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Re: Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 22:52
by Воздух
Сергей Ивлев wrote:Now I know how to do meditative water with a angle of 75 80градусов. Very therapeutic when it compresses.
Looking for manufacturers of water and the owners of the borehole mineral water for dobrovolnoy marking statistics and the use of Meditative water with a high degree.
Sergei, Hello! I do not have their wells have a question for You. Is it possible to make water with the same magical properties, as You describe, a mere mortal at home? Or such information is not disclosed? Thank you for your attention.

Re: Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 18:53
by Сергей Ивлев
Of course you can. By shaking or striking in the tube to disperse a heavy stock with special nozzles. Starting with the diamond nail files. The smaller the pipe diameter, the smaller nozzles. A new name - campanadas liquid, which when shaken in a closed bottle much hiss as champagne, simulatious air.
There is an option - vertical wheel with the maximum radius at which the perimeter of the pipe is bent, in which the water and the nozzle. As the centrifuge accelerates.

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 0:43
by Дмитрий Т
Sergey, Good day.
got your design to any device that you can buy?
Have you found partners?
Yet ready to buy the prototype.

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 16:26
by Сергей Ивлев
I can send the schema build a simple hand held device for home use. Email Skype sinergastana or messenger Design device cavityretina air with minimal attachments. This led to the fact that propolis is dissolved in water a week (that is, there is his taste and turbidity), and the day. Compress manual acceleration of a piston in the pipe the air which cuts the water\liquid. Or rotate the engine bucket items that catch the water the air that is formed by voids in centrifugal forces.

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:56
by Сергей Ивлев
MY findings FOAMED FLUIDS Recently invented a simple device that cavitary liquid air. Tension of water is reduced by about half, given in the precipitate after 1-2 hours of contamination, hardness salts. Properties are preserved over the years. In a mixture of water and essential oils obtained oily water, does not separate. Drink with jam. And the water is free of impurities gets a taste of the melt, even snow water, which is kept warm for several days. And the usual melt-water only day keeps the ice hex
structure. In pipes of different diameter manually, you can shock for 2-4 minutes to process from 100 g to 3 liters of fluid. Something like the cylinder-piston with a nozzle captures air and squeezes out the meandering channels of the "struggle" of water and air, the air is like a sieve ultrafine Cuts the water in a sustainable mikropuzyrki. After the electrolysis, the hydrogen is extracted several times cheaper, by the way.
Even easier device shaking water with air. Could such cylinders and to sell, the demand is not limited. Only separately for different types of fluid necessary to wash. The color and taste of the suspension in seconds is changed (soup, compote, wine, tinctures, oils).
But the copied device in the case of sale easily, therefore difficult to patent. And it is very difficult to do industrial installation impact.
But today was Civitanova fresh milk and got delicious fresh Melt taste. Longer sour. Is slightly sweeter and fatter, lighter fat work.

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 15:15
by Сергей Ивлев
Acts mainly on pulling with great force the inner cylinder from the outside. If you increase the pipe diameters, sometimes even strength is not enough to pull - so "stick" the piston because of the vacuum. Characteristically, when the first piston moves it is easy, but then harder and harder to pull out.
In the photo - "just awful" foam milk after the cavitation of air in the pipe. She remains forever. Its density is not that milkshake after a spin in the blender. Much higher.
If you freeze and thaw the milk, it will be disgusting liquid. And then it turns out delicious "snow" milk, but it is possible to make unique ice cream! Export to the whole world.
Pipe - piston wrapped patterned synthetic braided cord. Ideally fractal overpenetrating in thousands of revolutions of threads (this is my individual know-how). But the material must be resistant cotton, linen and other organic matter is spontaneously extraction during cavitation, the taste deteriorates.
With proper selection of the gap with the outer tube and the selection of the step helix, the distance between adjacent obratkami is a new kind of pure water on top of it is formed very thin foam, stays for half an hour. This water is more therapeutic. More lechebnoe, however, vegetable oil and water, with additives of essential oils. After the cavitation in vegetable oil to put different herbs for extraction.

An industrial installation is possible to do so - propeller in the form of a helix of the grinder (the auger) sitting on the bar an electric drill and partially submerged in the water at the bottom of the pipe. He will drive a mixture of displaced water with the air on the bottom of the tube. In both directions. It is technically difficult to make or order. Write, who can make or knows of any ready-made components. And whether from ocynkowany tin or aluminum sheet to make. In the first photo trying to make the screw-propeller as an example.

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:22
by Александр Серг
Hello, Sergey! I also like some time ago, began to pour out of a sieve and drilling water.
In particular, some time ago, bothered to check the experiments of Masaru Emoto with frozen. The results described here
I should note that while winning physicist.

Just say, I'm a big skeptic with a scientific mindset. Therefore, trust only the results, confirmed by independent measurements and statistically significant.
Diagnostics framework, pendulums and other subjective methods, I do not recognize. Technology today is the sequence of actions, which when repeated every and every gives a stable result. So if you are looking for partners and investors, the methods of biodiagnostic argument can not be. Only statistics!

As I understand it, the research base you have, all of the photos illustrate that the experiment is made at home from scrap materials.
To invest in your finds it is not serious.
Although I do not exclude that the findings are!
But we need serious evidence base and preferably working samples of instruments ready for implementation into production. Market products for the water treatment today is quite saturated. But sinosic pseudo-scientific character. If all EA really worked, then people would long ago have used. If the bulb glows , it glows..... So your product, I will long and deeply test.
If you want, let's try! Think of where to start.

A few more comments.
To talk about the invention of the water is not lawful. Logical to talk about the technology of cavitating water-gas solution.
Given the fact that water itself is a universal solvent, it is likely this ability if excessive cavitation is increased, it is not at all clear what we're working with..... Even those items that are used to create cavitation, capacity, any changes the composition of the solution.

Further, the impact on biological systems. Again, you want statistics and long-term observation. Are you sure that the increased activity of the human body in the future will not have a negative impact, for example, total life expectancy? How does the acceleration of metabolism?..... No studies! The fact that you feel better still no stats :/
And it requires a very long study.

And the last one. The force of surface tension depends on fluid properties. To assess turnover of most-at the height of the liquid column in the capillary. Even with the known accuracy to calculate. Simply and clearly ;)<

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 14:38
by Сергей Ивлев
Finally managed to find a way of creation of industrial installations for the processing of large amount of water. Namely, due to the new auger large diameter in the finished pipe for water or gas. At the bottom of the valve, which after processing is opened, the water slowly drains, and the top slowly fed pump or from the tap.


Two years I couldn't figure out how to move the liquid and air through the drill, couldn't do at home "propeller" and "propeller blades". I have never found that someone from sheet metal without welding did the screws, the larger diameter. There are no known screws will not move the air and water. I set the task to move the liquid not just by a helix, and Fractal spiral, spiral line. This "leaves" are bent at right angles and are of different sizes. I got this rotor without nozzle, without overpenetrating threads full cavitation fractal water which, after shaking a bit white, and bursting bubbles 1 minute (if you put your ear to the bottle).

At different direction of rotation of the drill is somewhat different water. Also regulated the amount of water (2-3 litres) and the translational motion of the rotor down-up. The nuances are many. The inner surface of the pipe (diameter 11cm) specially fully processed for obtaining the friction of the water against the wall.

The thickness of the "leaves" can be increased to cover their abrasive surface. The rotor resembles a tree branch with dense foliage. In the next stage, I now all the leaves will obrotu their threads. The cavitator is very inexpensive on materials, but the cost of time is very significant, needs a lot of patience for Assembly. That and well, it was more difficult to copy.


It would be possible to make continuous screw blades, but it is less effective. Because my goal is in three planes to cut the air or water jets the water on the small pieces. For this reason, the stationary rotation is ineffective, it is treatment in two planes, the desired Vibration of the rotor, the translational motion as the piston, a Certain not very small gap between the pipe surface and blades.

Tin then make Lapasta-sheets in spiral shells. At the center of rotation formed by the breakout of water from the centrifugal forces and curved blades grab the air, the water, the air cuts the water very finely.

Cm. video 3 MGB 25мгб by shaking the water imagazines, fizzes like champagne, a crackling sound of bubbles is heard 1 minute, if you put your ear to the bottle


For two years I could not think of how to move liquid and air with the help of an electric drill, I could not make “propellers and propeller blades” at home. I haven't found anywhere that someone made from tin screws without welding, especially of a larger diameter. No known augers move air and water. I set the task to move the fluid, not just along the helix, but along the Fractal helix, spiral line. To do this, the "leaves" are bent at certain angles and have different sizes. I received on this rotor without nozzles, without super-twisted threads full cavitation fractal water, which after shaking slightly whitens, and the bubbles burst for 1 minute (if you put your ear to the bottle).

With a different direction of rotation of the electric drill, slightly different water is obtained. The volume of water is also regulated (approximately 2-3 liters) and the translational movement of the rotor down - up. There are many nuances. The inner surface of the pipe (diameter 11cm) is specially completely processed to obtain the friction of water against the walls.

The density of the “leaves” can be increased by covering them with an abrasive surface. The rotor it resembles a tree branch with a dense crown. At the next stage, I will now wrap all the leaves with my own threads. The cavitator is very inexpensive in materials, but the time spent is very significant, you need a lot of patience to build. Which is good to make it harder to copy.<

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 14:57
by Сергей Ивлев
Known methods of water treatment run it by a screw thread, through a spiral of Victor Shauberger. But I managed to force to move water through the fractal spirals of very small size.
At 1 meter my rope from strands tens of thousands of Perekrestok threads with a certain geometry. This is the main know-how and the way this linking. In the world there are tensile cords of the inextensible threads, but I do it. Will publish a lot of videos.
On the other redone screws from the grinder, covered my cords. This rotor is rotated by the drill. On the first photo is a manual device for small amounts of liquids (oil, milk, juices, alcohol).

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 15:10
by Сергей Ивлев
Photo of hand held devices with large amounts of overpenetrating threads.
A complete manual of the device for producing "melt" samarasuriya water with low tension. Pipe length 1 meter, diameter 6 cm with lid. It insert the piston with a spiral rope of the super-twisted fractal synthetic (chemically inert) threads. The secret is in the geometry and method of weaving. A piston inserted tightly into the pipe, pour a certain amount of water, leaving the air, close the lid and in a horizontal position dramatically shake, to water and air mix had the friction of the twisted yarn. In 30-60 seconds the water is ready.

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:24
by Далила
Sergei! I have a question. Your super-water in any way affects the blood vessels (meaning the veins basically)?
Want to learn more about the healing potential. If I can get a well, it's easy

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 15:24
by Сергей Ивлев
The therapeutic effects of cavitation of water is well described here ... a-chto-eto MU Yekaterinburg consultative and diagnostic centre (2009).
When the full transition to my water, ie, it, food to cook, all drinks processing, food intake, appetite is reduced by one-third. So two times I lost weight.
I have a sponsor for a world patent, but I'm not ready, complicate the installation, to have it hard copy. And it really is too simple.
Many of you asked can I send attachments or water in the mail. Yes, some of the nozzles can, but time is not, until the partnership business structure. Can also send instructions on how to make at home simple cavitators air.

A review of known properties of cavitation water

Give a few simple ways. Buy Perlite in the stores where they sell seeds and fertilizers. Wrap in the bags, air was blown by mouth. Tie wire, tie weights - screws, bolts with anti-corrosion coatings. 2литровой shake in a plastic bottle, where a third of the space empty for air. Get the right kind of water. Through the night or day will fall deposits. Pour the top layer and can drink.

Today I discovered a new way Mikropuzyrki water a lot of tubes. Too simple to solve it. In combination with corporkruzini threads in the tube using a simple piston manually in half a minute received the water directly in the tube without shaking after processing, hummed, crackled, even as it exploded sometimes for two minutes! And looked like a solid foam. Accordingly, these nozzles can be attached on the rotating rotor, three-screw auger.

Bubbling tubes can be strengthened modified Laval nozzles and Venturi. They are traditionally used to obtain cavitation, but primitive. They can be much easier to make! And combined with a screw profile, spiral motion of the fluid through these nozzles.

If with great speed to move in the water fountainhead, the inside of the cap will be sucked and to stretch the water on the edges. Using only such caps can be cavitywall water. Revealing my experience off the water for the stretch in 2015.

Tube diameter of 5 cm lowered screw the rod down on all sides two packs of the white caps worn on needle syringes, staring holes into the air pipe, and a closed down bottom. Is a total of 9x2=18. I badly tied, but managed to make the rod 5 of the punch down with maximum speed. Other bits were not. And I already have a whitish water with a crash 58секунд!<

Open new types of super-water, looking for partners

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 22:07
by кирсанов
Have you found partners yet?