It has long been established that people who allow themselves every day short (from 15 to 45 minutes) afternoon at leisure, on the verge of sleep and wakefulness, have better health, plus a much higher mental and physical health than those who don't. This short NAP is even called Power Nap (Sleep Power).

But most people who have decided to arrange yourself a rest, faced with the eternal problem of anxiety own mind, decidedly not wanting to stop and take a break.

It turned out that bilateral autostimulation perfect for a short afternoon rest, due to the fact that promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress, suppresses the internal dialogue and stimulates the imagination. Thus, this technology can even be operated in the same manner as a known method, with a heavy ball and basin,[3]which was used by many great men – that is, to solve problems.

The recorder"Bilateral Meditation"different from a music album"Autumn" (meditative Blues)the lack of music as such.[4]

Tonal harmonization of the emotional sphere is made by means of a toned sound of drums, syntopically infraslow rhythm as well as bilateral autostimulation, contributes to the suppression of internal dialogue and "sezzhanie with the usual emotional gauge".

In addition to the recorder"Bilateral Meditation"unlike music album"Autumn" (meditative Blues)added autostimulation at very low (below 1 Hz) frequencies, which, in addition to its soothing effect, provide a aftereffect in a good mood.

At the absolute most, not the questions, you will be able to find satisfactory answers toThe "guide wheels".

[1] Much earlier similar method EMI (Eye Movement Integration) is Integration By Eye movements was developed in the framework of NLPSteve Andreas. Unfortunately, so far the book is devoted to this method, on Russian not translated.

[2] the Most famous of the recordings produced under the trademarkBiolateral Sounds.

[3] the Method described by Socrates. To solve problems, after much deliberation, he picked up a bronze ball, sat in a chair (or whatever they had J), hand with ball down, exposing the copper pre-basin and tried to sleep. In the moment of falling asleep, the ball fell out of his hands, thumping loudly in the basin, and waking Socrates. Just at the moment of falling asleep to it, usually, came the solution.

[4] Music greatly affects associative array and emotional images, which in some cases hinders truly creative and independent approach to solving problems.

To pay and download the electronic version

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