«Accelerated mastering of languages». Audio program (electronic version)

«Accelerated mastering of languages». Audio program (electronic version)

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Программа обеспечивает активацию естественных человеческих способностей по усвоению языков и направлена, в первую очередь, на свободное общение и взаимодействие.


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The modern World is increasingly committed to integration. Currently, therefore, of particular importance is the ability to communicate with representatives of other Nations in their language. It should be noted that classical European education must include a knowledge of at least four languages.

Even knowing just one (in addition to native) language greatly expands your freedom of movement around the World. But the benefits aren't limited to travel. Fluency in other languages is and additional opportunities for professional growth and employment, it and empowerment in the device personal life, and it is, finally, a significant increase in flexibility of thinking, as each language has a unique logic of its construction and application. The study of Latin and Greek in pre-revolutionary gymnasiums, among other things, has contributed significantly to the development of logical thinking and eloquence, and it is easier for the subsequent development of the other languages (owing to the large number of words in every European language have Latin or Greek roots).

Whatever you choose, in any case, this meditative session, in addition to deep relaxation and relieving stress will help you to learn much faster and faster to achieve an acceptable level of competence in the target language.

Learning a language is a natural ability of any human. Each of us has this experience, as nobody was born with a ready knowledge of the language.

In this way, it would be quite nice to animate this children's sensitivity to language, when all you hear are naturally absorbed and assimilated by your brain, without any special effort on your part.

Meditation "Accelerated language learning" provides for activation of the natural human ability for assimilating languages, and is directed, first and foremost, on open communication and interaction.

Thus, all technical aspects (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary) you can study independently from textbooks or through a variety of courses, and this meditation helps you translate all the knowledge and skills to the level of the instinctive free communication as if you knew the language since childhood.

As usual, the deeper you relax during your meditation, the deeper layers of your experience on language acquisition are activated, and the better and more stable results. In addition, to consolidate the results of applied method adjust to the future.


A meditative trance has nothing to do with stupid unconscious state. Is a natural continuous process, during which the clarity and focus of your consciousness may, at times, how much to grow, and step into the background, giving way to images and feelings, subject to your own subconscious, which holds all the necessary work. And my words only help your subconscious mind to stick to a certain direction.

It is your subconscious mind determines what kind of images you will see (or not see) during the session. And these images should not necessarily coincide with what is said leading. Just trust your subconscious to do their work with detachment, or with interest (but without any criticism) watching what your subconscious sees fit in the moment to show your consciousness. And, moreover, do not even try this as something to interpret and to find in these images some deeper meaning.

The secret of a successful self-hypnosis – the maximum muscle relaxation and fixed attention. The easiest way to do it, focusing on the text and doing all that it says. Release your creative imagination and get every emotion and feeling, about which it says, mentally participating in the proposed action and scenarios. Key skills of successful self-hypnosis you can practice doing basicautogenous training.

Above I have given the description of the actions leading to the fastest results. However, you can just listen to the voice, occasionally plunging into the dreams and surfacing back. You can even like to sleep – due to special suggestions, the effect is not lost. The hearing person continues to function even in a deep coma. The only question is the access to knowledge thus obtained, but access to the skills and experience happens automatically under the control of your subconscious.

Posture – any (preferably half-sitting, relying on soft cushions).

It is highly recommended to listen with headphones. Soft noise floating in the background is a matrix of frequencies, to facilitate the entry into the trance state. The brain is able to perceive these frequencies through the headphones.

It is recommended to listen to the standard course: 21 times, with a break of no more than two days (any number of times in one day counts as one time). In the future, it is recommended to update skills every three months.

Session lasts 64 minutes.

Water plays an important role in conducting nerve impulses. With total dehydration, which very often occurs among urban residents, after listening to the may experience headache. Therefore, I recommend meditating before and immediately after drinking a glass (at least half) of plain clear water.

In any case, do not listen to this program while driving and while operating other potentially dangerous machinery. This is extremely dangerous. It is not recommended to listen to this program, people with psychiatric diagnoses.

Stay Healthy and Happy!

Andrei Patrushev

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