System of character training (suit) Version of K3


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This product is an extension of the line Ah-devices on the operator and his ability to integrate in society. Device operation based on the temporary addition of personality traits to the desired option, with the acquisition of experience which, in turn, leads to the integration of new qualities in personality and character based on experience.

Performance - card.

Instructions for activation and operation of this product.

1. the product is NOT active when he laid down the notebook pages — clean.

2. To activate the product is laid facing pages, which describes the necessary features of "virtual identity" is temporarily caused to life, usually it's those traits that are not inherent in the normal life of the operator. On the left side are written the logical ability of the person on the right is the emotional component. The filling out of both halves is a must. Without this, results may be unexpected.

3. To resolve uncertain situations it is allowed to write on the left and the right page the word "optimal".

4. Most active new character a few hours after activation, but no earlier than 15-20 minutes required for integration. For the integration of temporary hell is taken as a personal experience of the operator (processed under the desired task) and external experience (module Explorer to the experience of BJ — is a direct analogy.

5. The product integrates with all BJ and Ah series while working.

6. Work can bring severe fatigue, both physical and emotional. Not recommended is in this state for more than a few hours.

7. After the experience, "native" human nature is fully restored, but the desired features for which the experience has become personal Luggage and in some cases (maybe not immediately, but after a series of repetitions) can be called independently.

8. During the recording of "formula" called to life subpersonalities, be careful in the wording — important not only and not so much the text as what You actually mean.

9. During the time between the periods of "activity," the Suit accumulates energy for the subsequent work.

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