Massage Cape Yamaguchi Drive

Massage Cape Yamaguchi Drive

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Convenience on the road, which does not depend on the duration and intensity of driving or the ambient temperature.


If you spend a lot of time in the car, a long trip not only consume power but also produce pain in the lower back, shoulders, back. However, the solution of the situation – massage Cape Yamaguchi Drive, which will provide maximum comfort on the way.

Among the features worth noting the possibility of cooling the seat. Just remember how much discomfort you brought a wet stain clothes, and you will realize immediately it is demanded. Ventilation channels allow the air thanks to the integrated compressor. The system provides the possibility of adjusting and selecting modes of ventilation. But in cold weather, significant benefits for the function of heating.

Setting massage cushion Yamaguchi Drive takes a few minutes thanks to the elastic straps. Accurately reflect the curves of the body will allow the user to choose the most convenient option. The special arrangement of the vibrator motor allows you to relieve stress in all parts of your body. After you install capes you will receive a relaxation in the thoracic and shoulders, vibrator motor in the area of the buttocks operate with the lower extremities, creating a stimulation of blood circulation, thus reducing swelling and feeling of heaviness. You will have the opportunity to individually select the optimal massage of the proposed 3 levels of intense exposure is the most suitable. Due to the high quality of the proposed adjustments by the driver will be significantly reduced fatigue and will decrease the discomfort during long trips or a long and exhausting stay on the road.

Yamaguchi Drive - convenience on the road, which does not depend on the duration and intensity of driving or the ambient temperature.

Key features:

  • The surface of the cushion is composed of air channels through which the ventilation of cool air
  • Intensity adjustment of air blowing (3 levels)
  • Vibrating back massage
  • Vibration massage for buttocks
  • 3 intensity levels of vibration massage back and buttocks
  • 4 vibration motor
  • Anatomical design
  • Optional heating of the lower back
  • The possibility of using capes at home, in the office and in the car
  • The Cape easily attaches to any chair or car seat with elastic straps
  • Timer: 5/10/15 minutes


Type Massage Cape
Weight 2.7 kg
Timer 5/10/15 minutes
Recommended session duration 15 minutes
Maximum user weight 110 kg
Voltage 220/12 Volt

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