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Данное упражнение поможет, в первую очередь, тяжело больным людям, а также всем, кто длительно находится, в силу различных обстоятельств, в стрессовой ситуации. Оно избавляет от напряжения и нормализует сон.


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Like most CDs of the series "x-sync", this disc consists of two exercises: preparatory and developmental.

The preparatory activity —the total for the entire series. It introduces you to the technology of "x-sync" with the method of the 10 - step relaxation and the state "focus 10" (the body is asleep and mind is awake).

Educational exercise takes you further, through the "magic" 12, 15, 21 and beyond, giving the opportunity to feel the amazing feeling of expanded consciousness. This will occur with the identification of the mind with all the vast regions of space of our Universe and special sound effects. Then you will gradually return to its original state.

This exercise will help in the first place, seriously ill people — able to disengage with bodily suffering, as well as anyone who is long-term, in different circumstances, in a stressful situation. It relieves tension and improves sleep.

Track 1: Preparatory exercise (32 min).

Track 2: Developing the exercise (45 min).

To pay and download the electronic version

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