The allocation of the astral body I (electronic version)

The allocation of the astral body I (electronic version)

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This exercise will help You develop the skills allocation of the subtle body


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This exercise will help You develop the skills allocation of the subtle body. His methodology is based on designs of famous masters of astral travel by Robert Monroe.
Exercise is quite complicated. Recommended when You already have experience with a series of “X-sync” or “Modes”, i.e. You are able to retain consciousness in a state of “body asleep/mind awake”.

This CD contains the 2 tracks. Track No. 1 is designed for the development of the state "focus 10" (the"body asleep/mind awake" ). Track 2 uses a "focus 10" as the base condition and includes manual selection of the subtle body.

Technique exercises based on the work of the famous masters of astral travel, Robert Monroe, known to the Russian reader books "journeys out of the body", "Far journeys" and "Final journey".

Technical comments on the drive:
1. To listen use stereo headphones, preferably closed.

2. Install before you can listen a comfortable volume level to the user voice sounded soft, it doesn't disturb your sleep. Technology "X-sync" the resonant mechanism of action and is therefore effective even at very low volume.

3. Don't listen to "the Allocation of the astral body" while driving a car or performing any other work that requires precise coordination.

4. Don't listen to "the Allocation of the astral body" together with light and sound stimulation devices, or any other device affecting the level of brain activity.

5. This disc does not contain any subliminal (subliminal beyond Your will) formulations, type "25 frame", etc.

Questions and answers for the "Release of the astral body"

Why "the Allocation of the astral body" you need to listen to in the headphones?

- This disc was created using the technology of "X-sync". This audio technology helps a person to enter an altered state of consciousness when listening through headphones special sound signals. Read more about this technology you can read in the books of Robert Monroe.

How effective this program will help me in purchasing out of bodily experience?

This question was answered even Robert Monroe, and here, perhaps, appropriate to quote his words: "You will only get out what effort You put in the work. Exercise gives You a set of tools; how You dispose of them — depends on You."

What is the probability that I will experience those feelings described in the books Monroe?

The experience of each person is always unique, and here you can't take Robert Monroe as a reference. Some people talk about visions of light, colors and forms in the "out of body", but a lot of those who have other experiences, for example, vibration or something like an electric tingling or a shaking of the body, bed or room. Some people hear noise or buzzing sounds, voices, words, or even music. Just relax and observe your feelings, while maintaining awareness, but trying to give them concrete form. Because this form is just the result of processing of "primary" emotions that are common to all, Your "computer" brain.

What is the probability that I "leave the body" while listening to this program?

This is unlikely to happen directly in the process of listening. Most likely it will be later at night or in the morning.

When listening to the CD, I inevitably fall asleep in the middle of the track and then don't remember statements that it contained. What do I do?

It was not a dream. In the terminology of the Monroe Institute, this phenomenon is called "knockout", "the blackout". It says that You are not quite ready to work with this exercise, or work with them too much. In "knockout" there is a feeling that You "dropped out" of the process. When You return to exercise or finish it, it seems that it took just a moment, although in reality it is not. In principle, able to "knockout" Your brain stores all experiences, but You are not able to recall them immediately. This happens very often and almost all of them, but once Your level of awareness rises, You will all remember. However, in order to avoid a "knockout", try listening exercise sitting or to drink some strong tea before exercise. You can also try listening to this CD without headphones. But the main thing is practise, practise and again practise!

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