Foot massager US MEDICA Angel Feet

Foot massager US MEDICA Angel Feet

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Short description

With the help of a vibrating massager for the feet can in a short time to get rid of fatigue and swelling in the legs after a loaded day. It improves blood circulation, gives a welcome relaxation and tranquility.


Description of massager:

This massager for feet and calf suitable for absolutely all ages. Using it regularly is the best prevention of foot disease and the occurrence of edema. In addition, after the sessions, normalizes blood circulation, remove pain and the body gets a long-awaited relaxation. Given the fact that the massager is compact, it can be easily moved to the desired location to masseuse was always there. Price for Angel Feet is accessible, while the quality of the sessions - excellent.


  • Massage is performed with the help of rollers, taking into account individual characteristics.
  • The rollers rotate at a speed of 55 rpm.
  • The rollers of different sizes.
  • Intense massaging, calf, legs, feet.
  • Two modes are available study your feet and legs.
  • Three modes of kneading.
  • Having a removable cover included.

Just 20 minutes of massage with Angel Feet will guarantee excellent health and will stay in shape. Using the massager in a short time to get rid of fatigue and swelling in the legs after a loaded day.

It improves blood circulation, gives a welcome relaxation and tranquility. By stimulating specific points to remove waste products and toxins, normalizes metabolism, improves the function of organs and systems, the body is filled with energy.

The principle of operation of the massager Angel Feet are rotating rollers, which simulate the movement of the master massage. After a few sessions the effect will be on the face.

The rollers rotate in opposite directions for more effective and deep massage.

  • Given the characteristics of the body structure, the rollers are able to change the speed and strength work, as well as the angle of action and position.
  • All the legs worked out in detail by rollers of different sizes.

The speed and intensity of the exposure can be adjusted in accordance with the wishes of the user:

  • The effect of relaxation - a speed of about 35 rpm.
  • Tonic effect - the speed of about 45 rpm.
  • Active effect - the speed of 55 rpm.

Thanks to the massager Angel Feet professional massages are available now at home and in the workplace, and even in the country. Angel Feet is the sophisticated contemporary design that cannot fail to attract attention. It is easy to use, does not require a lot space, runs almost silently. The design of the massager is thoroughly planned, which allows the user to take a comfortable position while sitting or lying down. In the case of the massage of hands and palms, Feet Angel can be placed even on the table.

The effect of the sessions with Angel Feet:

A professional massage can be the prevention of diseases, to normalize the activity of the body due to the impact at the desired point. Massage leads to enhancement of immunity, increase of ability to work and effectively combats insomnia.

Stop - a place where there are more than 60 points, which are responsible for proper functioning of the whole organism. This means that the qualitative impact on the feet, not only can ease pain and stress, and completely relax your body.

Massage modes:

  • Foot massage has a positive effect on the body and internal organs, removing accumulated tension.
  • Massaging the area of calves and ankles, relaxes muscles, relieves puffiness and fatigue.
  • The impact on the tibia normalizes blood flow, metabolism, deduces slags and toxins.

The massager is equipped with a convenient timer. The product set includes the availability of special cases for storage and carrying.


Package dimensions
Length: 49 see
Height: 22 see
Width: 27,5 cm
Gross weight: 6,9 kg.


Nominal voltage 220-240V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Power 45 W
Safety class class I
The length of the power cord 1.8 m
Timer 15 minutes

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