The most interesting dream

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Post by Dimas » Wed Apr 22, 2009 22:35

It can't be! :) :?

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Post by Александр (разработчик) » Mon Apr 27, 2009 0:46

Ы wrote:Guys,can't be so what can become schizophrenic or psychotic because of this device,and or not to come out?
I apologize that not on...
Please respond...
Well, if someone You in the morning by the shoulder, gently Pat and say that they say it's time to get up, can this become crazy? I think crazy could definitely be from mechanical alarm Soviet era, but they, strangely enough, was in great demand from the workers :? .


Post by метеор » Wed May 06, 2009 23:48

I have a couple of years ago was that. I as if fell into the abyss, and flew with great speed down into the darkness, even though he knew that I was lying on the couch, and I was very scared and I immediately returned to the body. I understand that there is nothing to fear, I'm here lying on the couch, but the fear was so strong that I reslno was nacionalo to shake, horror short. Sometimes I deliberately tried to fail and when I got back the nervous trembling, horror. What happened to me I wonder?

Also have had dreams where I clearly understand that this is a dream and this dream is sort of a continuation of some previous dream, as if in a dream I have another life. Who else does?

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Post by Ловец Снов » Mon Jul 20, 2009 13:47

D. Stalker has not yet used, but on the advice Carilo dedicate time to training. I want to say that if you want small results appear almost immediately. Better to remember your dreams (writing dreams, taxis), and secondly, in my dreams I began to take a more active role. If you had played the role rather of the observer, we recently prefer trying to seize the initiative, if at risk - define it, then make a maneuver for a favorable position and attack from there. When this was done the first time - the source of danger, as I thought was quite surprised and even puzzled. ))
Карил wrote: *** The whole time next to me, snuggling sat Ksenia Sobchak. She silently listened as I talk with the coach. I love knowing that she's around.

So I once again the room remains when the "House-2" include. :)
This was the situation in the dream.
I wasn't allowed at some pretentious party in a luxurious mansion. (I'm not including was, as some might think, I had to investigate the murders. But the important information I obtained shortly before from... Ksenia Sobchak! Here at the revival and I immediately remembered this topic of the forum). So I'm out of the doors of the mansion and see before you, who would have thought? Jackie Chan! Real D. Chan, already a bit older, but in good shape, it should be smiling. I have it under white ruchenki and back to the mansion and shout in the manner of punching the guy, which played Eddie Murphy's early movies, And theirrr, the guest of the party, reeeeeeaaaaally Jackie Chaaan! and going under this topic.

In real life a fan of the above individuals are not. Rarely see movies with D. Chan (for the last five years none). Sobchak also somehow not fond of ))).

And yet, it has already been pointed out by many, but I'll say it again - if there is a counter motivation and awareness of the methods OS or Phase, the dream itself gives the inside a generous tip. But I'm not undestanding no one. All this is understood only by awakening. I hope that D. Stalker will be a crucial device in this sense. Still on light effects is easier to anchor and to realize a dream, rather than to solve ingenious puzzles of his mind\subconscious\of the brain. Although the riddles, of course, more interesting will be.

For example, in the dream I was telling you about, after I came to this party, went to the kitchen and there sat the parents of K. Sobchak. Such cute old men, contrasting sharply with the glamorous crowd. Sit, eat boiled potatoes. Gy)).
Here in her parents, in reality, I know much better than her. Remember one of the standard bearers of dem.movement of the early 90s, Anatoly Sobchak, and mother of the Senator from Khakassia L. Narusova also saw a lot of. Why am I in a dream not undestanding what's the catch - I don't know. Although the absolute tip ). And such clues are found in many dreams.

Thank you for your attention.
Sorry that is a lot.<

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Post by Джим » Thu Aug 20, 2009 0:20

Well, done. I bought a "simple" Dream Stalker. "Simple", because hope had.
Read the Book, by the way -- very impressive.
But, instead of dragons, and enchanted castles, instead of beautiful ladies, - confirmation in order (at least end-of-service in the Soviet Army and/or nightmares about the "forbidden cigarette") it grilling in the light of God (horror) dreams in, I'm sorry, "industrial theme". I (almost) learned to control -- but That's just me in my dream, just not enough continue unloved hypostasis work...
Yeah, it's funny, but I would like neither more nor else. And if anyone knows how to deal with it-I will be glad to read it.

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Post by Dimas » Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:33

I am using the following: think before you sleep,but rather in the moment of falling asleep of something very important for me, bearing strong positive emotions. Then at night I see a dream about something similar :)

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Post by Александр (разработчик) » Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:18

Dimas wrote:I am using the following: think before you sleep,but rather in the moment of falling asleep of something very important for me, bearing strong positive emotions.
I had the idea that it is possible to use a directory of the TUNES on the DreamStalker PRO. That is, in my opinion, you can write down your voice is something that should be adjusted before bedtime.

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Post by Dimas » Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:33

Alexander (developer)
Yes, in the form of the narrative in the first person present tense.For example: "I go on the sandy banks of the blue lagoon, the warm waves caressing my feet, soft and fragrant wind carries the freshness and coolness of slowly approaching evening..etc."
By the way, so enough to really enter the consciousness in the OS. Only not in the evening, and if you listen to after waking up hours 5-5.30-6 am...


Post by Павлум » Thu Aug 20, 2009 13:15


Just before falling asleep will still there, and all these installation it is better to give to itself, without external devices (at the same time otslezhivat a time when "jumps" in the mental Association).

As for the emotional mood - definitely agree than balanced the falling asleep (or rather emotional state while falling asleep), the more "long" of dreams and a higher probability of OS. Helps the recitation of mantras.

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Post by Джим » Thu Aug 20, 2009 23:31

Alexander (developer)
Thanks for everything, we will understand. Generally -- it's just horrible as possible in this way to learn about an interesting and... shall we say, unflattering. In any case, clearly there is something in REALITY needs to rule, and urgently.
Thank you!

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Post by Джим » Fri Aug 21, 2009 23:28

Yes, that's what's funny.
All waste Stalker dreams have approximately 03:30-04:00. Ie I sure never knew about the fact that I at this time to actively dream. All Renee minded/arresting dreams, I begin to understand, took place after 06:00, i.e. before the awakening.
Ie it turns out, I ran into a completely different formation of dreams, which until that access had no.
Surprisingly, this is not reflected in the books. By the way, about "industrial theme" - she's not really production, it is mainly (on closer examination) for the painful points in mutual relations with colleagues at work.
[as I write all this, because I think that this may be useful; or someone who really knows what rules are displaced dreams "mid-night", and tell...]

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Post by Жека3000 » Mon Oct 05, 2009 14:35

I'll tell you my weird dream. I used to dream a lot of dreams which had a tendency to be implemented and here is the last dream so put me off the rails that I stopped for half a year to develop this "skill" for half a year, it came down to "no", and now regain this ability.

So the dream:

I along with a friend walking around the city doing their business and are looking forward to go to a club at night (for sleeping in "the Opera"). And pay attention that follow me everywhere girl, and I metalsa throughout the city. It turned out so when I turn my head this girl was always in the direction of five metres away from me. The first time, especially on it did not pay attention, and then came the realization that where I will go but this girl will always follow me. When I turned the head and looked at her she was smiling, but not approaching, and not far from me. I came up with the idea of actually sleeping and this is my future girlfriend(because I in reality asked a goal to dream of his future girlfriend). But I came up with the idea, then the girl answered me that it is not, but she answered me not verbal, as if telepathically, without opening his mouth. After I again metalsa the city and the girl followed me, after a while I have, at my request, took place a conversation with her the essence of which I will not describe the meaning of this conversation I did not understand at the time and I realized it when on this day, in reality there were many events that influenced my life and at the end of the day, I was sitting in the car I remembered the dream and realized that our conversation was describing these events, only in the form of "I'll tell you what it means to understand myself." In the end, I realized that if you would do as I told the girl from a dream, everything would have happened as I wanted, but not how it happened!
It is worth noting that at that time I began a relationship with a girl, and the goal that I set for myself before going to sleep was due to the fact that I wanted to understand I need in this relationship or not.
In both!

Tell me Your opinion who is the girl from the dream? I have guesses, and even almost a certainty, but I want to know a second opinion. Because I understand how many people in these forums do OS, etc.<



Post by ВиГо-Тирасполь » Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:43

Amazing, I had a dream today (05.08.2009, 09:15) 6-00 to 9-00. Fantastic and so vivid like I was there. Fell asleep today because of the purchase of new beds, but no mattress (will bring today at 12-00) in the other room. Generally I dreamed like I was in the future and travel to star systems with interesting technology (at least for me as a lover of science fiction, such a miracle had never found either in the literature or in the movies) - type of watches, but when activated, left a holographic screen, it is possible to take actions in the moment - a selection of star systems and planets. Travelled with a friend and in a moment she had teleported, and vsled I in the constellation Cassiopeia, but I was kicked not where it was planned and I was lost. And then began my jumping in search of this man. Quite interesting our galaxy. 've seen a lot of strange beings - basically good or neutral, once threw on some medieval planet where I tried to catch, but the device was the ability to freeze time and easily by typing a different system and planets away from them. Aliens big set - especially like the one with the Hydra brabourne and Orion that something like a mixture kristalovich and shadow. Communicated mostly by thought forms and telepathy, although many understood my Russian language. Before you Wake up pomnyu rounded the room and "people" host travelers, as well at the hotel the doorman - well if there are any questions or assistance and I'm there going to charge for my teleportation device, though on a less civilized planet was at the reception teleportuojasi human-being type is locally bound, with its own power supply, but my charge was enough time for 10-15 jumps. Well, in General I really liked it, waiting for the continuation )))))

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Post by к-13 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 17:53

Copy and here...
Not the first time I see this dream, he is very bright, it has a smells, tactile sensations, not to mention the surround sound and rich colors... despite the fact that in his story, not once there are anchors on the realization of a dream(clearly throw me into the OS in any other dream), then they do not work!
This is the page of diary of dreams
"ONISAC"(don't know where my mind took upon awakening the word may, so my dream name)

Mountain river with high rocky shores and a width of several hundred meters(something like the Grand canyon) in the center of muddy raging flood huge island-rock(elevation as the river, a good couple of hundred metres), extending to the top plane of the island is the small settlement of stone houses interspersed with trees, the roofs covered with branches and moss... the Inhabitants of this village live in isolation from the outside world, moreover, the village prohibits approaching the edge of the island(and about to look from there down to the base of the island, constantly wash away with water, and the speech was not news), and I'm one of them(often hiding on the outskirts of the island, overgrown with thick bushes and spent hours watching the water surface, sweeping down, sometimes with the dark silhouettes of the huge creatures, speeding below the surface under water). Since childhood I sought the secret knowledge, about which we had heard from his grandfather that was supposed to read the signs in the world and trust the heart... that's why I have the reputation in the village eccentric, constantly hovering in the clouds and speaking in riddles)))
I remember how young I in his heart was trying to build wings made of branches and skins to using ascending streams of air mixed with the spray from the muddy water flow, to fly from the island to the shore and know what is there, behind the rocks, protecting the residents from the Islands to the surrounding world. The first attempt to overcome the cherished for two hundred meters over the fact that a simple hang-glider fell into the swirls and folded his wings, falling on the neighbouring island.
The neighbouring island located a few hundred meters downstream and was entirely covered with rocks. With a populated island it is practically not to be seen - standing water fog constantly hide everything that to defend from the settlement more than 100-150 meters. Sometimes, on cold winter evenings, when the fog was a little weak and the distance is brightened so that you can see the "pillar" of the island, then, painfully straining eyes could see light webs, stretched on either side to the banks of the river and shining Golden in the rays of the setting sun. I have the feeling that no one never noticed, because they were like rope bridges leading to the huge and unknown to the outside world, and therefore inhabited the island nation, more developed and educated...
When he awoke in the wreckage of his creation by the evening, I suddenly felt that behind me someone's watching(there was a feeling that see me through, reading the thoughts). I jumped up and looked around - there wasn't a single soul, only huge boulders, bathed in crimson light. Strange, but I've never seen in this world, the sun, the very sky seemed a huge glowing matte stain, as if the planet had a huge translucent screen. I took a few steps in the direction of something vaguely resembling a path between the rocks, but then felt a thump on the head from behind and everything went black...
Again woke up in some dungeon - it was like the corridors of the great pyramid - walls of large yellow rectangular blocks, columns in the halls-extensions, torches on the walls in the triangular frame stands. I was walking down this strange to my incarnation in the dream of the buildings and looked at the rare pictures carved on the walls were depicted the terrible monster that eats little men(I understand that it was "Theseus and the Minotaur" and other myths of ancient Greece). On one of the turns in the wall was a huge rectangular hole, which was visible far below, a raging stream, and several hanging bridges leading to the caves in a bluff overlooking the... it was nearly dark and everything was dark blue, it always happens at dusk... just beyond this hole in the wall was a strange torch - it was bent in half and rested the flame into the wall, not smoked it, I went over to him to look at. Around the corner, I saw a dilapidated stone staircase of long, thin slabs, leading to the floor above, and a long corridor with no torches lit from the side by natural light. He went somewhere deep, dark blue light was given to consider how far.
I touched the torch(aka broken, then you can get it to light his way), but this time from a dark corridor behind came the distant sound of a siren and a few seconds somewhere on the other end was flickering distant light. Still, take a torch(it was cold and shone with a pebble inside a glass vessel, located where there were supposed to be fire), I wrapped him in his cloak of skins and hid under the stairs. From the depths of the corridor he heard distant footsteps and they were approaching...
I carefully looked over the wreckage and saw a strange man running with the torch in my direction. He was thin as a skeleton, and all wrapped in some rags, like a mummy.
When he stopped near my hiding place, peering hard into the corner, which was left without a torch, became almost black, I jumped up and, throwing a distraction in the face of the torch, attacked him and threw him on the stone floor. Swinging a fist and preparing to shut it down, I suddenly stopped - he seemed very familiar to me...
At this moment a strange man in bandages spoke, his voice betrayed no emotion, and his eyes (the only thing that was visible of his face under the bandages) shone with kindness. He said: "We were waiting for you..."
I stood up, dumbfounded by this turn of events and backed away, picking up just fire the torch.
He turned around and told me to follow him. I did just that. During the procession through the dark corridor my mind raced through scenarios of probable developments, but none of them clung to something that could be explained logically... the Corridor ended in a round little building, like a wide well, or the shaft of the turbine... We were on his bottom, above us were weird things, like the blades, whether the spans of the inverted spiral staircase of three steps... They were symmetrical, when viewed from below, forming a cross like those that wore on their cloaks Musketeers, with only a hole in the middle. In volume terms, they were a spiral with three-foot gaps that gave them the similarities and the turbine wheel and a ladder.
As I expected, had to climb up... while "ascension" I was no longer to useless wrap of the upcoming developments.
Fairly having got a bit tired, I finally climbed the last "blade"...
Before my eyes appeared a terrible picture – a huge transparent "plastic bag" stuffed with bodies of people who were there naked, bald and in the pose of the baby in the womb... I froze in a daze, his mouth open – this is something I did not expect to see, but my "guide" patting me on the shoulder, said here they cultivate those who populate my island – the genetic material for some experiments, and I was the first successful attempt...
Then everything was a blur, probably due to the shock of my character, but apparently I was going somewhere up the broad stone stairs, and I Remember the question of the conductor "do you like candy?", to which I replied that they eat it to make our brains work better – they need sugar))), this conductor handed me a small red bag, with shoulder strap, lockable swivel lapel, filled with pink and white candy, like that I in reality, the grandmother in the childhood bought...
I was taken to the old bald man in a blue cloak with a high collar, embroidered with broad bands of silver, and he looked at me, smiled and nodded.
I passed out again....
Years passed... I took the post of counselor, almost never remembering my past... the People of our race did not die – their consciousness was transferred to the new body, which "hovered" for several centuries, and were grown in the same "package". After reaching a peak of technological development, beating all diseases, solve all problems, including population, our race led an orderly existence... But once our country was attacked. I don't know who did it and why, but was declared a General mobilization. I moved the point of collection on personal vehicle(it was a mixture of a submarine and plane the size of the bus) at the bottom of the main highways of the country(it was the same stream that I loved to watch in his youth)... When I'm up above the water I saw the island on which I grew up, the picture is as if slowed down... I slowly swam to this huge piece of lifeless dark-gray rocks at great depth, but my place was equipped with screens, which removed noise from the rushing water and fog, always standing above the water and the picture was a clear, bewitching in its beauty as usual everywhere was the glare of the rising sun, and the sky was shimmering dawn colors from Burgundy to gold... Not in forces to cope with the call of the heart, I decided though glazochkom to look at the village of my childhood, many years have not seen me...
Rising above the Islands, I saw that the village remained only the ruins of a once I heard that my project turned as he reached his goal(people of my race used to the fact that their life had no problems and slowly began to forget about the need to show such qualities as inquisitiveness, curiosity, caution, desire for the unknown... And they brought me to create "the virus of curiosity", which I essentially was), but what happened to "the ground" I was not aware... I wanted to land and look around(good time to arrive at the collection point the army was allowed), but suddenly there was a deafening crash, my ride broke up in the air, and I, piercing through the layers of dense fog, through which the screens could not see anything, started to fall down...
Surge and extreme pain from hitting the water... the Cold water seemed to burst through the million slivers of ice... Squeezed Breasts stuck somewhere inside screaming in pain... the Roar in my ears... I smell the icy rushing stream, turning and tossing from side to side... when they Reached the surface of the water, I greedily and swallowed hard, throat raw, heavy air... after Looking around, I a couple of meters below him on the for he saw floating in the churning streams of gray water, ten-ton railway container, Quickly before he sailed, I climbed up top and began to squeeze the clothes... in the meantime, high steep banks either parted, or was over, and the container is delivered to the whole city of containers – they were everywhere, stacked in piles in some bizarre manner resembling a maze, which appeared from under by the rushing water for 1-2 container. In the distance could be seen the huge loading crane – beam on the two towers, pillars, and beyond it the vast sea, and ... clouds! I have the feeling that I've never seen them before... In my head there was the obsessive thought of giving it all to hell and go back to the sea, to build there a small house, to do what he likes(I do not know, however, that in this dream was such). The container is all carried on the "streets of container city", until he was buried in a huge pile of the same exact containers, piled up twenty meters in height in a complete mess. I decided to climb up on it to look around, but on the way to the top was met by representatives of his race, who, thrusting me into the hands of a rifle, dragged into the pile. From there somehow I got directly to the gathering place of the army... On the way I found out that a large portion of the planet has been captured. The air is controlled by the enemy (they knocked my pot), which is currently rapidly being captured survivors, and the remaining army of the planet trying to assemble at the old lake.
The old lake was crowded marketplace was lined with wide lines of blue and yellow in the form of the sun. Why are some of the army, I only saw a few small groups of girls in Dragoon blue uniform(man in 6-9 each) that are about something whispered and laughed... That elder... He called me to him and showed on the opposite side of the lake... It was more like a pond, its radius did not exceed a hundred meters across the smooth surface of the water floated water lilies and swans, on the shore stood the white the three-storey mansion in the style of a manor of the XVIII century with columns, figures on the facade and a porch with a ladder and white railing... Right in the birch grove there was a two storey school building. To him, the elder went. The question was that to provide greater convenience in the deployment of troops had to carry, but it is of some value in historical terms...
When we were coming to this building, from the sky came the Bang, and the building caught fire... glass Flew from the Windows and flames engulfed the wall. He heard the cry of the elders "go!" and we moved to the woods... I turned around and in one of the Windows already charred and dead the school saw the figure of a man, he was all black, massive physique, with elongated head... On his hateful face was evil smile, the posture betrayed the anger he stood, resting his hands on the charred hole in the wall where once was a window, his lips moved... Seeing that I look at it, he gradually went deeper, hiding in the shadows... As I understand it, it was one of the representatives attacked us race – warrior-scout.
Suddenly, out of thin air appeared my ex-classmate Butyric and cursing("ponastavili stretch marks" and a few prepositions were the only two acceptable words in his long monologue), rushed headlong into the moss and spider web the wall of dark green from age and patina of the bricks. I rushed after him, tearing the elastic yarn stretched all over the web, and jumped through the wall(a meter and a half tall, as I understand it – the fence is old school), hit the jungle, reminiscent of the rainforest(ferns, huge leaves and cries of birds). Going through a "green hole" it is not clear where and why, I remembered the past... the SIGNS!!! I haven't listened to the signs! And as a call back to this good habit, I had red hare, vilufushi at me with their huge eyes. Stopping I looked at him thinking what it could mean, and the group from which I had left behind, with the snap of the twig had gone on and on... the Hare turned and slowly walked away from the planned route of the elder, as if inviting me to follow him, which I actually did...
Overhead swept a noise similar to the roar of the blades of hundreds of helicopters, there was a deafening Bang. It sounded like moans of the wounded beast of the earth, and all the breathing for bursting discharge small bolts of lightning.
I woke up in the dead silence. It's like she pressed on the ears, it is possible to tell that it was buzzing.
My "guide" had disappeared. Rifle in hand was not there.
I froze in anticipation.
Medium size red dog ran out from the bushes, where shortly before the explosion I jumped, and whining and wagging his tail timidly began to approach me. Her head was absolutely naked – no ears, no hair, or even skin from the eye to the neck was stripped to the skull and has managed to live in this state.
Somewhere in the distance he heard the screams.


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Post by Андрей Кабанков » Fri Jan 08, 2010 21:02

I recently have dreams where I have magic powers.The people surprise the fact that we can fly,here today, the items moved by the power of thought.
In the morning, to the smallest details remembered how I did it,I tried and failed Sorry...

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Post by Ольга-Путник » Thu Apr 15, 2010 0:46

Dreams, it's a really interesting part of my life... it's a pity that not often do they dream of such, although I have a lot:
1. Go with a companion and then hail him and say, pointing to maps the movement of stars: look!!! ... that look!!! then the guy who was showing, looking at me, and the attendant says - can speak... speak.... he begins then to show and tell, then turns her head to me and spoke with annoyance in his voice, as if we don't understand the importance of uniqueness that we have: "Many wanted to be born in this momentous time!(like you and others have embodied it, but do not understand and do not appreciate)". Then we continue on the path, type come to the amphitheater and it puts me somewhere in the middle or a little higher, can't remember exactly.. I ask him: why sitting all alone downstairs, no one above. He Ulybka says: what makes you think that no one sits higher? You're just able to see only those who are sitting below or on the same level as you, just be aware of what has not yet reached the consciousness, or not known heart/(gave him the gist, but not exactly his words).
And in another dream it was said that people will still want to see them hurt someone, but those(those who are able to offend) will not be(why could you want? it seems to me: to live, to realize, to check yourself - conditions are necessary... but sometimes the situation in which we are trying to offend - condition for our growth, development, when consciously refusing - rise above it... it ceases to be relevant and hurt...)....

There is another, but do not know with whom to discuss... does anyone have experience like this...? Somebody in the dream to attack really? Anyone can tell me why and what should those who come? When I felt someone's presence, I began to read the prayers and even know what kind of reaction to what prayers... when I started to read, I gave the head of such crazy pain or influence so that the words began to stumble and I started to forget or have crushed his head like a nut, so I stopped reading and I stopped reading prayers only to die from the pain and as I stopped to read simply ceased to hurt. I found the tool from any kind of encroachment on me (once I was sitting on some creature and was kept at hand, once my body rose up and the only thought that came to mind is to mentally tell someone the phrase Anastasia from the book V. Megre (why is this phrase - I do not know! Though I guess) :"the universe is one, single, not divisible, but there is a space at everyone and the whole depends on it", yesterday I saw someone a meter away in the white robe(like in a white kimono), but I do not remember details, but I was afraid to even look, not to be afraid finally, my body raised to a vertical position, the arms horizontally, his legs somewhere at shoulder width and slowly twisted my body in the air(clockwise or counterclockwise't remember... for the first time without causing me pain) and what would be next after what I described(all cases) - I don't know if I didn't made everything in order to leave me alone. From what I've tried: prayer, visualize the violet flame, only one remedy has acted at all, which I was left alone at the moment, I relaxed and imagined really played, felt the love in your heart - some in a moment I ostavlyali alone, put on immediately and a few seconds flew away(like that thing like a scalded cat), but I don't want to me like a bug considered I do not understand nafig they need me... and so even when I feel the dream, I force slapped in the face only to not be in this state - are generally afraid of dreams because of this. When I have raised the level of energy in me dream beats automatically I want it or not... I see no dreams, and I'm in a border state when I am fully aware that I'm awake, I can smell that peculiar smell, but even the smell of it, a specific feeling... .Somebody something can tell me about the attacks (at least I think it's attacks, because mostly physically and/or by the power of prayer to resist)??????? What you need - don't know, because always resisted in and out of the dream state or through love me ostalari alone and I immediately opened my eyes. Perhaps it has mixed the dream and nenavidela, but I'm always clearly aware of the fact that I couldn't sleep and it's all true, I even fright in horror jumped from the prone position to the standing position, as soon as I was left alone, in just seconds, opening his eyes, which always, until lately, I was not allowed to open.<

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Post by Рассвет » Thu Apr 15, 2010 15:49

I always write my dreams.Do this:get up at 4 a.m.,Bo-
tstuu 1.5 hours and again fall.Dreams(vivid) true
which through the months in a year.So I learned all their illnesses,buried relatives,friends,acquaintances(who had).Hear voices that suggest.Example:it was melt water to drink.And then had a dream
about the water and distinctly heard a voice:
You're gorgeous.
I can see your crystals
Studded with ornaments.
You're beautiful.
Please feed me with cosmic energy
Thank you,my beauty!"
Another time,when the buried brother,the mood is not very good,had a dream about him.And again a voice sounded:"The
who represents death in the form of the grim Reaper,far from the truth.Death is beauty, heavenly beauty.And every man,at one time,must feel the arrival of her and
smiling at her!"
Generally I have a thick notebook,write a lot,I will not abuse Your attention.
Ps:recently saw an eerie sight in the dream-something happens in the sky(UFO?,meteorite?atmospheric phenomenon?)he can't understand!

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Post by Dimas » Thu Apr 15, 2010 15:58

recently I saw an eerie sight in the dream-something happens in the sky(UFO?,meteorite?atmospheric phenomenon?)he can't understand!
Flash in the Sun.

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Post by Рассвет » Fri Apr 16, 2010 14:40

Here's a couple of dreams:I was often ill holo-
VA.Went to the hospital,checked the blood pressure inside
eye-all normal.And then in the dream again was heard the voice
:"Find the stone silicon and wear it always with you!"Long have I searched,shortage what is.Sent from Karelia mail.Ka-
flies and Yeshe plate on a string(keychain).I wear it and
intuitively,once a week a box in the freezer.Pain (ugh,ugh)have passed.Then out of interest I found a lot of articles about him.
Other:I had an old "Niva".Pass inspection no
could and sold it for parts.Had a dream-the food drive
what else.So nice to drive.slowly,silently(after "Fields"),
the speed is decent.Surprised,he stopped the car and went out to see mark.Read-"Nexia".
And then came work colleague and offered to buy his machine "Nexia".I was delighted and began to collect the money.Yet
made out a loan,borrowed money from relatives,friends ,the time passed well.In General, a colleague changed my mind
to sell it.But since we had already decided with his wife to buy a car,then began to look for.Money was not very good,we only watched "the Zhiguli" the 10th family.And then caught the eye of the advertisement:"for SALE "Nichia"".I went to the address.Machine
though 2002.,but as new.Sold to man(very nice car),say that health does not allow.
Called the same amount that we have is not enough.I said,"
That's all you have."He looked at us and said:"Take"
So once again fulfilled my dream like any other.Now
roll out,almost new car,and the price....

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Post by Рассвет » Sun Apr 18, 2010 17:40

Yet,or what to write some of the dreams(although the desire of disappearing-
no,I do not know read or not?).
I have had laser surgery on the skin(site not small).And that wound postoperative I got infected.That only did not undertake,still pus is coming.How then had this dream-I went into the room,and there in the middle stands a table.On the table is a thick book(see 30-35 tall),I go up and open the book where
after middle.The words there read:"the Wound takes place exactly a month".And I was lukewarm refers to treatment.Over time, the wound began to heal,sometimes from
have madiwala scab.It was a piece of scabs,and until the end of month -3 days.Well, I will not have time to heal.On the last day got out of bed and watching something dark on the sheets.Picked up,I don't understand,then looked
on the wound.The skin is clean,the scar had fully healed!(exactly
a month after the sleep).
Another dream:Someone grabs me from behind from both sides and
we flew up.Approaching a very beautiful door(like gold though,in shimmering stones).With me these someone
discard my clothes and wear some kind of robe(which hangs near the door),very beautiful,all shimmering.The door opened and we went up
Again it seemed another door,even more beautiful.I again shed clothes,changing to another(more beautiful),
which is also hanging at the door.The door again opened and we
again flew up.Again there is the door(even in the dream, I felt discomfort in the eyes from the strong brilliance of it).
Again I was dressed in a robe of surpassing beauty.But the door did not open.Some times I was dressed in
other clothing(and all the prettier and prettier).But no use.
And then I swoop down.Immediately woke up with a start(like really fell and bumped).
I always write down the dreams,and then analyzed immediately. Because I noticed that if you perform a sleep,what first comes to mind,it's true.
First:I'm not worthy to get into the world of spirits,at the moment,because of their sins.
Second:we,the living,denied access there.
But this dream I had shortly after the tragic death of his son.
Ps:I come to the conclusion that it was not because of the first.
So was another dream(about my sins),very vivid dream.<

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Post by Рассвет » Sun Apr 18, 2010 17:51

Sorry.Should read:"in the world of souls of dead people"!

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Post by Dimas » Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:30

You have a very interesting dream...You from childhood they had,or because of some practices?

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Post by Рассвет » Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:14

Since childhood.But seriously, I relate to them was only a few years ago.Most is themes about the light.But enough about this world.At the time, I wrote about an eerie sight in the sky(no details).But after reading the entry in the notebook,I thought that is very similar to the eruption
volcano(though the term was little-I mean, from a dream to a phenomenon in reality).Today I recorded a dream about the coming famine.

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Post by Рассвет » Thu May 27, 2010 11:52

A whole month's dreams.I never have been.I really thought,no wonder they say that it is impossible to put such dreams on
display.But,here again went the dreams.One sleep(short)-waiting for me in the future telephone Moshenniki-
tion.The second about the dead son(briefly):In the room goes a son and a daughter.He looks about 12 years old,pretty such.Daughter smaller.And that is what they are spoiled.I wanted to nacri-
chat,but again came the voice:"the Son will come to you
often from a parallel world.Change the education of children."
Then another as it was about their dream.Scream I did not.When I woke up recorded and began to analyze.Why
I think he had at age of 12 years?And then me as a shied.I remembered that when he was in grade 5-6,it
could not solve the problem.I he explains,is useless.And vexation I gave him a slap.He's not in pain,and resentment
cried(boy!).And so then we went to the chill
in our relationship!
Now the daughter is spoiled.And I want to also give a slap(she goes to tech).And constantly shouting,cursing.
But now I will not.Correctly say:Than to wage war,
better to engage in dialogue.
Leafed through my notebook,I found an interesting dream(briefly-I have described in detail(sounds,smells,taste, etc.): Lying in bed,the doorbell rang.Got dressed, went out into the yard
(I have my own house),open the gate-there are two men.
Me:"You what?".They are:"We're the electricians come and check the counter"
Me:"when are you coming?".They are:"Wednesday".
Next week on Wednesday I went to work(for a day).
Come Thursday morning.Ate and went to bed.The doorbell rang.Got up,got dressed(I podumal that someone came
from friends or someone that is necessary.About the dream of course forgot.)
went to the yard,open the gate.There is a man.I'm annoyed(want to sleep):"What?".Man:"I'm an electrician.Pro-
Verka of schetchika".And then I remembered the dream and say:"why not both of us come from?".He looked so whether surprised,then
Lee suspiciously and says:"W e came yesterday,no one answered".Me:"Yesterday I and the wife worked."He came,checked chatschik and began to pace the room(checked out the outlet wires,asked whether the boiler).Rapisarda in the book
that everything is fine.And then it dawned on me why he so thoroughly checked.He probably thought we were home and did not open(probably that it can nahimichili
with schetchika).Maybe not,I don't know the specifics of their work.
Ps:Today again had a son and daughter.Again spoiled.But the strange thing was,I didn't even think to criticize them.<

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Post by Рассвет » Sun Jun 13, 2010 18:11

Again a week of rest from dreams.Now again went.But all
personal,household.Well, that's one dream on June 10(if to whom interesting):Go in the house,the wife is busy with the housework and my father(who died almost 30 years ago) the window is.And then he says:"Go out on the veranda and look out the window.".I went out on the veranda and look out the window-and there, running chickens and baby ducks(the yellow one).I ran into the house and say to my wife:"what are You doing this bought chickens and ducks and not telling me?".She:"I didn't buy anything,it's probably your folder is bought.".I looked at my dad,and he says, smiling:"Tomorrow will buy it.".
The next day(11июня), I took 1000rub.(to redeem at the post office parcel post),sat down on his"Nexia" and went through the mail to his wife to work.Why is the mail passed and was just going around the market(they are almost next door).I see a crowd near the "Gazelle".Got out of the car,walked over,and they sell
chickens,the ducklings,gusachok.Stood in line(like a zombie),survived and bought 4 chickens(250rub. 1 PC).Went home(to his wife had not gone).Unloaded them into the yard by the porch.
In the evening ,when the wife came,saying:"Went to the veranda will show something".She looked at the chickens,at me and then throws the following sentence:"M oja girlfriend keeps ducklings grow quickly,let's also buy?".
Ps:My father,as I remember,all my life kept a lot of animals.And I guess he was in that habit.Always kept my wife and piglets.And then the first year we had no one.Was expensive to buy(pigs),and the car should be given.And that's how(in a dream),still my father
decided to force something, to buy a small,cheap(by price) animals.

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