Silk scarf "If the sky was the sea"

Silk scarf "If the sky was the sea"

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Size 180х65 cm

Bright juicy colors, from vibrant blue to deep orange, the combination of heat and coolness, old, heated by the scorching rays of the sun, the wall with faded patterns, the vast expanse of water, merging with the equally piercing turquoise of the sky, so that no longer distinguish one from the other. And whether it is necessary?..

The description of this handkerchief one of the old text...

Floated clouds; somewhere in the inaccessible depths of the sky slowly waving the wings of a bird, a smooth, beautiful movement lifting them up and freeze up, allowing the wind to carry himself, giving himself the air. Perhaps, in that instant they closed their eyes and their heads took the human, or rather divine look. Stroke – and stopped again, looking like the Greek letter "ψ" and the wind carries, forward, up... as If on purpose, he gained a deep breath and then slowly blew it smooth, fast flow. The birds disappeared, but the imagination has long been lost in their dance, like meditation, ecstasy, unknown to the secret of flight. It seemed that the sky was a sensation transmitted by them, these elites, the unfathomable celestials, a phantom, and the sky continued to fluctuate slightly, as if this is occurring: up!.. then silence, ringing silence. Sigh. And the wind is again gaining air. And the sky was bright and clean and have sought to merge with the water, where, just a toy, there were boats and ships.

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