Vacuum massager US MEDICA Delicate Silk

Vacuum massager US MEDICA Delicate Silk

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Short description

Vacuum massage with the help of the US MEDICA Delicate Silk stimulates blood circulation, improving skin elasticity and its tone.


Careful lifting

Vacuum massage for many years, used in cosmetics as wonderful methods that would tighten the facial contours, improve the elasticity of skin, remove wrinkles, eliminate swelling. Facial massager US MEDICA Delicate Silk works on the principle of soft pulsating vacuum, which allows you to rid the skin of sagging, looseness and sagging.

Immediate effect

A few minutes of vacuum massage with the use of Delicate Silk will help to refresh the complexion and improve skin turgor. It should be noted that the massage effect is immediate, the skin becomes smooth, pink and taut. The effects of the device leads to increased circulation and restore breathing of skin cells, activation of metabolic processes in tissues. This, in turn, stimulates synthesis of skin own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, responsible for the youth and beauty of skin.

Well-groomed and youthful

Daily sessions of vacuum massage with Delicate Silk will make your skin more well-groomed and young: the stimulation of blood flow will improve the nourishment and increase the access of oxygen, will relieve puffiness and tighten the facial contours. Massage with Delicate Silk does not injure the skin and will ensure a smooth procedure for rejuvenation with the possibility of use in conjunction with oils, gels, or foams. Massage carried out with respect to the direction of massage lines, will lead to tone and relax tense facial muscles, improve color and texture of the skin.


Device functions Vacuum massage
The frequency of ultrasonic vibrations No
Touch control No
Modes of operation One
Nozzle One
Water resistant No
Timer No
Food 2 x AA batteries (3V)
Dimensions, D×W×h, cm 16,5×5,5×9,4
Weight 150 g
Use Wireless
Charging No
Charging time No

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