NOOCANAL of Age cycle (without physical carrier)

NOOCANAL of Age cycle (without physical carrier)

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Harmony and health at any age.


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Human life is a change of cycles. The age cycle is a certain deep rhythm that permeates all plans of human existence - the physical body, energy, emotional state, mental plane, activity and vital energy, goals and priorities, attitude to the world, spiritual development, etc.

By building his life in accordance with these rhythms, a person can achieve greater efficiency and avoid wasting energy, intelligently set goals and achieve them, be in harmony with himself and the world around him.

What may be relevant in one cycle may become insignificant in another, and vice versa. Human perception of the event aspect also differs depending on the cycle. Particularly important and critical is the transition period from one cycle to another and the change in energy characteristics within the cycle, which can take several years. During periods of transition, there is a reassessment of values and a change in perception, which is characterized by a crisis. If a person does not feel and does not follow the natural nature of the changes, then the inevitable changes can be perceived negatively, be the cause of a deterioration in any of the plans - from illness to a crisis at work or a spiritual crisis.

Taoist masters in ancient times attached great importance to the age cycles of a person. The fact is that the change of cycles is accompanied by a change in the balance of Qi, Jing and Sheng energies in the human body, which the Taoist masters considered the basis of human development. The relationship between age cycles and human well-being was obvious to the ancients, and much of the knowledge they left behind is only being explained by modern science. Age-related cyclical rhythms have the form of a spiral, where the Yang, or active, and Yin - passive - phases of the cycle exist. The transition from the Yang phase to the Yin phase is as important as the transition to a new round of the spiral of the cycle, and is also characterized by crisis changes.

In Chinese, the word "crisis" is ambiguous. It consists of two hieroglyphs, one of which is translated as “danger”, the other as “opportunity”. Any crisis contains a potential opportunity, a starting point.

According to ancient Taoist knowledge, the age cycles of men and women are different: the base cycle for a woman is 7 years, for a man - 8 years. In each of the cycles, parameters are set for all plans of human existence.

For example, the ancient Taoist treatise "Su-wen" describes energetic changes in age cycles:

“When a girl lives for seven years, her qi-breath reaches its blossoming .... The girl lives twice for seven years, and reaches the sign of the gui of the celestial cycle ... It takes five times for seven years, and the activity of the Bright Yang meridian begins to fade away ...”

“When a man is eight years old, the qi breath becomes full ... It takes two times for eight years, and the yin and yang substances are in harmony, the jing breath overflows and pours out ... It takes five times for eight years, and the qi breath begins to decrease , the yang substance is depleted in the upper body ... "

It is important to understand that there are many different cycles in a person's life. The described 7-year female cycles and 8-year male cycles are basic, fundamental, in accordance with which there is a change in energies in the human body, which is reflected in all spheres of his life.

Thus, a person has the potential for holistic and all-round development, which is often not used due to the modern way of life, which makes feeling and attunement with natural cycles extremely difficult.

The software package of age cycle noochannels, based on ancient Taoist knowledge about the movement of energies in the human body, takes into account the peculiarities of modern space and human lifestyle.

The software package for each of the age cycles of a man and a woman includes an impressive package of programs, including favorable software settings for each of the plans:

- physical plane

- energy plan

- psycho-emotional plan

- mental plane

- spiritual plan

- the sphere of relationships with the outside world, including the financial plan

- subject plan

- overcoming crises

- regulation of energy balance

- choosing and setting goals

- adjustment of attention and perception


The use of age cycle noochannels allows a modern person, being integrated into society, to remain an integral person, to develop harmoniously and be in harmony with the world around him, to realize himself within the framework of individual abilities and characteristics, to build fruitful relationships, to remain active and a healthy body at any age.

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