Harmonious meditation (electronic version)

Harmonious meditation (electronic version)

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Exercise will speed up your process in the practice of meditation.


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Two tracks recorded on this drive will significantly speed up your process in the practice of meditation.

The power of four(track 1)
Meditating in the headphones for this track, you synchronize the hemispheres of your brain at a frequency of 4 Hz, which corresponds to a deep state on the verge of sleep and wakefulness. In this state easy to visualize images, in addition, if you listen to the tape shortly before going to sleep at night you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of bright dreams.

Solar meditation(track 2)
This program gently guides you into a deep meditative state, while preserving synchronicity of the hemispheres of the brain at frequencies that are multiples of the frequency of Earth's magnetic field (7.83 Hz). With its help even those who have no experience of meditation, can experience the beneficial effects of deep meditative States. The soundtrack perfectly recovers after stress load and help people with sleep problems.

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    Theta waves are characteristic for the hypnotic, creative and dreaming States.