Chair for perfect posture US MEDICA Zero
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Chair for perfect posture US MEDICA Zero

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Short description

Orthopedic chair Zero is intended to remove pressure off the spine, relax the muscles and verified to become helper for every day.


A brochure about the principle of operation chair Zero

This brochure describes in detail the action of the chair for good posture US MEDICA Zero. You will learn why reducing the load on the spine sitting, how to sit on it, and also why you feel discomfort when sitting on a normal chair.

What is the model of the chair for proper posture Zero?

  • is the exclusive product which has no analogues. Thanks to its ergonomic shape improves posture and relaxation of the lumbar;
  • suitable for villas, home, office;
  • in the manufacture of chair used beech of the highest quality;
  • as the upholstery used reliable synthetic leather;
  • equipped with transparent wheels;
  • option of adjustment for personal characteristics and preferences;
  • comfortable seat with knee pads.


A beautiful and natural posture will always remain a priority not only among women but also among men. Speaking of stooped people, they not only attract attention but also guaranteed to have many health problems. However, good posture is worth having not only for the attractive appearance. It should be noted that any curvature of bearing, or the natural position of the body, leads to a shift of all organs. As a result, violated the metabolic processes in the body, which can no longer cope with physical exertion. Eventually, the muscles weaken, lose elasticity and natural elasticity, become decrepit.

Proper and attractive posture is a huge work and great efforts. The main method that shows the greatest efficiency, is massage. During kneading of muscles in the area of the back improves metabolic processes, muscles, restores lost flexibility and strength. This leads to the fact that the person becomes easier to keep good posture.

Thus, massage is not a single method of creating an attractive posture. Not less effective shows a new development of US MEDICA manufacturer, orthopedic chair Zero. The clever design of the stool provides for the body, which keeps natural posture without any effort from the user. Sitting on a chair for correct posture, reduces the load on the spine, strengthening the back and it gradually flattens out.

The chair can be adjusted according to the needs and easily hold the weight of 120 kg. it becomes possible to adjust the height and change if necessary the inclination of the seat. On a stool Zero sedentary work will take place in a natural and comfortable environment.

Among the main applications of the stool is to provide restorative and rehabilitation medicine. But it is also suitable for use in the home every day. In search of constant support we often forget about your spine which this support is. Therefore, orthopedic chair Zero is intended to remove pressure off the spine, relax the muscles and verified to become helper for every day.

Possible contraindications

  • in congenital abnormalities in the development of the spine;
  • in the case of different violations of the structure of the pelvis (injuries, etc.);
  • the deformation of the pelvis and lower extremities;
  • partly in scoliosis of the third degree (with first and second degrees use the chair shown).


Dimensions, D×W×h, cm 40×40×44-58
Package dimensions, D×W×h, cm 18,5×49×66,5
Maximum load 120 kg
Weight 7.3 kg
Weight 8.7 kg

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