Muscle stimulator for body US Medica Body Trainer MIO

Muscle stimulator for body US Medica Body Trainer MIO

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Process myostimulation allows not only to reduce the volume in problem areas to remove excess liquid and to get rid of cellulite, but also to make terrain (abs), in short, to take shape and the body of your dreams.


EMS Stimulation is the key to good health

In the distant past for the treatment of various diseases, people have used electrical discharges, rays and amber. Thus, people got rid of illnesses and complex diseases. After with the advent of electricity in our lives, people began to try to use pulses of electric current in getting rid of diseases and rheumatic pains. So in 1901, an English inventor, proved the possibility of using electric pulses to stimulate muscles of a person. He found a clear relationship between current strength and pulse length, which effectively influenced the body's muscles.

Muscle toning – what is it?
Muscle toning – the process of muscle contraction as a result of exposure to this area of the body weak electrical impulses. These impulses imitate the natural signals sent by the nervous system, which in turn leads to a reduction of muscle fibers.

Today the procedure myostimulation body has become very popular among women. Process myostimulation allows not only to reduce the volume in problem areas to remove excess liquid and to get rid of cellulite, but also to make terrain (abs), in short, to take shape and the body of your dreams.
After a course of treatments is adjusted to the contours and lines of the body, they become more harmonious thanks to improvements in relief and muscle tone, the skin becomes more dense and elastic, increases its tone. Thus, the stimulation became one of the most effective methods in losing weight effortlessly.

The lack of movement in old age is a factor in the development of the most common in this age of diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous and other systems. Physical activity is an important tool of influence on the body, accompanied by a restructuring of the activities of all subsystems of the body. Doing physical exercises, a person motivate your body for the production of vital energy, maintain health of all body systems at a high level. Therefore, people in old age, the process myostimulation also has an important effect on health. Using the muscle stimulator to tone the muscles of the spine and skeleton, to get rid of pain in the joints, eliminate pain from injury to nerve fibers, also removes pain in joints, feet, elbows.

The maximum effect of the workout
Session myostimulation creates a stunning effect that cannot be compared with exercise and regular training. During the procedure myostimulation fully utilizes all the muscles of the body, while in normal fitness training only certain muscle groups. Improves overall tone all the muscles, blood circulation and metabolism, lymphatic drainage, removes toxins, break down fat deposits. Also stimulation effectively treats cellulite in women.

Additional Electrodes
An additional pair of gel electrodes for muscle stimulator for body US MEDICA MIO Body Trainer is easily attached to the body due to the stickiness. They take into account all physiological features that allows you to train almost any muscle. The electrodes are treated with a special compound for better fixation on the body. Over time, the coating of the electrodes wear out, and they lose their stickiness, in this case, need to replace them. The electrodes necessary for effective impact. The frequency of replacement depends on usage, on average one pair of electrodes designed for 30-50 uses.

For many people, the approaching birthday of a loved or dear person is a serious reason to think about the gift. Because surprise have not only surprise the birthday boy, but also to please him. Therefore, we begin to sort through the various options, what can you give to be interesting and useful? Really please and surprise a dear person You can, giving it a unique muscle stimulator for body US MEDICA Body Trainer MIO.


Name Muscle stimulator for body
Model US Medica Body Trainer Mio
Food 5V, 100 mA
Frequency 1-1000 Hz
The pulse duration 20-400 GMT
Timer 1-1000 Hz
Device dimensions, D×W×h, cm 5×4,5×1,8
The diameter of the electrodes 5 cm
Cable length 120 cm
The weight 60 g
Weight butto 175 g
Temperature mode from +5°C to +40°C
Relative humidity <80%
Atmospheric pressure 86-106 kPa
Included 6 PCs of electrodes (3 pairs)

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