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APK Cardioton

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Normalization intercepting processes (target impact – cardio-vascular system). Elimination cardiotoniceski States. Reducing high blood pressure associated with psycho-emotional stress.


- experience unpleasant sensations in the heart,

- listen to his work (rhythm),

- You have unstable blood pressure,

- Are you concerned with Your heart something is wrong,

this program is for You!

Disorders of the cardiovascular system can be divided into three groups.

The first group is a purely psychological disorder, when there is only fear (the fear) that there is some kind of disease, or may occur some "terrible accident" with a heart. These disorders are neurotic (e.g., cardiophobia), and despite the fact that at their core there's nothing organically wrong for patients such experiences are very painful.

The second group is conditionally functional pathology of organs and systems associated with autonomic dysfunction (neurocirculatory dystonia, paroxysmal tachycardia).

And the third group is disorders of the cardiovascular system, is already associated with organic diseases (e.g. coronary heart disease).
While each successive group does not exclude the presence of disorders, characteristic of the previous one. So when coronary heart disease, it often cardiophobia, especially in patients with myocardial infarction.

With all the variety of diseases and disorders associated with the cardiovascular system, they are United by one factor: dependence on the emotional state of the person. Psycho-emotional stress acts either as a cause of development of these diseases, or it affects the course of the disease.

In the auditory psycho-correction program "CARDINGTON" in the unconscious (inaudible consciousness) form built specially designed suggestive (instilled) installation, which normalize regulatory function of the psyche, and, as a consequence, and the work of the organs and systems. Program "CARDICON" also contains rhythmic physiological signals due to the effect of acoustical resonance "adjust" under normal physiological rhythm of the organs and systems, including heart rate.

APK-program "CARDICON"aimed at:

  • Normalization intercepting processes (target effect – cardiovascular system)
  • Tranquilizing effect (reduction of psychological tension, anxiety levels, cardiotoniceski experiences),
  • Taraktashsky effect (decrease in emotional sensitivity and irritability),
  • Adaptogenic effect (increased stress),
  • Normotimicescoe effect (normalization and stabilization of mood, increase balance),
  • Assertive effect (increasing of confidence).


APK-program "CARDICON" recorded on 2 CD-ROMNo. 1 and No. 2,duration 20 mins One session full listening CD.
Rehabilitation for up to 42 days. During the course, you must listen APK program in 3 stages:

  • the first 14 days –APK-the # 1
  • following 14 daysAPK-program No. 2
  • and the last 14 days – againAPK-the # 1

During these phases of the programme should be monitored 1 time per day. Preferably in the evening, just before bedtime.
In case of impossibility of holding the sessions for any reason, is allowed to pass the audition (no more than 1 - 2 days).

It is desirable to combine listening with a calm, pleasant atmosphere: for example, lie on the sofa or sit in a chair, to try to distract from outside thoughts and fix the attention only on the test conditions and You are experiencing feelings. The volume level of the perception does not matter. You can set it to a very quiet volume level, if audible background annoys You. Not during the sessions of psychotherapy to read and listen to alternate audio sources (radio or TV). You can sleep during sessions of psychotherapy.

The first 2 - 3 days during a session of listening to possible complaints sad condition, unable to "come" tears (let them!) you may feel self-pity, "the second" memories. Do not be afraid and do not avoid these States is a natural process of purification and deliverance You from unpleasant experiences. As a rule, state data held by the 4-5 th day, and turn into States of relaxation.

Mark and fix in the memory of any events You have in the process of correction sessions positive changes and pleasant state, and play them in other situations: in transport, during holidays, etc.

Upon completion of the course (42 days) it is advisable to repeat course of therapy after 2 to 3 weeks. Repeat courses of therapy are not restricted and it is recommended to consolidate the therapeutic effect.

Package contents:

  • APK-program (2CD),
  • Brochure
  • Manual,
  • Packing.

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