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Graded relaxation, with a subsequent ascent to a Higher Consciousness to provide healing of mind, body and soul, leading eventually to full recovery.


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People have noticed that similar ideas and the same invention whose time has come, appear simultaneously in different parts of the world.

It has been over 20 years since came to light "Explorer"that still has not lost its popularity and relevance. Recently, on the Internet, I found a description of the methodology known in the West hypnotherapist Gerald Kane (Gerald Kein) "Healing system Ultra-Height" (Ultra-Height® Healing), which is remarkably similar to the "Explorer" (was created around the same time) and showed a very high efficiency, including against terminal diseases.

Recently we had the opportunity to meet very popular now a technique "Theta healing"(Theta-Healing) of Vianna Stibal (Vianna Stibal), which also has much in common with the previous two.

However, if to trust the book of Ecclesiastes that "new is well forgotten old", we can recall that the ancient Egyptian priests healed many diseases through meditation on the Golden light. And obviously followed the concept of wave-particle duality, because the light from them was at the same time the flow of "hot Golden sand" made of tiny, not visible individually eye particles.

I've been asked - am I going to do "Explorer – 2"? And I even tried several times to approach this, as it turns out, is not a simple task. But the fact that "Explorer"is systematically organized text, in which everything is so intertwined that even minor changes in one part change the logic of the whole text.

At the same time, my acquaintance (in 2005). with the discoveries and methods "German New Medicine"(Gnm) d. Rick Hamer, which I briefly described in my article "Quantum sarcophagus for cancer"gave me the idea to create a special healing techniques (and I have this idea for over 10 years, I think). During this time, by the way, there were already some branches from the gnm: the "Total biology" by D. Claude Saba, "Healing memories" by D. Gilbert of Reno and "Biodegradiruemye" Christian Flash.

Thus, familiarity with the technique of "the Healing system Ultra-Height" Gerald Kane put, finally, a fat point in my thinking, and allowed to start work on the procedure of healing.

As a result, a year later, was born the technique of "Cure 3", a concept based on the ideas of German New Medicine, and procedure – mainly on the methodology applied in "Explorer", closely interwoven with the method of Gerald Kane.

As I have repeatedly mentioned in almost all of his audio programs, deep relaxation is the basis for effective change because people think the whole body (using all senses), andAtropy(and beliefs, obsessive thoughts and stagnant emotions) "stored" in the body, being the cause of all (without exception) diseases.

In the "3 Healing" relaxation is given special attention and applied the method of so-called fractionated relaxation that yields the most effective results.

It is necessary, in my opinion, once again to emphasize thatrelaxation has nothing to do with any effort. The maximum that you can do to improve the results is to imagine any situation in which you most naturally and fully relax (forest, sea, bath, etc. – to each his own), or(and) mentally take in that part of the body referred to in the audio program, filling a calm attention to its entire volume. In principle, for a good relaxation, just enough to fulfill everything that is said from the beginning the audio program.

Deep relaxation is a skill which, like any skill, is achieved by exercise. Therefore, faster results will be able to reach those users who had engaged with myprograms for relaxationespecially with autogenic training.

Training.Organize yourself as comfortable and calm conditions. Turn off the radio and the TV, unplug the phone (or maximum turn down the ringer volume). Ask your family not to distract you during lessons. It is strongly recommended to removed from the room Pets. If during deep relaxation to your chest jump your favorite cat, or next suddenly the dog barks, or screams the parrot, you will experience a very unpleasant sensation!

Drink a glass of plain clean water. The second glass of water put next on the lesson and drink immediately after training.

Water plays a huge role in our life. Improper diet leads to partial dehydration. The result is shifted to the intracellular potential, which prevents the normal passage of nerve impulses. This is a fairly common cause of headaches.

Starting position — it is recommended lying on your back (hands freely lie along the body), or half-sitting, with a soft prop under the head (for most people this posture promotes more deep relaxation). The surface on which you lie should not be too soft because a soft surface is difficult to relax the muscles, and not too hard, because hard surface is much pressure on the muscle tissue. Optimally – not too soft pillowtop mattress.

The language must be maximally relaxed. The eyes are closed. You can direct the eyes slightly up (if it does not cause You unpleasant tension of the eye muscles).

Clothing should be free (especially in zone). Weakly compressive soft bandage on my forehead and around the head (pure wool, linen, or silk), on the contrary, improves the perception. It is a good idea to engage inusing the "Palantir"(who she is).

If You prefer to do browsing (which I would not recommend, as in really deep relaxation can occur "problems" with the hanging head), make sure that Your feet fully rested on the floor with your arms lying on his knees.

The effect appears only when using stereo headphones, ifcomfortablevolume. Quiet "floating" noise in the background, is a matrix of Delta frequencies (low bearing), promoting deep relaxation, and alpha frequencies (high load bearing) that in the aggregate promotes the "out of body" (classic session Out of Body Experience).

Low Delta waves correspond to deep sleep (stage 4), when our soul is wandering (and maybe Vice versa — moves) through the maze of the universal Mind, and the body heals itself and repairs itself. Alpha frequencies provide the relationship of body, emotions and mind, are self-regulation and healing, and contribute to the visualization.

A direct correlation between volume and efficiency, soalways choose the volume level based on comfort.

Psychophysiological effects during meditation.

Often, at the initial stage of the study, achieving quite a deep relaxation of the body, begin to show various effects which Schultz ("the father of autogenic training") called autogenic discharges: it is itching, tickling, pulling sensation, cold, heat, vibrations in various parts of the body, the apparent change in size of the body or its parts.

You can hear your own snoring, or(and) palpitations (some people think that it is too strong, don't be intimidated), it may seem that you have completely stopped breathing (do not worry) and etc. etc. It is a natural state, which will have to get settled first, and then gradually they will disappear.

Being fully conscious, You suddenly may find that unable to move hand or foot. It triggered a defense mechanism that keeps us from walking in their sleep and provides deep relaxation to the body. Quietly congratulate yourself on a very important achievement, since the body is in this state of deep rest, and continue the meditation (after its completion the ability to move quickly recovers).

Finding your consciousness as to be separated from the body and watching his own body from the side (this is quite a natural experience for very deep relaxation and part of this methodology), quietly congratulate yourself with this achievement and continue meditation, consciousness rushing higher and higher. At some point you will naturally return to the body.

The state of very deep relaxation is very pleasant and comfortable state where you just want to be and nothing else to do. As a result, my voice, at some point, at first it may seem very annoying, and then all "off", until the end of the meditation (in follow-up sessions it can even happen immediately after the first words: "Beginning meditation"). To worry about is not necessary, because your subconscious mind at this time continues to listen and hear my instructions and do everything that you need.

If during one session you get access to a very pleasant feelings and experiences, you should not expect the same for next lesson - "the same river can not enter twice". First, this way you will prevent a more interesting experience, and second, the effects during the meditation is very dependent onSauce. With each lesson you develop and improve, and therefore even more pleasant and interesting experiences. Thus, before each class, optimally just to keep curiosity and interest.

The optimum time to practice with this programfrom 16 to 18 hours, or from 5 to 7 hours (there is a possibility to sleep on the job). Some people, at the initial stage, this program, after finishing, can cause increased alertness, due to a significant improvement of cerebral circulation. In this case, avoid to listen to this program just before sleep — to avoid problems with falling asleep. Max is 4 hours before the time when you go to bed.
The optimal listening mode: after two days on the third. In breaks it is possible (and useful) to do with the audio programs "Healing: on the magic river"and "Changing beliefs". After 21 classes need to take a break, at least three weeks.

All recommendations are not a dogma, but the adherence to them is facilitated by the achievement of necessary conditions and a more complete and rapid effect.

We must understand that "healing" in this case is not synonymous with "recovery". From healing you to get rid of the causes of diseases, and in this sense, healing is the panacea for all diseases, but the body, in some way, more inert than consciousness, so the final recovery may take a while (very individual, mainly depending on the system of personal beliefs). Meanwhile, the body sometimes shows a clear miracles. For example, during one of the sessions, according to the method of Gerald Kane, two hours is completely gone cyst the size of an orange.

Any natural healing, usually accompanied by more or less short period of exacerbation of negative symptoms. Is, the so-called "vysalivanie". When the recovery begins running from terminal diseases appear nagging pains in all muscles and joints, headache, some swelling, increased load on the liver and kidneys, somnolence and increased appetite. Fear is not necessary, and we must help the body, taking the appropriate preparations to support the excretory organs, taking massages, and hot (without fanaticism) bath, move more (Finnish walking, stretching exercises). It is useful also to laugh more. Typically, this activation (vysalivanie) lasts no more than three or four days (in severe cases up to a week).


Andrei Patrushev and Vladimir Nikonov

Meditation time – 78 minutes.

Attention:This program is not intended to replace any treatment. The program can cause unpredictable effects on a background of reception of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic drugs.

In any case, do not listen to this program while driving and while operating other potentially dangerous machinery. This is extremely dangerous.

It is not recommended to listen to this program, people with psychiatric diagnoses.

Onthe absolute most of your, notthe questions youwill be able to find satisfactory answers to"Guidedisks".

* This audio program, like other programs for self-hypnosis (including those that will be created in the future) available to ownersmindmachine Navigatorabsolutely free in the formcombined sessions.

To pay and download the electronic version

Cost: 1200 roubles

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