Card Alchemy II Energy Body. Basic version

Card Alchemy II Energy Body. Basic version

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Management of subtle energies.


The energy body

Energy body (EB) is fuller and more correct to call the energy-body (EIT). We use both concepts in different contexts for the production of a accent.

The energy body determines the real operation in the energy-informational spaceregardless of beliefs about the EIT, as well as existing and created illusions about this.
ET and EIT - rather speculative notion. Often the operation of these concepts based on their own experience of feeling "energies" as the only perceived or represented beyond the boundaries of the physical body that is actually for the most part is feeling the energy clots and seals - the result of temporary distortions or spikes (loss) of energy due to virtual work programs.

In order to create the energy body, first, deal with the energies. ET is multidimensional, but we can only perceive 3-dimensional projection of our multidimensional body. So for the most part, the development of ET shows what we really feel in the physical body, and not what we imagine, capitalizing various “thin” feelings.

That is, for perception by the operator, AT more physiological than esoteric. Can't be energy axis with a crooked back or open nodes with clamped muscles. This is the first and the most important thing to understand about FL.

EIT can not appear by itself, as a desire or mental structures. It must be created. You know a lot about ET and broadcast this information to the world, fuelling a corresponding cluster of the mental plane, but not have created energy-body. EIT is created through work programs SPM with the participation of the mental plane and can be temporary or timeless (crystal).

That is a form of ET is not just any form (every person, and so has some linear form), and well-defined resonant frequency characteristic energies that can result in a reduced physical body energy, to achieve energy-immortality. If SPM is not active, the energy body cannot be created.

Therefore, a software package for design of EIT is extensive, diverse and work programs package often refers to deeply personal ones, and do not seem to relate directly to ET.

Created FLOOR determines the structure created form.
Stages of formation of EIT: knowledge (created mental structure), the inner attention, concentration, units, energy stress, energy-information connection (several types), external attention, integrity, volume, structure of GAIP. Created EIT determines understand the process of interaction of the microcosm with the macrocosm.

The extant legacy of pre-Columbian civilizations - civilizations, who had one of the most extensive practical experience in operating FLOOR and achieve energy immortality, that is to say, lived (though why in the past in the energy body can give an idea about the possible diversity schemes the energy body, but must first be tried and tested basis necessary for the creation, later with the help of the mental plane, you can delve into the delights of various schemes of FL.

But it delights, though practical in its area and for certain purposes) the Main thing that gives the structure of EIT isthe ability to create a main control channel (GUK). Or rather, not so much to create, and to return control over him, and so he is, but used in the opposite direction, to control a person.

Taking control of GUK gives a great deal, but one important feature is the ability to program, i.e. to create new programs - meaning that management programs GAIP, not to be confused with the materialization of intentions, structures a mental space.

Often the energy body can not be created or is too weak to be structural, due to energy losses. There are 6 main channels through which occur an information loss and 6 primary channels through which energy losses occur in EIT.

So while in terms of energy losses, greater emphasis should be paid to efforts to establish ET than the mental plane: the energy being spent on the mental plane (that is, thoughts created AT), not enough to directly create it and created ET paymentsa his virtual design. Virtual, that is created exclusively on the mental plane of the FLOOR, has 7 core qualities, because it is not synchronized with the managed level - the physical body and its energies.

The FLOOR is actively involved visuals and its virtual structure, without being synchronized (linked) with the physical body, tied exist in the virtual UI program, which leads to a weighting of energies.

In this case, the formation of the FLOOR moving away one step - Mac virtual FL virtual programs (the effect is so powerful for heavy energies, in terms of energodefitsita Konovalenko).

The energy body feeds on 7 systems of the body that can conduct energy in different frequency characteristics and which corresponds to the 7 qualities of ET:

1. Volume is created by body volume (circulatory system)
2. Mobility – creates a solid of revolution
3. Structural properties (connection information) – creates a body for the gathering.
4. Fullness – creates body tension.
5. Information component - is filled with the nervous system and the brain (resonant body)
6. Prop – creates body tension.
7. The movement – created a truncated body.

The structure of the energy body has 7 spatial parameters that can be expressed in the form of diagrams, which traced the ancient in large quantity: an axis angular characteristic, nodes, connections, tension, proportion, integrity (the energy level is obyazannosti energy components FL. Integrity can be clearly seen on the example of cats living on 70% of the energy in the body and only 30% physical.

Person more difficult to collect the integrity of the FLOOR because of the complexity and pererastaet of the brain relative to the rest of the body, so the task of integrity can be supplied as a synchronizing (linking in work) is not only the right and left hemispheres, but the 8 main divisions of the brain).

The control card is in personal account user.

Available 5 user modes of use of the card: auto , medium power, 4, 5.

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