Silk scarf "Misty Draconia"

Silk scarf "Misty Draconia"

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Size 180х65 cm

The basis of the collection were a series of dreams about lightning dragon soft rocks and misty valleys. The pose of the Central figure somewhat inspired by the character from ancient mythology, the goddess of fortune, Makasu. Striped dragons of dreams, the conscious beings that surround a woman with tenderness and unconditional love. They and their magical nature can always rely on.

The scarf color is "dusty rose", gentle lilac and light beige, with stormy grey elements. The original image was painted with acrylic paints, so each centimeter of its surface mnojestvo hues and tones that give the nice color of slozhnosochlenennogo. Wearing a handkerchief nice to be considered, it fascinates with its silky soft glow, a delicate interplay of colors and printed textures of the original work.

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