Universal structurizer/harmonizer of space «Office»

Universal structurizer/harmonizer of space «Office»


Short description

Harmonization of space in the office.


Size - 10 cm.

Weight - 300 gr

Energy geometry: form determines content

Currently, living and working spaces are completely subordinated to utilitarian and economic goals and absolutely do not take into account such requests as the state of the person who is in the room. Today, few people have the luxury to choose the place, size, shape, materials, in a word, the energy indicators of the space in which a person lives or works. The influence of energy geometry can be considered in detail, but it is not necessary. Each person reads and feels the energy parameters of space on an intuitive level. It is enough to visit one of the "Stalin skyscrapers", a round house or a temple, to clearly feel the influence of the energy characteristics of the space. This is if you take the lowest level, and the city or country is another level of space, which also affects everyone in this space.

This is familiar to travelers who note that when leaving for another country, it is as if a certain “information dome” is being removed - other thoughts come, there is an opportunity to look at oneself and situations from the outside, to find ways and exits that have not been seen before. For example, in these spaces a person is in different states (energy and physical indicators), such as:

Same as in this one:

In ancient times, people knew how and could change the energy geometry of space from creating temples, conducting rituals and cults to a well-built Feng Shui system and special structures of applied properties.

On the basis of the accumulated experience in creating monumental structures aimed at transforming the energy of space for various purposes - from the concentration of the energies of the Earth to the transition to other dimensions, a system of sacred geometry was formed. But all these methods can be called a change in the physical level for the purpose of transformations at the software level, which requires large energy costs, a long time for energy transformation and is not always successful due to the lack of the necessary information resource (access codes) when moving to the upper levels.

The main purpose of the device is to control the indicators (qualities, or energy characteristics) of space and, as a result, the formation and change of the energy geometry of space. The operation of the device cannot be reduced only to the impact on the “external”. External space affects the internal space of a person in the same way as by changing the geometry of the internal space (or model of the world), a person can influence the external space (the process of creation).

Therefore, the work of the Universal Structurizer (US) must always be considered in terms of the correspondence between macro- and microcosm. In other words, the functionality of the device reads the characteristics of space not as external static linear indicators, but through the data of an operator located and immersed in a given space-time.

Purpose and opportunities

The space structurizer is a multidimensional and multifunctional product. Speaking of multifunctionality, we can divide the tasks of the CS, as a device, into two sequential global tasks: creating a structure or form (statics) and filling it (dynamics).

Creating a structure of space is a very specific action, which consists in the formation of key nodes of space and building links between them. In other words, each device program corresponds to one or another multidimensional figure - the geometry of space. Further, the created energy volume can be filled with certain qualities (indicators of space), which reflect the circulation of energy in a given form. For example, different qualities are needed for a home and an office - a different shape and different energy circulation will be optimal.

One geometry of space is suitable for concentration, another for relaxation.... one for meditation, another for action, and so on. The entire range of states and requests of the operator corresponds to one or another geometric model. The physical indicators of space depend, first of all, on the frequency characteristics. It is clear that the frequency range in which a person can exist is much wider than the visible frequency range, and this range is different for different people. Therefore, another important indicator for filling the space with which the structurizer works is the integration of a person into space, as the ability to resonate with a certain frequency range.

In the basic version, the work of programs is tied to the place and location of the physical product, in the future it is possible to create modifications without reference to the physical location of the product. If we compare this or that space around us with a musical instrument, then the US allows you to harmoniously tune this musical instrument (basic programs) and play any melodies on it (user modes).

The first thing that a person feels when being in space with a universal structurizer is comfort and energy conservation, since the CA is tuned to the basic harmonic frequencies. In this vein, you can call it a harmonizer of space. One can clearly feel the cleansing of space from energies that do not correspond to the built harmonious geometry. In such a space, one thinks well, works, plans, rests, practices ... depending on the tasks at hand. You can compare a harmonious space with a morning meadow, the natural rhythm of breathing is adjusted - you want to take a deep breath (to draw in space).

The energy form of the structurizer is a perfect form, as it includes all possible harmonious structural forms with certain functions, a wide range of settings allows you to fine-tune the space for yourself and current tasks.

Frequencies of the Universal Structurizer

  • Auto
  • 8-12 Hz ("Lemurians" frequency - peace, physical and mental relaxation, trance states, deep meditation, internal processes (look inside yourself), self-awareness).
  • 12-20 Hz ("Temple" frequency - active meditation, visualization, improvement of attention and memory, filling with energy, learning, well-being).
  • 105 Hz (frequency "Earth" - rejuvenation, restoration, grounding, balancing the psycho-emotional sphere, improving sleep, resonance with internal organs, energy accumulation, anti-stress).
  • 130 Hz ("Palace" frequency - increased sensitivity, opening of Anahata, creativity, balance of internal energies, well-being, inspiration, synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres, spiritual guidelines).
  • 135 Hz (frequency "Olympus" - willpower, volitional control of physical strength, power, self-confidence, return of energies, optimism, planning and goal setting).
  • 160 Hz ("Dragon" frequency - increased concentration, increased reaction speed, increased density of the energy body, composure, activity, readiness for action, lack of fear).
  • 180 Hz ("Newton" frequency - increasing intuition, connecting to the sphere of ideas, getting insights, full understanding of ongoing processes, knowledge of rhythm, search for non-standard variant lines).
  • 240 Hz (frequency "Nirvana" - vibrational processes in the body, happiness, harmony and unity with the outside world, astral projection, awareness of spiritual experience, reduction of biochemical dependencies).
  • 250 Hz (frequency "Crystal" - superhigh-frequency space, superconscious effort of the brain (building non-linear structural connections of the brain), rebirth, inhibition of processes depending on time).

! Not to be confused with the frequency of the human brain, planetary frequency, etc. The frequencies of space are the frequencies with which a given form (structure) resonates, although at the physical level it is the brain that reacts to changes in the frequency characteristics of space.

Basic programs (work all the time)
Available for all package sets Office

- Volume
- Tuning the flows speed
- Action and counteraction
- Potential
- Movement and elasticity
- Emptiness
- Equilibrium
- Power energy characteristic of space

Form-building programs (work all the time)
Available for all package sets Office

- Creation of structural points of space
- Building a harmonious structural links
- Support of the space
- Plasticity of the space
- Redistribution of energy in the structure
- Integration into the space (Resonance)

Standard programs (can be paused)
Available for all package sets Office

- Increasing density of the space
- Growth potential
- 7 energy fields
- Stabilization of processes
- Synchronization of processes
- Sharp steel
- New wave (switch)
- Owner of the space
- Pyramid
- Protection - filter
- Purification space from mental garbage
- Reducing distortion in space
- Simple space

Enlarged programs (can be paused)
Available for Enlarged package Office

For owners of the Standard package Office - the opportunity to purchase additional programs from the Enlarged package Office.

- Skyscraper
- Chess
- Expansion (Carbon paper)
- Anthill
- Pentagon
- Allies
- Disguise
- Domination
- Cap
- Protection against aggressive egregors
- Protection against energy information espionage
- Factor X
- Neutralizer of adverse symbolic-graphic information

Purchasing the Enlarged package will initially cost less than purchase the programs individually later on.

The structurizer is managed in a the personal account.

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