Bracelet AREM ++

Bracelet AREM ++

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What kind of AREM product:

AREM is a new generation product that is fundamentally different from most of our products released earlier. AREM is a system working according to a different scenario / algorithms, with the idea of first deeply repairing certain components of the operator in order to then obtain qualitatively new results due to changed parameters of the cocoon, i.e. it works from the inside out for the long term, all changes are internal at first, but create radically bright external the consequences of the work of AREM associated with changing oneself from the inside.

In other words, AREM is a product for repairing a cocoon and awakening an extremely powerful operator, but algorithmically it is not based on the principle “here’s the middle of the river, boulevard, swim”, but on the principle of smoothly extracting knowledge and experience from the depths, plus restoration of energy and cocoon. This is not due to immersion in the features of the product mode (operator mode), but due to the appeal to in-depth experience and its integration with the person and also to the work of a number of regenerative algorithms described above. Thus, we got a missing pole to previously released products, which goes well with them (the other half can be said). The product is of course camera-life and gives exactly external capabilities as well as a healthy perception of what is happening around, but this goes through deep repair and integration from the ancient parts of the cocoon to the modern.

Components of AREM:

The AREM in terms of complexity (number of components) is approximately equal to such a recently released product as AMB2 (if I correctly remember 26 typical translation modules in AREM, and 28 in AMB2), but when recording these modules, they did not proceed from how they work with the operator , or how the operator will work with his or her own tasks in the context of the capabilities and algorithms described in the product as hints (as in most products), another principle is applied here - the contents of the AREM modules, these are not algorithms for active operator activity, this is an algo itmy change himself.

Not a change somewhere to some third-party products (in this case, AREM), but a change of oneself. What does it mean? It is understood that AREM wakes up the PERSONAL sleeping potential in the operator through various approaches, this leads to changes in oneself by the deepest self, we can say that AREM is always an internal work, but it is very, very powerful, although part of it can be called essentially external, so let's move on to the module overview:

1. Five AREM modules are concerned with transmutation of chemical pollution of the body and elimination of the consequences in the cocoon from the presence of certain toxic substances in its zone. The request to understand correctly, we proceed from the fact that most of us are polluted by the surrounding "ecology" and not only by it, but also by the fact that they are chemical contaminants specially created for the deterioration of human parameters (for example, conspiracy theorists call it chemical trails, but we are not we are only talking about this phenomenon). Poisonous substances not only affect the biology of the physics of the body, but also radically affect its energy. What do modules work with this problem? They repair energy and try to start the process of transmutation and / or with the use of their own means of the body of the purely physical component of pollution. This is a very important component, because environmental problems are big now, and it just “showers” the work of the cocoon.

2. The following three AREM modules are concerned with eliminating the effects of microbiological effects on the body (microbes / viruses / vaccines, etc.), in other words, working with various invasions of the stump and their genome, biological cohabitants in the body, immune responses and immune disorders. Naturally, all this work is also going on at the level of information and the cocoon, and not at the level of the physical body, but our experience shows that the connection of these levels is stronger and brighter than we imagine.
Both of these components (elimination of chemical and microbiological pollution through information work with the cocoon) form the basis for the normal functioning of the energy of the cocoon and its cleaning from the information waste represented by the indicated polluting factors. This paves the way for recovery processes in the cocoon.

3. The module of dreams. One of the most remarkable modules of the AREM product. Surely everyone (or almost everyone) is familiar with the situation that sleep leaves a taste that is felt after awakening. During dreams, a person, on the one hand, can be very susceptible to invasions from the outside, and this is actively used by a number of destructive forces. But on the other hand, it is during sleep that the operator can be holistic, together with his in-depth experience, inaccessible and forgotten at the level of the current personality.

The dream module is also an additional kind of protection against invasion during dreams, and, at the same time, creates a unique effect on the operator from the depths of himself. The deep part of the operator, awakened by AREM, leaves a “message” for the person outside of sleep, there is an aftertaste from dreams created by the operator’s own deep part - the shades and atmosphere direct them at the personal level throughout the day, the operator’s thinking, events and behavior so that the process of reassembling itself starts given their true goals and capabilities, often completely forgotten on a personal level.

4. The module of integration with the world
This module helps the operator to perceive global trends in their true form, to see themselves and the possibility of applying their forces regarding these trends, to see prospects from such work, to see interaction with other operators. As you know, the causes of depression from the information point of view usually stand in the fact that the person moves in a way that is not interesting for the inner self and does not see another way, so this module is a kind of antidepressant.

5. The regeneration module by the high-frequency spectrum is a special module that activates the cocoon layers responsible for regeneration (not the physics of the body, but the cocoon, as an informational formation as a whole, including low-frequency layers close to physics),
This module has an important feature - it works almost like a "virus" - it can cause similar processes in the energy of others. At the moment, I see it as the most advanced algorithm for fixing the energy structure in terms of the fragmentation of historical experience and its layers into a single and working education.

6. The control module is its task, the harmonization of the work of all the above components.

Features of the work of AREM, fundamental differences from classic BZ products (AMB / AMB2 / Actor / Panacea), recommendations for use:

Most products provide tools, energy, algorithms for action. Some, such as amb / amb2 - give more kicks to change.

AREM gradually changes the operator itself, the changes are soft and, at the same time, profound, unlike most other products, the product cannot actually create overload. It is not recommended to take breaks in the product, continuous use is recommended.

The work of the product is excellent, as mentioned above in that there is an internal transmutation of the operator, peeling of the cocoon or processes stimulating such, raising from the depths of meanings and tastes, that which gives new goals and new understanding in life (gradually), and this, in its in turn, it makes it possible to raise from the depths of oneself a different experience and old, forgotten meanings and knowledge.

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