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APK-a program aimed at addressing women's psychological causes of sexual problems.


APK-a program aimed at addressingwomen'spsychological causes of sexual problems.

  • The elimination of the psychological causes of sexual problems
  • The increased sexual desire and sexual sensations
  • Increase sexual attractiveness (attractive effect)
  • Alignment and stabilization of mood (normotimicescoe effect)

Psychological women are significantly more dependent on emotional and sensual perception of the world than men. This applies to sexual life.

So, it is well known that the depth of sexual experiences and enjoyment women unlike men are not so much dependent on direct physical contact, but from emotional mood and creative psychological experience of the condition of proximity. The quality of sexual life of a woman affects her mood, psychological peace of mind, a state of inner confidence and security, and, ultimately, on overall health.

In addition, well-being and harmony in the sexual sphere directly affect the hormonal balance in the female body and hormones in turn directs all the processes – psychological, metabolic, reproductive and aging processes.

Thus, the quality of sexual life and a degree of emotional satisfaction from intimacy define all aspects of life of the fragile female body, discomfort in sexual sphere can lead to both psychological and somatic problems.

APK-program "SEX-F" is intendedspecifically for women(similar to AIC-the "SEX-M" is designed exclusively for men) faced with these problems. APK-the program will help You by yourself at home to cope with the existing problems: reduced sexual desire and reduced sexual sensations from the reluctance of sexual intercourse, anxiety, low self-esteem and will give You the opportunity of gaining mutual happiness of intimacy, the restoration of the lost harmony and confidence.

APK-program "SEX-F" to eliminate the psychological causes of sexual problems, will increase the depth of emotional satisfaction, intimacy, and enhance sex appeal.
The set of "SEX-F" included 2 CD-ROM, which during the course of psychotherapy it is necessary to listen to it in the order specified in the attached instructions. A course of therapy for up to 42 days.

Note:Generally, sexual problems are not one partner, and even the original disorder someone one quite quickly lead to problems on another. Therefore, we strongly recommend that You purchase both an APK-a program: "SEX-M", and "SEX-F".

Package contents:

  • APK-program (2CD),
  • Brochure
  • Manual,
  • Packing.

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