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Post by Мила » Wed Aug 19, 2015 21:30

For the past two months I use the products See the results, so I write here. ... l?___SID=U

The principle is very simple: grounding and receiving electrons from the surface of the Earth.

Not always possible to walk bare feet on the bare ground, which really helps to improve overall health. Therefore, the people I know makes their own constructions of the type of copper wire attached to the battery and so on.

American comrades offer their own version:
- bracelets on wrist/ankle
- the rug under the legs/ or arms while working at the computer
- sheets, pillowcases and blankets
- blotches-type ECG in a specific location in the body where there is pain.

I tried all of their range. Especially fond of the Mat and bumps. Really reduces pain and calms the nervous system. In General, I see how this thing works. Here, share, can someone come in handy))

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Re: Grounding

Post by Вячеслав. » Sat Aug 22, 2015 23:01

Honey,books Artur Razumov to help you.I hope he would not mind.

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