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Alex Buza "Labyrinth of eternity or Secret of the temple pyramid."

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 18:39
by Лоцман
In the monastery many years practiced method of self-discovery through dis-identification with my personality in the process of execution of various roles in the plays.The actor had to explore the nature of his personality,and then using her conscious elements as a building material,to create a new identity - the character plays.The monastery was well-known in the country not only as a citadel of the Buddha,but also as an acting school,and so the festivities held in the Palace,has always invited the monks with a new show.The shogun was known as a great connoisseur of theater and patronized the monastery.
When I told my Teacher about my idea,he approved it,the invitation of actors from the monastery on the anniversary has been obtained.
I had to write a play for the first time to act as the Director of the performance.The only stipulation which is put before me, the rector,was the fact that the role of Tokugawa'll have to play myself.