0.37 – 2.15
0.40 – 10
0.45 – 10

Helps against obsession and addiction
Against Confusion
Relaxation, against muscle pain
Very relaxing

1-3 Delta

deep, dreamless sleep, trance state, non-REM sleep
Feeling of well-being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone; overall view of inter-relationships; harmony and balance


Tri-thalamic entrainment format, creates entrainment between hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal.


pain relief, relaxation, production of endogenous opiates
Sound sleep
Feeling of unity with everything, accelerated language retention; enhancement of receptivity


attitude and behavior change

4-7 Theta

Recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, Zen meditation, drowsiness.


Extrasensory perception
Unusual problem solving
Moves beyond knowledge to knowing, shows vision of growth needed
Long term memory stimulation
Mental and astral projection
Inter-awareness of self and purpose, guided meditation, creativity, contact with spirit guides; entry into meditation


Earth Resonance, grounding, “Schumann Resonance”
Learning new information

8-13 Alpha

Relaxed, tranquil and non-drowsy, inward awareness, bodymind
Qi Gong
Past life regression
Pick up visual images of mental objects
Awareness of causes of body imbalance and means for balance
Pyramid frequency (outside)
Mean dominant frequency associated with the earth’s magnetic field


Enhanced mood elevator, universally beneficial, useful for hangover and jet lag, used for nicotine withdrawal

18-22 Beta

Mind/body unity, firewalking; potent stabilizer and stimulating
Relaxed and alert
Centering, doorway to all other frequencies
Normal wakefulness
Associated with sleep spindles on EEG during second stage of sleep
Awake and alert
Outward awareness, sensory data
Against fatigue, energizing
Desensitizer; enhanced vigor and alertness
Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid frequency (inside)
Awakening of mid-chakras, balance of chakras
Endorphin release
Dominant when problem solving in fearful situations
Slower cerebral rhythms
Tantra, kundalini
Astral projection
Mental and astral projection
Emotional spectrum
Awareness and control of right direction
Third eye opening for some people
Good feelings, security, well-being, balancing

Frequencies below 1 Hz

0.30 – 0.15    Mood elevator, against depressive states of mind

0.5 Hz:         Whole brain toner. Very relaxing, especially lower back and head. Energizes the thyroid, reproductive organs, stimulates excretory functions.

0.9 Hz:         Feeling of euphoria

1 Hz – 10 Hz

1 Hz:        Feeling of well-being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone helps gain an overall-view of inter-relationships, generally for harmony and balance

2.5 Hz:      relaxation. Production of endogenous opiates (endorphins)

3 Hz:         Increased reaction time

3.4 Hz:       Sound sleep

3.5 Hz:      Feeling of Oneness with everything, language learning improved enhancement of receptivity

4-6 Hz:      attitude and behavior change

4-7 Theta:  recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, Zen meditation, drowsiness. The previous two settings are ranges between 4 and 6, resp. 4 and 7 Hz. I suggest that you use the stick pad, pendulum or other device based on ideomotoric response to get exact frequencies that fit your personal needs.

4 Hz:          Extrasensory perception, remote viewing, strengthens memory, physical stimulation, faster recovery after physical training

4.5 Hz:       Dream states, shamanic consciousness, vivid imagery

4.6 Hz:       Emotional impulsivity

4.9 Hz:       Introspection, relaxation, meditation, deep sleep

5 Hz:          Learning, unusual problem solving enhanced

5.25 Hz:     Strong imagery, vivid images

5.5 Hz:       Moves beyond knowledge to knowing, shows vision of needed growth and direction, inner guidance and readiness to evolve spiritually

5.75 Hz:     Improves the power of creative fantasies

5.8 Hz:       Diminishes fear, works against being scattered

6.0 Hz:       Long term memory stimulation

6.3 Hz:       Good for mental and astral projections, remote viewing, language skills, improved memory

6.5 Hz:        Accelerated learning

6.75 Hz:      Inner calmness

6.88 Hz:      Inner balance and calmness

7.0 Hz:        Mental and astral projection, telekinesis, mind projection

7.5 Hz:        Creativity, inward focus, discovery of “purpose” in life, creative thought facilitates contact with spirit guides; facilitates entry into meditation, lucid dreaming

7.83 Hz:      Earth Resonance, grounding, “Schumann Resonance,” counteracts mind control, accelerated learning, more tolerance of stressful situations

8-10 Hz:      learning new information

8.0 Hz:       Past life regression, hypoid states, reduces stress, diminishes states of anxiety, strong relaxation, connection with past lives enhanced 

8.3 Hz:       Mental imagery, clairvoyance, ESP

9.0 Hz:       Awareness of causes of body imbalance and ease in finding the means for balance.

9.16 Hz:      Enhances the skills of resolving conflicts.

9.5 Hz:        Capability to grasp information of all inds with greater ease

9.6 Hz:       Mean dominant frequency associated with the earth’s magnetic field, relaxes the face (lotions!)

10 Hz:        enhanced release of serotonin and mood elevator, universally beneficial, counteracts effects of hangover and jet lag. Frequency for Silva Mind control.

10 – 20

10.5 Hz:      Relaxed alertness, stabilizer in general, mind-soul-communication, heart chakra

10.6 Hz:      Relaxed and alert

11 Hz:         Calm and relaxed thinking, paying attention, stress reduction

12 Hz:         Centering, mental stability, transitional point, time seems faster, throat chakra

12.3 Hz:      Powers of visualization

13-30 Hz:     Normal wakefulness 

13 Hz:         Ajna Chakra, powers of visualization and to conceptualize

14.1 Hz:      Alert focusing, vitality, concentrating on tasks, Earth Frequency, intelligence enhanced, good for physical training

15.4 Hz:      Cortex, intelligence

16.4 Hz:      Crown Chakra, Transcendence

20 Hz:         to overcome fatigue and to energize. Fitness training, stress reduction, mental projection of subconscious (non-conscious) commands.

20 – 100

22.0 Hz:      Astral traveling

25 Hz:         Self confidence, confidence of victory in sports

27.5 Hz:      lowest note on a piano MP2

32 Hz:        Desensitizer; enhanced vigor and alertness

33 Hz:        Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid frequency (inside)

35 Hz:         Awakening of mid-chakras, balance of chakras
38 Hz:         Endorphin release

40 Hz:        dominant when problem solving in fearful situations, especially where fast action is required.

50 Hz:        Slower cerebral rhythms

55 Hz:        Tantra, kundalini

62 Hz:        Feeling of physical vigor

63 Hz:        Astral projection

70 Hz:        Mental and astral projection

72 Hz:        Emotional spectrums

80 Hz:       Awareness and control of right direction

83 Hz:       Third eye opening for some people

90 Hz:       Good feelings, security, well-being, balancing

98 Hz:       Hara-center

100 +

105 Hz:         Overall view of complex situations

108 Hz:         Total knowing

111 Hz:         Beta endorphins and cell regeneration

126.22 Hz:     Sun

136.1 Hz:       Sun: light, warmth, joy

140.25 Hz:     Pluto: power, crisis & changes

141.27 Hz:     Mercury: intellectuality, mobility

144.72 Hz:     Mars: activity, energy, freedom, humor

147.85 Hz:     Saturn: separation, sorrow, death

183.58 Hz:     Jupiter: growth, success, justice, spirituality

194.71 Hz:     Earth: stability, grounding

207.36 Hz:     Uranus: spontaneity, independence, originality

211.44 Hz:     Neptune: the unconscious, secrets, imagination, spiritual love

221.23 Hz:     Venus: beauty, love, sexuality, sensuality, harmony

247 Hz:          Feeling of peacefulness

250 Hz:          Elevate and revitalize

272 Hz:         33rd octave of Earth year

384 Hz:         “Gurdjieff vibration associated with root chakra

420.82 Hz:     Moon: love, sensitivity, creativity, femininity, anima

494 Hz:         Spiritual awakening

523 Hz:         Fear and panics 528 DNA repair

698 Hz:         Strong feeling of love

794 Hz:         Strong will power

880 Hz:         Strong imagination


0.5 Hz:     very relaxing, against headache, for lower back pain, organ-muscle resonances (0.1 – 1) lucid dreaming (0.1 – 3), increased immune function – Endorphin

1.05 Hz:   Helps hair grow + get its color back [RA]; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects, speeds recovery time), regeneration – lactic acid. Wholesome relaxation to help recovery

4.0 Hz:     Reduction in levels of exhaustion. (extra reps) Those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue exhaust very easily. When moved to 4-Hz these individuals showed marked improvement in the length of time between the occurrence of exhaustion after certain exercises were completed Associated with object naming, an important aspect of memory. Extrasensory perception; Encephalin production – Back

5.9 Hz:      golf, shooting, precision (reduce) Fear, Dizziness; Concentration and Precision

6.88 Hz:    Associated with collarbones (Effects=vitality, overall balance, stability) Belly – Front

7.69 Hz:    Associated with shoulders (Effects=strength of the arms, expansion, teaching) Arms and Shoulders

7.83 Hz:    Schumann earth-ionosphere resonance, grounding, anti-jet lag, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance. leaves you feeling revitalized like you’ve spent a day in the country. psychic healing experiments; reports of accelerated healing/enhanced learning – “the earth’s natural brainwave”

10 Hz:       enhanced release of serotonin & mood elevator, universally beneficial, Acts as an analgesic, especially for hangover & jet lag. Clarity, normalcy, anti-convulsant, Motor impulse coordination (Motor
Control cortex); Learning a foreign language; Centering, sense of well being & decreased pain (caused by increase in beta-endorphins) [RED]; Adrenal Stimulant [RS]; Significant improvements in memory, reading & spelling are reported (in conjunction with 18 HZ) rhythm resync, activate kidneys, raise body temp, Acts as an analgesic,

10.5 Hz:    mind/body unity, Legs

20.0 Hz:    energy Schumann Resonance Imposing subconscious commands on another (thought center), growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects); Adrenal Stimulant,

25.0 Hz:    confidence of victory in sports Increased Aggression

32 Hz:      Desensitizer; enhanced vigor & alertness, more reps, overall training. Stamina and Endurance