Foot massager US MEDICA Omega

Foot massager US MEDICA Omega

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With regular use increases the body's resistance to infectious disease through the manipulation of reflex points of the feet.


Compact and inexpensive foot massager Omega

Thanks to the ergonomic and compact roller foot massager US MEDICA OMEGA is extremely easy to use. It is based on the developers of the roller mechanism, textile covered basis, which simplifies the process of exploitation: if necessary, the fabric can be easily removed and washed or replaced with a different cover.

For people, because of lifestyle experiencing a constant load on the legs, US MEDICA OMEGA will be a real salvation. It neutralizes fatigue and provides benefits to the entire body delicate massage of acupuncture points. The healing properties are complemented by a pleasant body sensations received during a session.

Functional features of the US MEDICA OMEGA:

  • the direction of movement of the roller mechanisms is changed;
  • the massage rollers have distinct topography, which allows effectively influence on the reflex zones of the feet, greatly capturing them and without causing discomfort to tickling;
  • you can select the intensity of the massage effect;
  • include a sleep timer, allows to program the duration of the session;
  • power supply – car cigarette lighter/network.

The massager comes with stylish and comfortable branded handbag.

The main advantages of the US MEDICA OMEGA are the compact size, ease of use and efficiency. It is equipped with a removable fabric cover eliminates possible offset of the feet from the rollers, which prevents excessive tension during the sessions. You can just sit, relax, and not keeping control of the position of stop.

Involvement massage the maximum number of located on the feet reflex points has a healing effect on the entire body. Using it continuously will allow your feet to feel ease even after suffering at the feet of an exhausting working day.

Sessions with US MEDICA OMEGA serve as a reasonable prevention of flatfoot. Experienced podiatrists still do not get tired to recommend this rolling pin, you want to roll on the floor with the soles of the feet. The massager performs this function not only effectively, but also significantly nicer. Placing it below your Desk, try to turn it on constantly when you're behind him: work, watch TV or rest.

Roller massager for legs US MEDICA OMEGA equally effective for people of all ages, including children. The included car adapter allows you to use the massager during car trips. Sitting comfortably on the passenger seat and plugging it into the adapter, it is possible to allow your feet to relax and have wholesome fun.

Let's summarize the main advantages of US MEDICA OMEGA:

  • the compactness conducive to the convenient location of the massager for an office Desk, and its discreet use;
  • work from different power sources;
  • low weight, small dimensions, allowing you to always have it on hand;
  • effective kneading of the feet, restore lymph circulation, preventing swelling and varicose veins;
  • enhancement of the immune defense of the body;
  • neutralize the effects of wearing shoes with high heels.


Dimensions, D×W×h, cm 32×19×12
Package dimensions, D×W×h, cm 25×14×11
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