BRM LSS 1.1 (crystal bridge Lunar-solar stone + Svetlitsa-Super)

BRM LSS 1.1 (crystal bridge Lunar-solar stone + Svetlitsa-Super)


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Bioresonance modulator crystal bridge Lunar-solar stone integrated with Svetlitsa Super.


BRM Crystalline bridge (Moon stone – sun stone- Svetlitsa Super)

Product BRM crystalline bridge of Lunar-solar stone integrated withThe Svetlitsa - Super(LSS 1.1.) is the first version of an integrated product that combines two powerful technologies – technology Lab Information Structures and technology of Bio-resonance modulators.

Main features of the product are manifested in three areas:

1. The formation of intentions

The formation of intentions is one of the main stages of work with the BRM. Formed the intention of accumulating the electric potential in the structure of the exchange field of BRM. At the field level, the true intention is of stable structure, i.e. the structure, it is possible to materialize - implementation intentions with BRM. Integrated Svetlitsa for integrity impact increases the quality of the formed intentions.

System of bodies is positioned, i.e. aligned, and stops to tune in to the reactionary, unconnected blocking information. The operator, having structural connections, has the ability to form harmonious intentions, as intentions, the synchronous vibrations with the whole body structure as a whole, not a separate part. SS integration with BRM allows to increase the dimensionality (complexity) implemented by the intention of the task, to transform the intention into a more complex structure and to obtain integral solution as a synthesis of opposites.
* the product of LSS 1.2. the operator receives an additional opportunity to generate lifetimes of the formed intentions.

2. Exchange field

Features of interaction of solar and lunar stone determine one of the perfect structures the exchange field of the crystal bridge. The structure of the exchange field BRM Moon stone - sun stone described, but many do not fully understand the structure

Many people, sharing something in black or white, good or bad, doing the right thing, but only half. The fact that in the modern world is dominated by the left hemisphere, whose function is to divide. The division operates two functions, let's call them conventionally, Yin and Yang, meet the requirements of independence and reciprocity. The principle of harmony is most fully realized in the face of such complementarity, as in the Yin, as can be seen from the structure, there is always a Yang and Vice versa.

In fact, sometimes initially quite difficult to get used to the perception of this structure from the perspective of complementarity and not of polarity.
The physical (atomic) level, the complementarity principle first described by physicist Niels Bohr. The principle of complementarity described by Bourne can be put on a par, perhaps, only with the principle of relativity or the theory of the physical field. The principle of Bor goes way beyond quantum mechanics, extending the concepts on information bases of brain functioning, including the principles of perception and thinking.

“Atomic object is not a particle and not a wave, and even neither that, nor another at the same time. Atomic object is something third, is not equal to the simple sum of the properties of waves and particles. Nuclear is "something" beyond the perception of our five senses, and however it is, definitely, real. We have no images and senses to fully imagine the properties of this reality. However, the power of our intellect, drawing on the experience, allows to learn it and without it.”

Exchange field bridge sun stone-moonstone is a large energy structure with the quality of complementarity. The properties of the crystal bridge is described in detail in the passport, the main areas of the intentions with which this type of BRM is running as efficiently as possible:
- harmonization of the relationship man/woman
- synchronization of emotions and mind
- improve sleep by harmonizing circadian rhythms
- synchronization physical and power levels

In other words, the use of the crystal bridge Moon stone - sun stone – is a real possibility of any confrontation of internal energy, manifested as discomfort, response, tension, internal struggle and/or emptiness,the feeling of energy loss, any imbalances in the information transfer condition of additionality, i.e. harmony and balance.

3. Data transfer operator-BRM

Data transfer in the segment of operator-BRM comes in the form of interaction of two structures: the structure of the operator, as system 7 bodies (body volume, body tension, body resonance, etc.), and the crystal structure.
Integrated Svetlitsa Super organizes information waves acting on the nodes exchange field. It reduces the effect of noise and improves the resolution of the communication channel. This reduces the tension caused by overcapacity intentions, fears and phobias.
One of the manifest qualities of the Super Chamber is the increase in the dimension of information flows. The communication channel transmits more complex information.
Thus, the information on the communication channel, an operator BRM is optimized manner.

Properties of crystals - Solar and Lunar stones.

We can say that this is one of the generic BRM in the lineup. The main property of the exchange field between the Sun and the Moon stone - balancing, establishing symmetry. The balancing properties applicable in different areas: mental, emotional balancing; the balance of action, thoughts, the balance between the subtle bodies, balance the male-female qualities, the balance of the material-spiritual, etc.

Properties of the Integral Axle of LSS is determined by proportional and symmetrical geometry of the exchange field. The main direction of the sphere properties of LSS is symmetry, balance, and harmonization. The properties of LSS are determined by the circulation of energy in the exchange field of the two bi-directional (symmetrical) and opposite qualities-energy “of the Sun” and “moon.” Of energy enter into an active interaction, trigger the endless cycle of energy reinforce each other.

BRM LSS can produce work to balance the energy channels of the operator, to create a perfect contour “energy body” with the elongation of the vertical component, to facilitate synchronization of parts of the brain, configuring the operation of the endocrine glands (particularly pronounced effect on the reproductive system), balancing the “subtle bodies” and EN. centers. With the help of LSS can be balanced between Mind-Emotions-Body-Soul-Spirit, Physical-Spiritual, Inner-Outer, Want-Need, Male-Female qualities, etc.

The lunar and solar stones actively capture light fluxes, which are further organized structure of a Chamber. LSS can effectively and quickly eliminate any disharmonious energy processes (conflict, struggle, confrontation of internal energy), manifested as discomfort, tension, uncertainty, irritability, active internal dialogue, response, excessive emotionality, blocks, energy loss, CFS, internal conflicts, difficulties in decision-making, etc. Coming in a symmetric flow of energy to fully nourish the symmetry of the inner geometry (“energy structure”) operator.

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