The most interesting dream

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Post by Экко » Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:44

well, the dreams the dreams, even lucid, but is it possible through this device to really leave the body, not in imagination, but really. I read that the OS is not even the first step to the exit.

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Post by Рассвет » Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:02

Something does not want to write the dreams.Horror stories alone.
Having a lot of UFOs.Still they stand.Only the light beam fumbles on the bottom.Wake up anxious at heart.Once you understand-
not contact they want with us,and waiting for events(in Russia?,on the planet?).
And other dreams awaits us coupon system sales products or standardized products in one hand.
According to the General analysis of these dreams,I realized that there is no "ISM" in
Shay Russia does not fit!What?
Maybe it's time for Russia to become a hotbed of Heaven on Earth?!


Post by Guest » Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:15

You have a very interesting dream the Dawn. I read with great interest)

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Post by Рассвет » Sat Aug 21, 2010 21:30

And who are you,where?.In more detail,please(My world In contact).

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Post by Рассвет » Sat Aug 21, 2010 22:15

Probably you are waiting for my dreams with horror stories?They are not,and is not necessary.I'm going to write a fresh story.Many will be fun.
Some time ago in a row I had dreams that I am in some strange city.I got lost,walked in circles and was looking for something.Even in the dream, I felt the horror of what is happening.Then came the dreams that I was late for the bus leaving right in front.For a long time my wife thought,why these dreams?
And then as we got the newspaper is:"we're Going to lake city
Sol-Iletsk".After some discussion with my wife,we decided to go(fortunately we got a temporary high-paying job and
we're almost fully paid for the car).And then at the last moment the wife refused to go,arguing that he will not stand a long trip in the heat in the bus.I had to go alone.Arrived in the city,found shelter immediately.Leave belongings in a corner,picked up a bathing suit,and left the house,glanced at the street name,house number,cheerfully and with quiet Soul went to the lake.Plenty nakupavshis(cool lake!),nizagara-
shis went home.On the way bought a huge watermelon(mandate wives to hold at the same time arbetare).When they reached the first intersection,I realized that I do not know where to go.It's not so bad that I forgot the road but I forgot the name of the street!
Circled around the city in the heat 43гр.,with a huge watermelon and barefoot(I rubbed spanking feet) 1.5 hours, I finally remembered the first letter "C".Pieprasijums useless(all visitors) counter,I still came across this street(Svengali).But from the heat I have completely melted brains
Yes, from a nervous breakdown-I forgot the house number!Omarshanova 20 minutes on the street,I saw the finally of the host.
I called my wife about this incident,of course, she laughed for a long time!
During this same day(night!)rang the emergency call from his wife.She remembered my dream,about how I was late for the bus.After hearing numerous requests,the instructions,I realized one thing-I'm never one not going(her words).
After that I began to constantly compare notes,and then the number
Like that on the lake I was approached by a beautiful young woman
and became as it is not forced to talk to me I thought,here is how to quickly get acquainted in the resorts.I went along with the flirting(many will agree that a RARE dalliance with a beautiful woman is not lust,and prank!).Then in the end it turned out that we are from the same groups.Bearing in mind that I may be too late,gave her my phone number.So she called me a couple of hours and managed to collect things and come to the bus station.And then she told me
skazanul:"What bus station?Collection elsewhere!"
It turns out that when I relax with headphones in ears and listening to trance music,this time our guide informed
us that due to huge workload of bus station
(constant viesti and exits of transport with tourists) landing will be in another place!
You understand what was expected of me,right?!

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Post by Мартин Каширин » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:47

Go to some unfamiliar person. The format of our communication I broadcast, he listens respectfully. I am encouraged by the role of the Guru. Feel the presence of someone behind, right behind, right behind. Turn around - a kind of melancholic horse, a 4-meter nickelcontaining feet. I would pay attention to his... uh... some kind of singularity, and aware of, but I smoothrunning dismiss him - scat, freak. He is not far behind, walking behind me melancholy. Meet the same negatie elephants. Other characters from the paintings of Dali "the Temptation of St. Anthony".
I, instead of a kind of curiosity to watch, annoyed that I from my reasoning, exceedingly vumnye distracted.

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Post by Мартин Каширин » Mon Aug 23, 2010 15:46

Previously animals in such numbers in my dreams was not present. Three! Huge! The growth of 2,5-3 m, weight 300 kg! Black gorilla! Went somewhere to the middle of town NN saw me interested and I went. Not that I would panic scared, but decided that well, it nafik, who knows what they have in mind and thoughtfully from them. And thinking that from them because the tree will not be saved and will escape barely.....
I do not remember how, but the dream continued the meeting with three! huge! black! goats! With such huge horns!Those and to think did not, and showed a definite interest from me unkindly to communicate. I habitually have already begun to escape.
This is what was going on, the citizens? They are straight from Innerpulse or what rod? :roll:

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Post by Dimas » Mon Aug 23, 2010 16:22

Martin Kashirin
Most of the tube :)

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Post by Смелый » Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:32

For everything written below, are not liable. Taken from the mailing list. To the last letter and comma.

Want to know what the most difficult thing in life?
- The most difficult to feel in the "here and now".
If you watch your thoughts, they or about the future or about the past.
The brain[SPAM] does not want to perceive the state of the present moment, so he throws us either in memories or in dreams.
We speak with the person or write a letter, but not fully aware of what we're doing, because at this moment our thoughts are either in the past or in the future.
Even when you put in the ground a flower, you mentally see not what to do, and imagine how to be beautiful when the flower will grow.
We are not aware, as we drink, eat, go, speak, do something. We do it all if in a dream.
By the way, the way it is.
Our state of wakefulness, it is nothing like a dream of consciousness.
The night is our sleep that occurs in the subconscious, without the participation of material objects.
Day is our dream, what is happening in the material world.
People who let themselves involved in all sorts of the pyramid and say: "I do Not understand how it worked. Everything happened as in a dream".
We all "sleep", so the perceived reality is not what it is "here and now", and as dictates our waking dream.
In confirmation of this, I will give only one example, which really happened to my friends in Russia in the mid-nineties.
A group of guys doing karate in the gym. Then karate someone so protected, so the stigma they had in feathers. Until the end of the workout was another half hour and suddenly, one of them looks out the window and yells:
-Riot police
All run to the window and see that the doors of the gym, the bus came, and I thought of him about twenty riot police in full riot gear.
The guys took off down the hallway and from the second floor through the window all jumped outside and ran in a kimono and barefoot.
Laughed together then, when he learned that the policemen rented the same gym and their training was to begin after the group that I humor are told, will end its occupation.
Here you have an example of the waking dream.
The brain did not act based on what is happening "here and now", and relied on its vision of the future. Followed by the reaction in the state of consciousness, but, as you can see, the response was incorrect. Isn't that the dream?
Good thing no one broke his legs, jumping out of Windows.
And because you do, and every day.
Do you think that you are awake, however, all your actions are dictated by the state of sleep.
In the dream state you buy products and many goods: bring them home and then think why I bought them, not what you really need right now.
You say something to the man, and then found that he was offended.
- Why is he offended - you think.- I said such hurtful?
And it so happened that you say, not realizing the meaning of the words, and the one who listens to you, the same is in the sleep state and its brain perceives your words are not "here and now", and based on their representations of the past or the future.
Married or married and then wonders: "Where have I been? Where were my eyes?"
Nothing strange, the vast majority of their actions we do in our waking dream.
Ie, our response does not reflect the essence of reality, and is based on the assumption of the brain that this reality may present themselves.
Some are so mired in their dreams that pull them out of this state very difficult.
Vobyut himself a man in the head some idea, and runs with it, all annoying.
What is going on around here and now he doesn't notice.
Around weight tips energy-field, which always occur in the here and now, but these tips person does not notice, because his brain is asleep, guided by the past or the future.
Start simple.
If you drink tea, observe how you drink, what you feel, what it tastes like, how sweet it is.
If you just walk down the street, watch how you are doing the steps, what muscles strain that you feel when you step on the pavement or ground.
If you talk to someone, watch how quickly you say what you say, how you say, why you say it.
Why is it important?
What is happening "here and now" and your reaction to it, you fill my life.
Remember your adolescence. Surely some of your friends landed in jail only because he contacted the bad company.
But with this company and you were familiar with.
"Here and now" was the same for you and for others.
Some, the dream being sucked into this bad company, and she has committed a crime.
Others behaved differently in this dream and live a different life.
The reality for someone who went to prison, and for someone who didn't, were one and the same.
Happened a different content of life depending on what the dream sees the brain.
The same thing happens in business. "Here and now" all the same, but some can't make ends meet, and others, at the same time, get richer and thrive.
Through your dream is the same, what is happening "here and now", people see differently.
Now a very important.
You every day with something to fill his life.
Meanwhile, you don't realize that every action, your every word is filled daily life a certain content.
All you want to fill it with something enjoyable and meaningful.
To happen, you need to learn to get rid of slumber and perceive everything that happens around like a real "here and now".
It is very hard and a big load on the brain.
Constantly immersing you in the past or the future, your own mind takes responsibility for what is happening "here and now".
But your life is filled with "here and now", even in this moment, when you read these terms.
Here you are reading, but not aware how to read ( fast or slow) that have touched you or that you missed, considering not important. Even now you sleep because your thoughts are somewhere far away.
Meanwhile, alone, reading the release, make some conclusions and their lives to be filled with one content.
Other - in five minutes you'll forget about what I read.
For all who read the release, "here and now" was the same as the information one for all. Only now, her perception will be different for all. And this is the content of his own life, based on what your brain wants to perceive in a dream awake.<


Post by Guest » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:41

and the some,for a description of the dream is left? :wiz

ольга сергеевна

Post by ольга сергеевна » Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:51

I wrote a book of my dreams

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Post by Рассвет » Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:09

I cease to record your dreams.I advise everyone to visit the site
"Revelations people New age",which leads Professor
Maslov, Leonid Ivanovich!

Кирилл Сарбашев
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Post by Кирилл Сарбашев » Sun Jan 23, 2011 17:35

Well, it's not voobsheto polnocny sleep, and so... the plot structure.

The crew room is a restaurant. Left wooden varnished bar, front and right oval small tables, each table has two chairs with backs color blue-pink gradient. The table to the right is one strange subekt, and right in front of the window, one table left me more two looks like a man and a girl. the entire wall behind the tables is transparent. That is a huge window. In the window the dark sky with low clouds, and ....
everywhere there are the Golden skyscrapers of the Empire state building(!!!)
Then I would fly through the window and down between the skyscrapers to the ground. I find myself in the back streets between the skyscrapers. On earth the old, cracked asphalt, peredomnoy directly between the skyscrapers stretched foreground of the rope is clearly not the first freshness, her visi dirty linen. looking up to the top in the space between the skyscrapers to see the sky clear blue. The tops of the upper floors of skyscrapers lit by the sun. In the doorways sumorok, and dirt in the corners. Littered cans, bottles, rags, and no one around.

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by к-13 » Sat Nov 24, 2012 22:38

I have long wanted this dream to record here, but all hands did not reach... And I thought for a long time.

I had a dream that humans have found a way to move the ship in space at a speed far exceeding the speed of light and successfully tested a prototype(flew to Saturn and back through the estimated parameters in the estimated time, the estimated indicators are measuring instruments on Board). And the way the movement was so simple and cheap that in the blink of an eye repeated on any vehicle with a sealed housing that can withstand a stay in the vacuum of space. It's not even a fixture there, and some manipulation with consciousness - kind of like a secret ritual, endowing the ship with a soul, capable on command of the pilot to move the pile vibrations/particles in any direction with any speed, the vehicle even the engine is not needed. In this dream I was first in the team those who worked with the first ships, has developed a ritual, and then acted as a member of the crew of a research ship of the Terrans, one of the thousands that are sent in all directions of the universe from the Ground - find something interesting - other intelligent civilizations or planets suitable for colonization, valuable minerals in the end...

The most important thing in the dream there were no hints as to what time it was on the Ground - the future or the distant past. Moreover, it was absolutely unclear where the events occurred sleep - in Russia or somewhere else.

I will not dwell on the details of a trip there just to follow the list of coordinates at first, and then free movement in visual tags. The boat was quite small - it was just a capsule shaped tablets with germetiziruyushchaya door at the bottom, the size of a volleyball court, two floor shared deck with autostereoscopic transparent walls on all sides, a large computer center that aggregate data from cameras and sensors, and a roof of solar panels, and the lower deck with two single outcome 2х2х2 meters and pantry with plenty of food and water recirculation system. Small size due to the fact that for a long time it still didn't plan to stay - estimated time of travel is not more than a month. The crew of seven people(some had more - up to nine, and was a single capsule the size of a minivan, but to me personally about them, little was known) - each in good, but mostly staring at the window on opening the picture of deep space, mouths Agape. I played the role of the pilot - I had a communication with the essence of the boat and maintain the accumulated data. The captain's not - everyone has the right to vote, the majority vote determines the overall strategy. Each nonlethal light weapons(any wand, vaguely reminiscent of a vajra - an infinite number of crippling shots on distance of direct visibility, or only one good boom, but is able to spread not only our boat, but from a small planet piece to tear off two pieces each, one yellow, one gray metal color that's Golden, active, and grey is restarted simultaneously is only one of a pair operated only via the mental commands of the owner - in the wrong hands it's just two bits of iron).
Most interesting is that all the ships were joined in a common information network to communicate with each other and consolidating data - creating an accurate General map of the universe. But after two or three waypoints all contact with others ended, we somehow did not pay attention to it - the distance, then Woo-hoo what - Mama do not cry, and the network was based on untested theories. In General, we flew we flew, began to end with edible provisions, and the proper planet to replenish never met. During the General meeting it was decided to return to Earth. The ship responded instantly, but the Earth we know - the changed shape of the continents, the climate noticeably cooled down, glaciers covered almost a third of the land, we did not find familiar cities, but in General found no evidence that the planet has intelligent life... Landed on the surface where before it was(supposed to be) my hometown, we through the analysis of data(soil samples, scanning the depths, mapping, topographic data) came to the conclusion that the planet has passed tens of thousands of years and several global cataclysms. The local population, we still found, but it is significantly degraded to the level of the stone age - arrows with stone arrowheads, knives made of bone with a cassette blades of chipped stone, huts, hunting and gathering... We went to the largest settlement and decided to return the found descendants of even the crumbs of its former greatness - taught to find and smelt metal, building stone houses, cultivate the land, to domesticate animals. Meanwhile, one of the scientists in our team thought that the journey runs according to the estimated time only within the immediate environs of the Solar system and on any time intervals not aged. And analysis in-flight magazine(log on-Board computer with all the data of the way done) showed that the real picture of the universe is very, very markedly different from the one that drew us our scientists had the feeling that the Ground we were watching some kind of projection of the ambient space, and beyond "cinema" got into something absolutely not similar to the description just seen the space. No, we've found there are planets and star systems with the target characteristics, but they were much longer and almost always in a completely different direction, like while traveling, the space was distorted, and with it the time(in the dream I remembered that there was a theory describing travel at speeds exceeding the speed of light, but Einstein whether it was or someone else - is unclear, Yes, and its inconsistency has been proven - we travelled several orders of magnitude greater than the speed of light is virtually instantaneous teleportation - even acceleration in the capsule was not felt). Another team member(the historian) said that in the past this story has already taken place - then the inhabitants of the colonies were forced to return to Earth and return the remainder in the global war - degrading, literally feral, having lost not only the experience, culture and technology, but the human form, even it remains only at the level of dozen basic words in moaning and growling sounds. Have we found people the situation was better - at least they lived in communities and even kept the legends about the gods from heaven who gave them knowledge and faith, and it was much later known to us case of return of the human form, and much later than the time of the cataclysm that destroyed the bulk of the population. That is, until we flew our colleagues and tried to bring people back to basics, but they lacked life and the baggage of accumulated knowledge, and after their death people for a couple of millennia, again all lost. We decided to try to return to Earth, all available in study boats, but then I woke up to the alarm clock...<

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by димыч » Sat Nov 24, 2012 23:57

Novel :) history and sleep great :)

Андре и Ко
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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by Андре и Ко » Sat Jan 19, 2013 0:33

Was looking for info on glycine (the doctor advised) and stumbled upon your forum. Maltz reading I realized that you like to use some machines and stimulants ), that dreams to see more colorful and manageable. But I'm the opposite. Already tired to see them. Wake up and like worked. Girl to sleep with me was afraid, because I'm like "Pavlov's dog" fight, talk, run. It happened so that her forehead was called a fist. And if you want that weapon had, it's over! Several times Hitler played in the "friend or foe" ) he shows me drawings, and I say it is development or not)), but Stalin was a bastard in any way(. You know the feeling that no matter how it has been, and I do not remember where, how and what would happen next - type DE MS. VU. I had 2 cases in which there is de=Ms. vu and moreover remembered what happens next. For the first time at work. When, due to the uncertainty of the supplier I took the initiative and pulled his head and I started to buzz and freelance to speak about my personality, and I'm the man behind the fist in the pocket will not climb, but then it de Ms. vu and know immediately disconnected from the present and try to remember, damn where I've already seen? and like fast forward..and the first thing I said; "Damn Earrings I'm sorry!" and both surprised. From what I saw he knocked out 2 front teeth, and he from what I apologized)..incidentally, and from this conflict came to naught.
And the second time in September. Friend bought genetically and I decided to go for Carrasco to see)..well, came that stick, how to search don't know..well I offered to let on my keys(car units instance from the house of garage units instance from working) will check how to search..threw them on the ground..even poked..the device popisil and sideways, sideways from the key) which is already forgotten..learned about the loss of current when the house came distressed..was..but the night had a dream that a friend found. the next day I call..and he bolt..on the day..and unfortunately no one was found except one..and he found) at the dug up among the fields)), and in the dream, could not remember who it was from friends was the main thing that I found) Here and so.
What's real to me right now, scary dream is when nuclear war starts ....
And at the expense of control in the dream at how the course came..I just realize that this is a dream..and when that interesting or funny, just tell yourself that it is necessary to remember or tell.<

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by к-13 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:22

Andrew, You have to learn to relax before sleep - when the body is completely relaxed in sleep, impulses to the muscles do not reach and traffic from a dream into reality not erupt. And tired after that, the dreams will cease.

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by Дмитрий__ » Fri Sep 27, 2013 16:14

Sleep here was funny the other day. In General, I am present in a laboratory on white mice experiencing some kind of new hallucinogen. Introduced it one mouse and I'm skeptical that look - say, well, you rat, then the consciousness will expand...
First, there was no change and then suddenly the mouse stands on its hind legs, front raises to the sky and begins to pray to your rat God!..
Yes. BUT the cool thing - in the sky door opens, and out steps the most of its mouse God... Only his head is human but the body is not visible - it's under a red Cape. I'm closer to him, look, look - it's funny after all, and he mentally asks me to watch their mouse Paradise. Well I offer of course, accept and go through the door. BUT here's what's inside - remember bad..

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by ЛИЛИЯ-Р » Sat Sep 28, 2013 22:46

Today I see a dream that at some island , island normal, civilized, resort similar. But as there was some pirate laws. Neither the court nor any law, only a gang of some sort of command. And not in a mansion located in and around the island pirating. And the real robbery. They are the people stealing , arrived on the island -tourists, and more young girls and boys up to 20 years. But it turned out later, when I was there a little with what is not exactly a friend of the company was, a beautiful place , but all the time compared with those that have recently visited. The most important thing in this dream is not an island and people , and a SYMBOLIC SLEEP, so I rarely where it once a year or less, after the next insight. So actually in this dream a woman aged , as it usually happens in my dream explain to me something( in the presence of what is) in her hands appears white radiant ball , it's like the air got and shows how to manage it. I looked at her and she pulled out a white ball, she was surprised and said how can I make out of it. But she quickly shook off , because it became something to happen. I really have not noticed really that, but she quickly dropped it , shook hands. I've used and have left . And then it started))) I was an easy transformation for me happened instantly, I shook it and watched what would happen next. Then I started to levitate above them. They're asked to do , and I'm so interested , I didn't listen to them. Flew from the room and flew just like the "authorities" , who at the time drove to the ship just stolen young men, But they did it so that they did not understand where they are and why. If I realized this, I thought , how can they and all the others to warn. And if I could fly I would not get it I went up above the ship and let's all shout and someone on the ship are those who do not notice , but close . In General, the hype rose and all began to discourage young people from bandura power. Then it hits me - what if he does for me? But I remembered the shield to put out the light. And this idea came naturally, like I always knew about it. And set it up. For some reason they see me stopped , but I flew and reported throughout the island that is now the case happens, and you are silent and prehnite in the cells themselves quiet for some reason. Your conscience is where! And all in the spirit. In General, the Power that was Abdali and why it disappeared somewhere :shock: Turned out to be "not local" evaporated in the literal sense. I thought it would be good to leave this skill and after waking up )))) And fly in real life so)))) That's the whole dream.<

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by АльфМ » Mon Feb 10, 2014 16:06

I had a dream, and was repeated twice with it.
I have seen some of our planet's limited glass cylinder. I.e. I saw from the side of the cylinder and of the world inside it.
In the sky was a nuclear explosion, the flash as a new sun, and then a wave of heat began to burn oxygen. And as if
the explosion punched a hole in the atmosphere and the air began to leave the planet, the atmospheric pressure started to fall.
I saw it as if from above the planet.
Then began on earth destruction, and we ran for cover. and then I saw it again in the replay.
The dream made me depressing impression. Morning launched modules Tablet, tenacula chronopuncture to relieve stress,
and Grazing probabilities (for negative scenarios).
Who can tell what a dream means?

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by Александр (разработчик) » Mon Feb 10, 2014 16:17

Alfm Less need of "Terminator" look :-).

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by ВикторРусс » Mon Feb 10, 2014 22:50

Perhaps a vision from the past of the planet

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by сонник » Tue Feb 11, 2014 12:42

It is unlikely that they claim to be the "most interesting", but still... not for advertising and not to perepisyvat

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by АльфМ » Tue Feb 11, 2014 15:27

Alexander (the developer),
I Terminator have not watched something similar not too long ago seen on TV,
And this morning, Kazakhstan stunned the devaluation of the tenge, 19.5% fell in one night - maybe it was a warning?
All in shock, but I'm already in a dream the shock-training moved.))

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Re: the Most interesting dream

Post by АльфМ » Tue Feb 11, 2014 16:21

And yet , after that dream the day was the tremors.
Maybe it's an omen this was.

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