Massage Cape US MEDICA Combo

Massage Cape US MEDICA Combo

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Regular massage sessions with the help of capes Combo improve the whole body, to relax tense muscles, improve blood flow, to cope with the sciatica, to boost immunity.


A special model. Made of soft velvety material, very pleasant to the touch. Creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Performs a kneading massage of paravertebral muscles of the back from sacrum to shoulders. A delicate and romantic gift for your beloved woman.

The first buyers capes Combo immediately gave her a second affectionate name – Cheburashka. The occasion was a gentle fabric upholstery of amazingly pleasant to the touch fabric the color of hot chocolate. Additional bubble wrap beige emphasizes the main color Combo.


  • Massage area: paravertebral muscles of the back.
  • Range of massage: from the sacrum to the shoulder blades.
  • Range: (1) full back (2) upper back, (3) lower back.
  • Effect: kneading massage shiatsu.
  • Usage: home, office, car.
  • Works from mains and car cigarette lighter.
  • 4 roller massage mechanism.
  • Kneading massage the entire back.
  • To mitigate the impact of massage additional removable Cape.
  • Purpose: relieves fatigue and stress, relaxes muscles.
  • Timer: 5/10/15 minutes.
  • The control panel is stored in a convenient pocket.
  • Convenient attachment to the chair seat or the seat in the car.

Available modes of massage with a Cape Combo

1. Vibrating

Exposure is carried out using delicate vibrations, allowing you to get comprehensive relaxation, relieve accumulated tension and stress. The sessions of this massage have a visible psychological impact, improve and stimulate the activity of the respiratory system, provides rapid removal of toxins that have accumulated in the body. The vibrations have a positive effect on blood vessels, tones and stimulates them. There are three levels of intensity of vibration massage allow everyone to choose the most comfortable level of exposure.

2. Massage shiatsu

The choice of this massage technique allows to deeply affect individual areas of muscle tissue. Through such manipulations, tone the body, normalize biological processes. Massage Shiatsu helps to restore nutrition on a cellular level and prolong youth of the whole organism.

3. Roller massage

Impact rollers stimulates and improves lymphatic flow and blood circulation, contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and capillaries. Systematic sessions roller massage will provide a constant tone the back muscles, as well as significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Massage roller is an effective exercise for the back muscles, which provides a correct and natural position of the body. It is from the good flexibility of the spine is not only stable favorable health, but also your confidence.

4. Demo Function

Massage Cape Combo is equipped with an option which allows users to test all available modes and study their characteristics in a few minutes. The modes changing capes is accompanied by a color change of its indicators. After examining all modes, the user will be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate type and intensity of exposure.

Regular massage sessions with the help of capes Combo improve the whole body, to relax tense muscles, improve blood flow, to cope with the sciatica, to boost immunity. Moreover, a back massage is a pleasant procedure, conduct which can in any place and at any appropriate time.


Product name Massage Cape
Model name COMBO
Article LMC-050
Voltage 12 V, 220 V
Power 48 W
Frequency 50 Hz
The weight 4.8 kg
Gross weight 6.3 kg
Manufacturer US MEDICA LLC, USA

Backrest height 64 cm
Back width 47 cm
The thickness of the back 7 cm
Seat length 43 cm
Seat width 37 cm
The thickness of the seat 4 cm
Box dimensions, D×W×h, cm 67,8×48×16

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