Chair-posture corrector YAMAGUCHI Anatomic

Chair-posture corrector YAMAGUCHI Anatomic

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YAMAGUCHI ANATOMIC – chair-posture corrector, which proves impossible: even a sedentary lifestyle can be healthy!

The acquisition of a corrective chair Yamaguchi Anatomic eliminates the problem, associated with the increased stress of the back muscles and the load on the intervertebral discs that occur during prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable position. Daily use of the chair helps to eliminate excessive pressure on the spine and thereby prevent its warping, disk displacement and pain in the lumbar.
The design of the chair Yamaguchi Anatomic.

Chair-posture corrector different well thought-out design that allows proper weight distribution of a person in a sitting position. Comfortable padded seat is tilted, the angle of which can be adjusted independently. To remove the load from the back there is a special emphasis on the knees.

Features of the model are the following:

  • reinforced frame rugged;
  • the presence of the wheels, increasing the ease and flexibility of a structure;
  • the availability of reliable and durable systems to regulate the height of the seat;
  • the ability to adjust the position to select the most convenient tilt and height.

Indications of use of the chair

Chair-posture corrector Yamaguchi Anatomic becomes relevant for people who spend a lot of time in a sitting position. That is why it should be used:

  • adolescents and students, whose intensive growth and formation of the skeleton;
  • adults who suffer from the violation of posture and scoliosis in the early stages;
  • healthy people for prevention of back problems and joints;
  • people with arthritis of the hip joints.

The fact that the posture corrector has an intensive effect on the body, makes a cautious approach to its use in the presence of congenital anomalies of the structure of the spine, previous injury and deformation of bones and joints, and in severe stage scoliosis (stage 3).


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Height 31 cm Adjustable
Width 48.5 cm 46 cm
Length 75 cm 52 cm
Weight 9 kg 8.3 kg

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