What was it?

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Егор Дроздов
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What was it?

Post by Егор Дроздов » Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:00

I became interested in osoznanie dreams and for the past two weeks, trying to get into the OS.One night when I lay down on the back , put the earpiece into your ear, which is constantly repeated : "you're asleep" , and focused on this phrase, and eyes focused on the void.After about an hour of lying down , I began to feel like I was hit in the head, in his ears was a noise, like "jeyirli", I was expecting to feel that my heart rate really increased, I felt every fast heartbeat.I tried to push hands through the bed, viscocity from the body, but nothing came of it, I even got scared for the heart and opened his eyes.The palms were all sweaty, heart pounding. If it was a stage of transition to the OS with me or some kind of game going on?

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Re: What was that?

Post by Андрей Патрушев » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:35

Egor Drozdov
When a person relaxes deeply, he starts to hear the work of your heart. Having no experience, one begins to think that he has a significantly increased heartbeat, frightened and his heart rate becomes rapid.... :?

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