Massage Cape US MEDICA Sport

Massage Cape US MEDICA Sport

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The principle of operation of capes Sport is based on a careful and deep penetration into the skin. The impact is also on the joints and muscle groups.


US MEDICA Sport - compact, portable massage seat cover, which allows a massage in a convenient location and at a convenient time. The impact on the lumbar area and spinal muscles is provided by such a set of built-in functions:

  • The possibility of a massage from the blades to the area of the sacrum.
  • Targeting the muscles of the spine.
  • Delicate massage Shiatsu with kneading.
  • The ability to match the best massage range: the whole area of the back, top or bottom.
  • The possibility of using capes at home, in the workplace, in the car.
  • Four roller massage mechanism.
  • Work wraps possible from the cigarette lighter of the car.
  • The option of vibration massage the buttocks.
  • The presence of complete softening detachable capes.
  • Mounts to the back of a chair or couch.

Cape Sport can be used in any convenient conditions with maximum efficiency. It improved performance and a useful set of options to provide long period of operation.

Opportunities massage cushion:

The principle of operation of capes Sport is based on a careful and deep penetration into the skin. The impact is also on the joints and muscle groups. In addition, there is an effective stimulation of cell activity in some parts of the body. The systematic use of Sport capes are guaranteed achieved the following results:

  • Reduced and completely eliminated pain and discomfort in the neck, waist, back.
  • Removed General fatigue in the short term, is prevention of insomnia.
  • Normalization of blood pressure.
  • Restores metabolic processes in the body.
  • Prevents the formation of salt deposits in the joints.
  • Suppressed constant feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, as a result, increases productivity and endurance.
  • Normal psycho-emotional state and health.

Positive results from the use of massage cushion Sport are formed, starting from the first session, and have no differences from the results achieved when working with a professional master massage. Each session with the use of capes Sport has a positive effect on the body, all its organs and systems. The result is a stable, excellent health.

The sale of goods is carried out exclusively in branded packaging. Cape Sport has received approval and high estimation of the Ministry of health and leading professionals. The product has all necessary certificates. Using this massage cushion running chiropractors, which indicates its excellent quality and high performance. Included with the goods supplied a detailed manual.

Cape Sport massage is a unique opportunity for all who follow the health of your body and tends to have a slim, toned body. In the course of its use successfully combined guaranteed health benefits and pleasant sensations from the session. Each session with the use of capes is an excellent health and spirits.


Color black
Weight 5.8 kg
Power 24 W
Powered by AC power or car cigarette lighter


Dimensions, D×W×h, cm 71×18×43
Backrest dimensions, W×h, cm 45×62
Seat dimensions, D×H, cm 39×43

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