Theoretically, everyone knows that the objective world is a much broader concept than the subjectively perceived reality.

Some people have experience in perceiving the “subtle” world, a part of objective reality, inaccessible to perception in the ordinary state of consciousness and in the normal mode of brain activity. The subtle world and the aura of man, as part of the subtle world, is an objectively existing, scientifically proven reality that exists in parallel with our “ordinary” world.

The world of material objects, familiar to the human eye, exists in a certain range of frequencies, and the human eye is tuned to the perception of this certain range. But this is only a small part that the human eye is capable of perceiving.

The perception of the world depends on what frequency the brain is currently working on. The subtle world is also really existing phenomena, phenomena, inhabitants and objects, the frequency of which is higher than that of the objects of the material world. That is why the human brain in the usual state, operating at a lower frequency, does not perceive the phenomena and phenomena of the subtle world.

An untrained brain is simply unable to perceive and operate at high frequencies. Regardless of this, the subtle world, as an objectively existing reality, can directly affect us, our life, our health, and well-being.

Many events classified as “random”, such as luck or failure, happy or unlucky coincidences, inexplicable attraction or antipathy are actually quite natural and have a causal connection with the subtle world.

That is why sometimes it is so important to be able to see and perceive those invisible threads that connect cause and effect, the subtle world with the material world. There is a special category of people, psychics, who, due to severe illnesses, long and exhausting psychophysical training or mental disorders, have acquired a perception that is biased towards the subtle world.

But this acquired property often prevents them from perceiving the normal, material world, therefore such people do not adapt well in social life.

Prana Vision glasses are one of the tools with which any person with a normal perception of reality can learn or significantly increase their ability to see the subtle world and aura of a person.

The eyepieces of Prana Vision glasses are optical filters that transmit only a certain amount of light and a strictly defined range of frequencies corresponding to the frequency of the energy of the subtle world. In these glasses, everything is seen in blue and blue-violet.

Glasses pass the ultraviolet and infrared part of the spectrum, cutting off most of the visible colors, at the same time, all objects of the material world remain clearly visible. It is such strictly defined spectral characteristics of glasses that stimulate the natural ability of the brain to perceive an unusual, invisible part of the spectrum in the ordinary state.

Prana Vision glasses are a stimulator of the activity of certain zones of the cerebral cortex, which can switch attention from objects of the material world to the aura of a person and other phenomena of the subtle world.

More than 2000 years ago, the Greek physician Alkmeon announced the connection of the eye with the brain, but only in the last century opticians, psychologists and educators came to the final conclusion that vision is a cognitive process, and not automatic.

This means that it is through the development of visual perception that the development and change in the frequency of the brain occurs. Some psychologists even call the eyes “the outer part of the brain.” Any changes in the frequency of the brain (“altered states of consciousness”) are primarily reflected in changes in visual perception.

It is known that at least 70% of all information enters the brain precisely through the visual channel of information - visual perception. This happened evolutionarily, because it is the eye that can notice the imminent danger or prey from afar, and it is he who must give the brain a signal to perform a certain action (defense, attack, work, etc.).

But only recently have psychologists and psychiatrists discovered and began to use feedback - a change in the frequency of the brain through a certain signal (in particular, a visual one).

If a frequency range entering the human eye is identified in a certain way, then only those parts of the cerebral cortex that resonate with the incoming frequencies will be activated, and the areas corresponding to the cut-off ranges will be in a passive, “sleeping” state.

If the parts of the cerebral cortex working in the low-frequency mode and responsible for the perception of objects of the material world are in a sleeping state, and the areas working in the high-frequency mode and responsible for the perception of the subtle world are in an activated state, then a change (increase) in work brain frequencies.

It is in this high-frequency mode that the human eye is capable of perceiving such phenomena and phenomena of the subtle world as, for example, the aura of a person.

A screen for visualizing the human aura was opened experimentally. The inventor of the screen for seeing the aura is J.W. Kilner, who spent at the beginning of the 20th century. experiments on medical diagnostics in a hospital. JW Kilner has gained extensive experience in the early diagnosis of various diseases according to the human aura and described it in the book “The Human Atmosphere or How to Make the Aura Visible Using Chemical Screens”.

All independent aura researchers are advised to read his works. To create a chemical screen for seeing the aura, J. Kilner used the substance Dicyanin, a chemical dye that absorbs a certain part of the light spectrum.

In practice, it was revealed that only a strictly defined frequency range is able to tune the eye and reconfigure the human brain to see the subtle world and human aura.

But dicyanine has several significant drawbacks, such as: burnout over time, eye safety during prolonged use of glasses, significant blackout, which greatly limits the conditions for using glasses.

Modern technologies, unavailable at the beginning of the 20th century, made it possible to make glasses for seeing the aura with full preservation, and even improvement, of the spectral characteristics in the energy field of the “thin” world, completely safe for the human eye, as well as brighter, which allows you to use them everywhere: both on the street and indoors.

Please note that Prana Vision glasses specifically develop, train the brain to tune in to the unusual part of the visible spectrum, so the ability to see the aura tends to develop, and as a result, the vision of the aura and the subtle world becomes possible without the use of glasses.

Do not be surprised if the first experiments with glasses are not as impressive as you expected. The fact is that visual perception is, to one degree or another, an automatism and it takes some time to overcome the reflex of focusing your eyes on material objects.

There are also certain expectations and stereotypes of representing the aura (for example, modeling the aura using LEDs in the Aura camera, computer programs, etc.), which, as it turned out, do not completely coincide with what the person’s aura actually looks like.

What can be seen with Prana Vision glasses?

During the first experience of seeing the aura in Prana Vision glasses, one sees the lowest-frequency part of the aura and the subtle world - etheric energy. The ether field is seen as a glow from bright white to yellowish and gray in color, 2-4 cm wide.

Usually it looks like a luminous shell, repeating the contour of the object, or luminous beams of energy around the fingers, the head of the object in question.

Depending on the lighting, the state of the aura of the object in question, and your ability to see the aura, this glow can be smoky gray, or bright and bright, or even colored.

After just a few days of training with Prana Vision glasses, you can see the rays of auric energy flowing from the fingers of one hand to the fingers of the other hand. These rays always flow along the shortest path and, when moving their hands, form a very complex and beautiful pattern.

In the instructions for Prana Vision glasses, you will find step-by-step exercises for developing an aura vision.
After a certain training session, one can observe various aura colors. The colors of different parts of the aura may be different, but there is always one prevailing shade. The instructions provide a detailed explanation of the colors of the aura.

It seems surprising that in glasses that cut off most of the visible range, it is possible to observe all the colors of the rainbow. But this is precisely what proves that the energy visible in Prana Vision glasses is not an optical illusion.

Immediately or after a certain training session, it is also possible to observe the interaction of the aura of several people - rays coming from one person to another. A similar effect can be obtained, for example, if one person holds his hand at a small distance from any part of the body of another person.

In this case, rays of auric energy will pass between the hand of one person and the body of another. These rays are the brightest of all, and can be observed in any part of the body, passing from one part of the body to any other, provided that these two parts are located close enough to each other, and between them there is not a very large angle.

For example, when the arm is retracted a short distance from the body, one or more rays can connect the hand to the body. In this case, it seems that they flow from the trunk to the arm, and not vice versa, because the rays are perpendicular to the trunk, and to the arm pass at different angles. This effect provides a wide field for group experiments on the emission and observation of energy rays from one person to another.

The structure of the aura is heterogeneous, and after a certain training, you can distinguish between the radiant and granular structure of the aura layers, as well as non-permanent phenomena of auric energy: these are rays and spots that can disappear as suddenly as they appear, while other phenomena remain unchanged in during the entire aura observation session. These phenomena include:

spots appearing inside and outside the aura, which are then completely separated from the body;
rays passing from one part of the body to another;
rays coming directly from the body, and going into space.
Surprisingly, you can see the aura around your own body in the mirror, observing all the conditions and techniques for seeing the aura. Also, the filters of Prana Vision glasses can be used as filters for the camera.