A real leader

A real leader

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Attitude will help insecure and always doubt feel the INNER STRENGTH.


Attitude will help insecure and always doubt feel the INNER STRENGTH. He adds to his confidence, activity, efficiency, ability to protect their interests.

In our time of growth in women's activity, men need to strengthen their masculinity. Attitude is especially important for men who have not had the example of male behavior in the family.

Attitude will be useful to countless men.

The affirmations on the CD "the Real leader":

1. I am a real LEADER and he manages his life
2. I always get what I choose.
3. I make decisions easily and quickly
4. I can easily rip bad for me relationship. I am free and I decide when and with whom I build relationships
5. I forgive everyone who ever gave me unpleasant experiences. I apologize to those people whom I have taken unpleasant experiences. I apologize to Life for what I once considered it unfair.
6. I thank Life for the fact that she always cared for me and helped me. I thank Life and the people for the lessons they gave me over the years.
7. I love Life! I love myself! I forgive myself for all my past failures and resentments. I am full of energy and create a new and wonderful life!
8. I believe in myself! I believe in happy and successful future
9. I am active! I busily! I am ambitious!
10. I'm open for communication! I am sociable and positive.
11. I listen and hear the clues my Subconscious, and I use them when I need it.
12. I always make the right decisions. I'm always right. My Subconscious helps me to make only good decisions.
13. I'm a real Man! I respect the rights of others. I allow them to have any interests and desires. I live my life.
14. I firmly advocate for their rights and interests against any interference.
15. I allow other people to have a personal opinion and forbid myself to spend forces for their reassurance.
16. I have confidence in myself. I am energetic. I am the source of strength! I go through life effortlessly!
17. I am created for success! I can easily set and reach my goals.
18. I forbid myself of doubt. I listen to my Subconscious and always make the right decisions. I'm always right.
19. I can easily and confidently say no when I trying to impose something against my will.
20. I respect the rights of others and prohibit all forms of violence against them. I'm a civilized man.
21. I weeded forces. I tough I pluck unnecessary of connections and relationships.
22. I forbid myself to enter into any quarrels and conflicts. I am a strong and confident man.
23. I have confidence in myself. I can set and achieve any goal. Life loves me and helps me, I pet Life
24. For me, it comes effortlessly. Any obstacles and delays on the way to the goal I take it as another opportunity for growth. I'm grateful for the fact that it deals with my spiritual upbringing. I'm grateful for taking care of me!
25. I'm sympathetic to people and allow them to behave as they wish. I firmly advocate for their interests from outside interference.
26. I am delighted with myself! I am the source of strength and talent! I have all it takes to set my goals.
27. My knowledge and skills enough to become a leader to move confidently toward my goals.
28. I am delighted with myself! I have absolutely nothing to achieve my true goals.
29. I can easily and quickly make the right decisions. My Subconscious always helps me when making decisions. I am grateful to my Subconscious for help.
30. Having made the decision, I forbid myself to go back to the internal discussion. All my decisions initially correct!
31. I can easily get rid of excess people to me and relationships. I'm extremely tough.
32. I have the POWER! I am a Real Master of your life! I'm a Real man!
33. My inner strength is growing day by day. I have the POWER! I'll define my life! I can easily ignore the opinions of others if it differs from mine.
34. I restrained in showing emotions! I show emotion only when I believe it is valid. I reserved and severe.
35. I love the extreme! I love fighters! I love hard and harsh game. I am a real leader! I'M A REAL MAN!
36. I am full of energy and confidence! I'll define all the events of my life.
37. I take responsibility for everything that happens in my life! I can change everything that's happening to me!
38. I live freely and confidently go towards your goals.
39. I can easily create my desired relationship, and it's easy to cut the oppressive am in a relationship. I live easily and confidently.
40. I set myself any real goals and easily achieve them. I am in awe of its endless possibilities.
41. I am a real leader! I can easily lead people when I need it.
42. I am the Owner of my life. I'll define all the events of his life!
43. I am full of energy! I am strong and active! I can easily find words and emotions to explain their decision to others! I am delighted with myself!
44. I can easily and decisively talking with any woman. I am full of inner strength. I'm attractive to any woman. I'm a real man I'm a STRONG SHOULDER for any woman.
45. I make decisions easily and quickly. My subconscious tells me the best exits from any situation. I forbid myself any doubt.
46. My possibilities are limitless. I set myself realistic and achievable goals. I'm going to achieve their goals on a wave of confidence in their endless possibilities!
47. I am responsible for everything I choose. I quickly carefully think through the consequences of their actions and choose the best option for me.
48. In their actions, I always respect the rights of others. I kindly and detached allow them to live and act the way they want. I firmly advocate for their interests and the interests of people close to me from any interference.
49. I have confidence in myself. I am energetic. I'm friendly towards any people. I let other people say and think about me all they wish, it is their own business. I love myself and am confident in its success.
50. I am calm. I control my emotions. I'm always friendly. I always balanced and positive.
51. I develop my body. I do physical activity. I'm strong physically and energetically. I look nice. I have a bold look, full of confidence.
52. I have broad, straight shoulders. I breathe a full breast.
53. I was confident going in life. I can safely look people in the eye.
54. Changes give me confidence
55. I can easily meet any change, they allow me to feel my power
56. I am persistent and productive. I am friendly and easily overcome any resistance on the way to my goals.
57. I know of any situation to come out a winner.
58. I feel like my inner strength and determination growing by the day. I am a real Master of your life!
59. I deserve a lot. I have big and attainable goals, and go to him calmly and confidently.
60. I am worthy of love and respect. I am worthy of wealth. I am worthy of success. I deserve the best. I am a beloved child of God.

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