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And it gives You?

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 20:39
by Александр_М
I want to ask - what has changed in Your life after You began to see the OS on purpose?
Another variant of the question - for what purpose You do this? (of course you can not specify, but in General terms if the goals are too personal), how justified Your hopes?
Well, this question (can anyone answer) - stories about the sewing machine and the periodic table we all read (heard) - maybe on this forum people who can confidently say, - Yes, OS I did it, moved on, solved the problem which I could not solve.
Thanks to everyone who helped :).

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 23:42
by Андрей Кабанков
Opened a new world of dreams,full of adventures and fantastic opportunities.What has changed is difficult to say,for this we need to know what would have happened in my life without OS,and this is unknown.)

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 0:14
by Владимир Никонов
Alexandr, thanks to the lucid dreams you are on this site. The website and was inspired by dreams.

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 13:26
by Александр (разработчик)
A miracle! It turns out that lucid dreaming can be used as a method of clairvoyance, if you believe the information that I found today online:


What to do in the OS.

It is easy to answer. As soon as you will answer yourself why you do this, everything will fall into place. While you search for the answer to this question, try the following and very entertaining experience.

Taking into account the reader's confidence in their abilities suggest the next step in the world of managed dreams.

Ask your friend to draw some simple geometric shapes-type stars, circle, pyramid, square, etc. in random order, on a piece of paper and put it on the table in the next room. The next time the managed dream try to find the piece of paper and read what was on it. Then you need to immediately get out of the dream. Before the final moment of awakening, it is desirable to repeat in my head a couple of times a sequence of figures, carefully memorizing their images. Finally interrupt sleep and record the shapes and their sequence in the dream journal.

Experience preferably carried out several times. For the purity of the experience log is made every time on a new page.

After achieving a stable reading of the figures, you can perform self-check on the original .

Figures as geometric shapes use do not recommend.


Posted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 14:26
by Дэвид Блэйн
Alexander (developer)Well, it is the WTO and not the OS.

Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 20:53
by Александр (разработчик)
Дэвид Блэйн wrote:Alexander (developer)Well, it is the WTO and not the OS.
I confess I absolutely do not know what the WTO is. What is it? The only thing that comes to mind is the world Trade Organization 8) .

Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 22:55
by Аркаша
WTO - beyond bodily experience, I think the term originated with the filing by Robert Monroe, known astrologica/WTO of osnica:)

The same confidene and classic WTO razlichayutsya!
I eg. been able to achieve WTO at the time of falling asleep, the body usypal, and the "astral" body as if slipping from a physical, very fun experience!
There are theories of dreaming you can get into the WTO

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:17
by Идущая вперед
WASPS see often... sometimes it's a warning and very serious about the impending trouble..... and some tips on how to behave in reality.... try wasps to act as an outsider witness or observer and not to interfere...just watch from the sidelines as events unfold

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 2:56
by Валшебник
In OS you can find your Teacher, you can learn to know the future, to know your Purpose, etc.
Someone teaches foreign languages, some even feel "there" there is a second family.

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 2:38
by мишаня
friends, don't pusiste about "those", write in the subject myself, and then of course different, but the real people who screwed an experience much less :)

I'm in the OS of the mind's effort created(remembered) image of his good friend and after the beginning of our joint dreams lost control over the dream and don't remember much. But when the next day talked to this friend in reality(:)), it became clear that she also saw the same dream, BUT the DAY BEFORE ME! :wiz

here are the pies. now here I think what did it get me, except for the realization that you can "communicate" at some "thin" level and that in the dream "no time"?

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:12
by Guest
Listed here are the scope, and the application OS: :wink:

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 14:28
by Александр (разработчик)

It is clear that this is not a complete list and overdone, but it will give the opportunity to everyone to have at least a rough idea of what to do with the device "DreamStalker":

1. Effect on the physiology of the organism.
This is possible due to the fact that during phase a person's consciousness actually is in communication with all parts of the brain, that is, the levers of conscious control all organisms. Moreover, one can control not only the deceleration-acceleration of some processes, but the increase-decrease hard and soft tissues of the flesh.
Used to treat any disease and getting rid of some unwanted body shapes.

2. Meeting with a desirable, but unavailable, or hard-to-reach people.
In the phase it is possible to simulate not only some specific things or places but of people. By creating a double of a real person, you can experience all the situations that one can only imagine. You can just chat, you can make some exposure, you can have sex. Moreover, the communication will be as real as if it was real (you can touch, sepati, listen and even smell), so you can still program a person for any behavior, including that he usually.
Usually such a feature of the phase is used when someone close is very far and there is no way to see, or when there are unrequited feelings.

3. Meetings with famous people of all times (alive and dead).
The modeling phase of any objects and creatures allows, without any moral limitations to meet any famous person that ever existed (M. Monroe, E. Presley, Joseph Stalin, Napoleon Bonaparte, I. Christ, etc., etc.). Communication, accordingly, is no less versatile than it is in reality. The nature of the actions over what the individual creates is not limited.
Used by people interested in history or fans of singers, actors or politicians.

4. Meeting with the dead, including to facilitate their losses.
It is possible to create doubles of real people who lived and also possibly a meeting with the souls of the dead, which is harder.
Almost always used by people to meet a recently deceased loved one. Very easy loss because the communication takes place as if it was in reality, that is, in phase one continues to exist. Used for meetings with the dead animals.

5. Remote influence on people (positive and negative).
Created in the phase of the double of a real person cannot have information from a real person. In fact, it's the same voodoo doll, only it's much more efficient
Over a double can be performed as with a good intent and bad. You can maim, to kill, to heal, to transmit information, programming, etc.
This is the most effective way of remote influence, which only ever was known to all psychics, magicians and shamans. However, to master this skill is not so difficult as people usually think.

6. Additional rehabilitation of all persons with disabilities.
In the phase of no physical disadvantage, if only it is not programmable, so it not only allows ordinary people to feel like supermen, but allows a disabled person to do the same. Getting lost abilities in a different reality gives people a powerful charge of optimism and desire to live.
Used for psychological rehabilitation of the disabled.

7. Additional training for most athletes.
Modeling of phase with the reality of the accuracy of each unit and its properties, allows anyone to practice any motor skill, the effects of which remain in reality.
Used by all athletes, which is very important to some technical movements (the martial artists, gymnasts, etc.).

8. Replacing the computer not only as a means of entertainment but also as a means of computation.
The ability to simulate with full accuracy any situation very often used by all those who loves to play computer games, as this is another level that will really survive the events up to the pain. Additionally, the world is in the phase of more varied and advanced than the processors.
The resources of the subconscious and collective unconscious have limited resources and access to them through the phase opens before man the world where it is possible to know and calculate ALL., what the computer cannot.
With this application of out-of-body experiences began ING.

9. Modeling of various situations in all existing areas.
Often something must be modeled to see the end result and its properties. Phase allows to avoid many problems due to the fact that it's easy to model anything with all the desired properties, which is invaluable for architects, engineers, creative people, psychologists, etc.

10. Learning all sorts of knowledge and skills, including foreign languages.
Our subconscious has very large resources, and all that we had once seen or heard, where it is stored. And through a phase it's easy to access these resources.
This application AINGE often used for learning languages, as most people have all the necessary knowledge to say, for example, in English, but do not have access to them. Through a phase this knowledge is easily deduced at the level of memory that is used on a daily basis, by the practice of communicating in the desired language in the phase, it is not difficult.

11. Opening your psychic abilities (telepathy, telekinesis, proscope, "skin vision", etc.).
Properties of the phase allow you to do anything, including make a success by following certain exercises and psychic actions. It is believed that after some time of such practice abilities begin to manifest in real life.
Also phase used by the shamans of different cultures to obtain powers through the creation of situations that would shock so much that lead either to death or to the opening of the reserve abilities of the brain.
It is known about the opening sanctiuni different abilities just when you practice out of body experiences.
This properties of phases used by all these psychics and shamans all over the world.

12. Detailed recollection of any events of life from birth, down to the smallest detail.
Through a phase lies the most easy and powerful method of regression of memory that is known to man.
Our brain keeps absolutely everything ever or perceived, but this data is not available in the ordinary state of consciousness. But to him there is easy access through a phase that allows any person to remember the smallest details of your life, including birth.
This is one of the easiest phenomena of phase, so often used by practitioners in all cases, when you have something to remember.

13. Obtaining information about life, about myself, about the others.
Our subconscious has a lot of possibilities, the limits of which are not yet known. It always calculates all long before, as it will make our consciousness. However, most people do not know how to listen to the subconscious, and the only access to it resources is the phase.
Moreover, the phase is a way to tap into the collective unconscious, which carries all the information about everything. Again, the only opportunity to take advantage of it remains the phase.
This side AINGE used in all cases when you need to get any information.

14. Obtaining sexual gratification.
Due to the possibility of modeling in the phase of any situation, could not get the idea about the usage of this and for sexual purposes. Of course, it wouldn't make sense if there were no orgasms, but they are what's most important. In addition, they are amenable to control, it is possible to test as many as I want even without a real reversal improves libido, which is impossible in reality. In other words, in the phase it is possible to get pleasure from sex even more than in reality. All feelings can be brighter.
Used brand for all practitioners out-of-body experiences, as it can always deliberately avoided, only a professional, so strong the desire to do it.

15. Assistance in complying with strict diets, due to the possibility in a phase of unlimited power.
As in the phase it is possible to experience any feeling and the feeling and taste sensations from the food can be tested too. Will generate a real feeling of eating with all the little things.
The only problem (for some) is that saturation does not occur, if not to the suggestion. However, when it comes not only in the saturation phase, but it stays in reality.
Used by athletes during a diet and is necessary for people suffering excess weight.

16. Visit all places in the universe.
This is possible in two ways. First, due to the real disconnect of the soul with the body. However, to achieve this not so easy, so much easier to visit the simulated subconscious any selected place.
The subconscious will model any place down to the last detail, what you will not see in a real site visit. All will be consistent with the information known about the place your subconscious mind. For precision modeling of unknown objects one can learn to use a connection to the collective unconscious.
Used to visit all the places ainger want to get for some reason.

17. Getting pleasure.
Since the phase can modeled all the feelings and sensations indistinguishable from reality, then, accordingly, it is possible to test and any feelings of pleasure and receiving pleasure from anything that you can think of.
In General, the fact finding phase by itself create incredible feelings that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

18. Entertainment.
Enjoy the phase you can and applying it as an alternative to computer games, and as the receiving of sexual pleasure, and as the possibility of experiencing anything that is fun.
In addition, the very presence in the phase is not the weak fun in the life of any person.
Most practitioners AINGA it is on this side of it spends most of the time spent in the phase.

19. The realization of dreams, desires (hidden and not).
Due to the lack of borders in situations of possible feelings in the phase, any person with specific training control of this state may, in varying degrees, to fulfill their desires. At least he can relive and feel what it's like.
None of the practices is this side ainga side, because we all have a lot of unrealizable desires, and the phase is the only place where they can take place.

20. Self-treatment of disease of any severity.
As being in phase is in most cases the actual finding in the depths of the brain at the controls all parts of the body, the impact on a particular function is not particularly difficult.
Moreover, there are two routes of exposure for the treatment. The first is to come to the show the necessary organ or body part (which is not difficult, in contrast to the usual condition of the person) and programming it to the required condition, which indirectly influences the necessary processes in the brain. That is, the direct impact from the inside, which has even more modifications.
The second way is to obtain from the subconscious the necessary information about the disease and ways of treating it.

21. Complex calculations and solving various problems.
Enormous possibilities of the subconscious and the unlimited resources of the collective unconscious allow practitioners dip in the phase of finding solutions to issues on which the consciousness in the normal state can not find the answer due to its limitations. Many believe that found in this state answers for accuracy many times greater than the computer calculations.
Author AINGE used the side of practical applications even for more information about the techniques of phase and Ainge.
The complexity of tasks is not limited.
For computing tasks or to obtain answers to the right questions is often the phase for the convenience of just creating the usual source of information (person, same computer, etc.) and from him the usual way to derive the information after making the desired settings for accuracy.
Used by all those who need any information, but to receive it either difficult or almost impossible, including scientists.

22. Improvement of the psyche (to get rid of complexes, all phobias, self-doubt, etc.).
It is known that for deliverance from a mental illness or mental problems need to survive any situation in practice experience which takes place of deliverance. But daily life is too limited and will meet forehead to forehead with his problem is not so easy and often dangerous. However, by modeling the desired situation phase, it is possible to experience the desired without any problems in implementing this.
Through a phase you can get a real practice anything you want, and most importantly, it will be reflected on the real life experience.
Usually this side AINGA use for getting rid of unnecessary inferiority complex in dealing with people and for getting rid of phobias, especially effective.

23. Creative modeling of any orientation (create musical, sculptural, architectural, works of art, etc.).
Often, people of creative professions, one needs a model created their works for the adjustment and evaluation. Or they just want to see or hear the final result. In most cases this is either impossible or very difficult. However, in this phase there are no restrictions. There you can not only easily view or listen to future work, but his model is right there designing, experimenting freely in its form. The resource of the subconscious will make it easy to produce, for example, even orchestral music, and the composer will hear exactly what he wanted, that comes directly from his imagination. It will only remain then to write it in reality.
The architect can not only create the layout in full size of your buildings, but can walk on it and explore in detail, and the subconscious mind can even point out errors.
The same can apply and sculptors, and painters, etc.
Most interesting is that the person didn't have to use any effort to layout phase, because it will be at this time in the depths of his brain, which is aware of all ideas, and he needs only to understand what needs to be modeled.
The party AINGE does not require any special skills in controlling the ambient there is space, moreover, is one of the most simple actions in this state.


Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 13:09
by Дракон
It is noteworthy that responsible admins and the developer. I think this is not quite correct, as these people are interested in selling devices.

Alexander, you have led such a healthy list of what you can do with the device, plus the ability of clairvoyance. are you doing this? :lol:

Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 13:15
by Александр (разработчик)
Дракон wrote:Alexander, I sent a healthy list of what you can do with the device, plus the ability of clairvoyance. are you doing this?
I do, because it's not included in the circle of my interests in life. By the way, as the source I pointed out is not itself 8) .

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 5:50
by Ира
Александр (разработчик) wrote:
Дракон wrote:Alexander, I sent a healthy list of what you can do with the device, plus the ability of clairvoyance. are you doing this?
I do, because it's not included in the circle of my interests in life. By the way, as the source I pointed out is not itself 8) .
the best anti-advertising than your posts and do not... "with telenium of orgazmo"... I do not use it but the money you earn. kapets...

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:06
by Александр (разработчик)
Ира wrote:the best anti-advertising than your posts and do not... "with telenium of orgazmo"... I do not use it but the money you earn. kapets...
Following Your logic, dear Ira, all the developers and sellers of the medicines with which You heal, have they themselves constantly make :shock: . Please understand that designing baby bottles and military helicopters some people, and use them - other. It was funny to watch, as the designer of the helicopter fries from the sky bursts of on-Board machine gun, sucking milk from a bottle with a nipple :ay . You amused me, thank you :D !

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 16:26
by Андрей Кабанков
Ира wrote:
Александр (разработчик) wrote:
Дракон wrote:Alexander, I sent a healthy list of what you can do with the device, plus the ability of clairvoyance. are you doing this?
I do, because it's not included in the circle of my interests in life. By the way, as the source I pointed out is not itself 8) .
the best anti-advertising than your posts and do not... "with telenium of orgazmo"... I do not use it but the money you earn. kapets...
I do not understand,Irina,what confuses you,our company has commissioned the development of necessary device for the professional,that it has successfully completed.We were interested only in his professionalism in the development of electronic devices,and not his Hobbies.

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 20:57
by Князевский
Андрей Кабанков wrote:
Ира wrote:
Александр (разработчик) wrote: I do, because it's not included in the circle of my interests in life. By the way, as the source I pointed out is not itself 8) .
the best anti-advertising than your posts and do not... "with telenium of orgazmo"... I do not use it but the money you earn. kapets...
I do not understand,Irina,what confuses you,our company has commissioned the development of necessary device for the professional,that it has successfully completed.We were interested only in his professionalism in the development of electronic devices,and not his Hobbies.
You can add that the developer and other devices made for children including

Re: And what it gives You?

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:04
by Зерванадья
and someone used the OS for implementation of Realny but not in with and in Abyei life--i.e. included in the OS, instructed intention----> got it programmed in my life

Re: And what it gives You?

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 17:29
by Дезигн
Зерванадья wrote:and someone used the OS for implementation of Realny but not in with and in Abyei life--i.e. included in the OS, instructed intention----> got it programmed in my life

here's how the topic is stalled, but it's the right question, most people interested in OS :wink:

Re: And what it gives You?

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:50
by Malvina
Scientists at one of the universities in the UK after some research found out an interesting fact from the activities of the human brain. As it turned out, the people who during sleep understand that they are sleeping much better able to cope with problems in real life.

Research staff at one of the universities in the UK in the course of human brain research found that people who understand in the dream, my real state, unable to cope much better with the tasks in real life.

Scientists explained this by the fact that the brain cells of these people are able to identify the presence of the body in the dream state, as these same events in real life do not have to make any sense of them. In this way it is manifested during wakefulness, and especially when finding a solution to any problem. This fact allows a person in this situation to find hidden clues or inconsistencies.

In the experiment, the British scientists was attended by 68 people ranging in age from 18 to 25 years. Each of them were asked how often they see lucid dreaming. After this, the participant had to solve 30 tasks of verbal combinations.

The results of the experiment revealed that people who gave an affirmative answer to the question, were able to solve 25 percent more problems than the others.

Re: And what it gives You?

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 13:49
by ЕвгенийСт
soznaniem dreams have learned through to me his technique seemed the most simple, now for her sister and a friend learned.
Why started: curiosity, interest in learning, was a spontaneous experience.
What gives: as my work is connected with constant mental stress, it is for me a perfect holiday and an unforgettable experience.
OS has allowed me to feel better when I'm asleep in reality, and when motorsto, it is better to feel subconscious processes. I began to feel that my moves can visualise their internal experiences, thereby constantly save yourself from the emotional overload.
Simply put the OS is a necessary thing, without it, you can go crazy. OS allows how would again and again return to the original "tranquility".
And prosko buzz again feel the flight or to meet someone to experience Armenia much brighter than in real life.
Recently, it was a very unusual experiment which I felt on my own skin what is the third eye. It turns out Indians don't lie, when the two hemispheres work at the same intensity, then begin to feel and see the third eye.
But all sorts of mayd machines not polysoude, just the headphones and the right music of Kotor does not allow you to sleep and offers no distractions.
It's all about the ability to focus attention to the owl for a long time on one object, everything else is secondary.

Re: And what it gives You?

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:48
by Джеймс
Wasps and a journey into the subconscious