The following observations and facts formed the basis for the creation of the SHEMM technology product line:

In the modern world, each person is subjected to a large number of different influences (while they are mainly of an electromagnetic nature) both favorable and unfavorable, starting from the presence of electrical wiring in everyone in the house (radiating at a frequency of 50 Hz) and ending with a continuous information stream, which unable to process the human brain.

Usually, attempts to correct problems arising from this (of a different nature - from low ability to concentrate to a stereotyped worldview) come down to finding a compensating effect or finding a counteraction to the alleged source of “negative influence”. Even the most positive technologies (balancing, harmonizing, etc.) give only a temporary positive effect, but in fact they only bring a person out of balance even more.

Any current situation is a consequence of the resulting strength of all the many influences, and only for a given person, at a given time and in this space (not to mention that there are many sources of such influences that are not felt or that we simply don’t know about). These observations were prerequisites for the emergence of integrated technologies, including SHEMM technology, which is essentially a combination of several existing technologies (the result of which has been confirmed many times in practice), and whose products operate with a wide range of frequencies.