Neck massager NECK YAMAGUCHI Axiom
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Neck massager NECK YAMAGUCHI Axiom

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Short description

Neck massager Axiom from Yamaguchi company specially created to efficiently work the cervical spine and to relieve its owner from pain.


The distinctive features of massager:

  • Work offline;
  • The 3 massage modes with different durations due to the presence of the timer;
  • Pain relief in the short term;
  • A number of additional functions. In particular, we are talking about heating, magnetotherapy, infrared radiation.

Brilliant and simple

Neck massager Axiom from Yamaguchi company specially created to efficiently work the cervical spine and to relieve its owner from pain. It is in the cervical region of our spine is a large number of biologically active points. Acting on these points and on the muscles of the cervical, you can improve your condition and get rid of a lot of pain: headaches, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, cervical degenerative disc disease and other disorders.

Compact and powerful

Every detail and element of the body Neck massager Axiom adjusted to the millimeter, this makes the device highly functional, ergonomic and, most importantly, compact. Axiom Neck fit easily in the bag and will become your faithful companion in any journey, at home or in the office, he will not take up much space and will always be at hand. Important feature – Axiom Neck powered by a battery, to use it, no need to connect numerous cables and look for the power connector.

Thanks to removable handles and adjustable width of rollers, Axiom Neck can use not only for neck but also for the entire body.

The solution to Your problems in 15 minutes

Fatigue and stress cervical

Cervical osteochondrosis

Headaches and dizziness

Sedentary work or study

Stress and insomnia

The fight against migraine starts with neck

Muscular frame in the neck area is rather fluid and elastic – there are four muscles. Due to various reasons muscles can spazmiruyutsya, which leads to disruption of the outflow of blood and, as a result of different painful sensations. Massage with Axiom Neck helps relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow to the head and neck – so to get rid of the headache or muscle pain, dizziness and many other painful conditions.

The secret to a comfortable flight

Wherever you went, Axiom Neck great mood You provided! The design of the massager and removable handles allow you to anywhere easily and comfortably use it to massage different body parts: neck, arms or legs. Four rollers working deep and stretching my tired muscles. Nothing extra, just pure enjoyment of the exterior of the device and massage.

Magnetic fields

Built-in Axiom Neck natural magnets form a magnetic field that has a beneficial effect on health. This effect is achieved by the ability of magnets to improve blood flow and circulation in General. This allows you to normalize the blood flow in the upper body and relieve tension, pain and spasms.

Infrared heating

Built-in infrared heating Neck massager Axiom accelerates blood circulation and lymph flow, thereby improving the nutrition of the muscles, increases the supply of oxygen to tissues. Accelerate lymph circulation, increase immunity and improve the condition of the body as a whole.


Name A neck massager
Model YAMAGUCHI Axiom Neck
Power 5 W
Voltage 5V 1A
Timer 5/10/15 minutes
Dimensions 220×95×120 mm
Auxiliary modes Heating, magnetotherapy, infrared
Storage conditions Temperature 5-40C
Humidity ≤ 80%
Weight 0.85 kg

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