Freedom from fears, depression and stress.

Freedom from fears, depression and stress.

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The affirmations on the CD "Freedom from fear, depression and stress"

1. My soul sings with happiness, joy of life from waking in the morning until bedtime in the evening.
2. I easily and joyfully to accept change.
All changes are for the better.
3. I radiate and receive the Divine Light and Love.
4. My heart is filled with divine light!
5. All my fears, preconceptions are cleared as quickly as possible.
6. I'm letting go of my past. I accept the present with gratitude.
7. I forgive myself for everything.
8. I work positively, wisely and intuitively improve your life!
9. My cheerful mood becomes more bright, vivid and sustainable.
10. I forgive all who have brought me any pain and grief.
11. I thank myself and other people for my experience of awareness.
12. Everything is coming into my life I accept with gratitude and love.
13. In every breath I Express my gratitude to the Creator for everything!
14. I think positively and optimistically in every moment of my life.
15. I am free from the desire to control people and situations.
16. I feel loving, loved, protected, happy, young and healthy person now and forevermore.
17. I easily let go of all the situations that bother me on my true Path.
18. I allow myself to enjoy and have joy and rest.
19. All the complexity of life is the only source of new opportunities to improve themselves and their lives.
20. I love myself unconditional, true love and always care about themselves.
21. And I am a strong man! I can easily make important decisions!
22. I know how to quickly navigate and choose the best.
23. I think strongly!
24. I am absolutely calm!
25. In difficult times, I know how to relax!
26. I can easily and quickly find a solution in any difficult situation!
27. I am full of energy - Here and Now!
28. At the end of each working day, I experience the lightness, joy, contentment, acceptance, gratitude and love!
29. All of my young body accumulates energy during work and leisure!
30. The more I work, the more active my body is filled with a young and healthy energy!
31. I have perfect health, but I'm reasonably combine work and leisure!
32. I'm happy to rest and fully recover my strength.
33. I am full of strength and energy.
34. I smile at the present and future.
35. My thoughts about myself and my life are always accompanied by positive emotions.
36. My happiness, divine love, inner harmony and bliss grow as fast as possible!
37. I always keep my confidence at a high level!
38. I am joyful, happy and successful person!
39. I'm thinking positive thoughts!
40. I'm excited about the future!
41. I focus attention on all the good in my life!
42. I am absolutely calm during any of his classes!
43. I control the stress level!
44. I'm capable of consciously lowering their level of stress!
45. I'm completely relaxed, when you want!
46. I know how to relieve stress easily and effectively!
47. I know how to relax!
48. I'm totally cool with other people!
49. I am perfectly comfortable in any situation!
50. I get rid of stress positively!
51. With each exhalation I relax!
52. I am in the environment that oozes tranquillity!
53. In stressful situations I can remain calm.
54. In stressful situations, I continue to eat right!
55. I always remain calm in relation to other people!
56. I am a calm person!
I accept the world with love and gratitude!
57. I know how easy it is to make decisions in stressful situations!
58. I can easily get rid of disturbing thoughts.
59. I am happy, joyful and calm!
60. I love my life and myself!
61. I am free from the desire to control life.
62. I am free from the desire to be right or justified.
63. I am free from the desire to have full guarantees in relationships, finances and other aspects of life.
64. I trust life, myself and others.
65. I am confident in the divine meaning of my life in General.
66. I love myself, life and people.
67. I'm healthy, happy and loving life man!

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