About the program to create sessions for the Navigator

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About the program to create sessions for the Navigator

Post by евгенийН » Sun Apr 22, 2012 14:33

I am the owner of MM InnerPulse
Here decided to compare the new machine with its
In implementing the device it far exceeds my car and I would have thought about upgrading but unfortunately the software to work with it leaves much to be desired
For comparison, the InnerPulse is a text format for storing session data that allows software to easily create a new session
This Navigator has the ability to create a long session, almost can not be used
I would be glad if the author of the program stored session
for example, in an xml format and binary format would export
I will explain the reasons for which I hate to use the existing program
Standard session and standard applications don't use MM
do not see in it special sense and almost don't feel any effect
But for pranayama this device is suitable, and in that capacity
I use

With Respect to the creators of MM

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Re: About to create sessions for the Navigator

Post by Андрей Патрушев » Mon Apr 23, 2012 17:22

Explain, please, what exactly (if possible examples) you are not satisfied with the software for the GPS? It is made as close in ideology to the software for photosonics (so less retrained, who are accustomed to) and allows much longer (in time) of the session on one side and has a number of additional features to significantly reduce a length of the sessions (when programming), through automation, on the other...

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