[Newsletter] About the benefits of reading

Reading and discussing books.
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[Newsletter] About the benefits of reading

Post by к-13 » Thu Jan 31, 2013 22:18

Tonight we will talk about reading art and popular scientific literature...
The benefits of reading are obvious - except that it allows you to switch(aside from the routine or textbooks, to change one activity to another), we develop several skills necessary in modern life:

-memory and attention (these two characteristics of the human mind tightly interrelated and do not develop separately):
Basically any author tries a little harder to wrap up the plot, to use a seemingly meaningless moments in the development of events, especially if it's mystery, fantasy or mixed genres (otherwise the piece will be flat and is too predictable, unless, of course, we do not read literature for children). Repeatedly bumping into these tricks, we learn to be more attentive to the details, to keep in memory all the points that relate to the story, to the point, while the story will not end

creative thinking:
The brain is not working with the text directly - for treatment it needs to convert it to images. We are not just reading text books – we give every force in her face a certain face and appearance (for this narrative is usually given the description of the hero when she first met him, with the exception of the main character, more often than not describe so that the reader could easily write yourself). Every scene we imagine not simply in a black void, we fully build in the imagination of the scenery – walls, floor, ceiling, the decoration, the details involved in the story, the grass under my feet, the clouds over the sea, the trees and the birds singing (often the author helps us)... when in doubt (this could very well be - because we do a lot unconsciously) try to remember a fragment of some previously read books – you don't recall the line of text, it will be the images – though vague, but very specific. We develop imagination in yourself (a very useful skill, which is now popularly called by the term "visualization").

- the ability to build logical connections, that is the training of logical thinking:
In any plot needs to be some intrigue – the thread that makes the story interesting and keeps the reader in suspense until the last page. And in this there is an element of training - the more experienced the reader, the easier it is to predict the development of the plot, to distinguish the true signs from above leading to the error. That is, people who, upon reading calculates the expected story a few steps forward, not only trains the skills of analysis and strategic planning – it learns to predict the reaction of people (in this author's case), to calculate how they will behave in a given situation. For some this point might be called the "development of intuition"(in my opinion, intuition is not a mystic is merely the result of the analysis of all the data of the subconscious – the rate is much higher, and the volume of available information by orders of magnitude more impressive, therefore, the results are sometimes strikingly).

- sociability and culture of speech:
Reading authors who write well, get used to speak well. (Voltaire)
In any book you can learn something new, even if the knowledge is not useful in the work, you can discuss them with friends, tell children to use language in quotes and just faster to find answers in unusual situations.

- the skill to write correctly without error:
Reading correctly written(or edited) texts, the brain gets used to them the correct spelling, location of punctuation marks, so when writing becomes necessary to write a controversial word, the brain will take the image from visual memory where it is stored the way it is written in the books, and will not be invented that hear with their ears, and no commas where they should be, cause some psychological discomfort. That is why many forums are encouraged to write correctly, those users that read a few books, but many sit on the Internet, you can get used to the wrong spelling)))

reading expands vocabulary and horizons:
To become more educated and creative books can help, too - reading you can glean a lot of ideas that are subsequently to realize. In other books you can learn the knowledge and skills that will help in life – for example, in a series of books by max Frei "Labyrinths of Echo" and "the Chronicles of Eho" - http://max-frei.net/books.html - you can get acquainted with magical techniques that can be used in real life with the help of the bracelets of life.

- Reading books improves brain function.
While passionate about reading and synchronizes the work of the hemispheres of the brain, the body relaxes, the EEG increases the number of waves of the alpha band and the processing of incoming information makes a large number of parts of the brain to remain active, practicing the skill of concentration - the brain learns to work more productively (and not remain in a passive state or in the minimum of activity, as when watching TV), namely to WORK.
Mind-machine, of course, they will not replace (although, depending on how much, how and what to read), but with regular use become better will definitely allow you. In addition, it is proved that the body ages faster when our aging brain, and the reading makes our brain work, our old age is postponed.

- Reading a good book helps to gain peace of mind, change the world for the better:
Involvement in the plot allows us to move away from problems, all the trouble at the time of the retreat, the stress goes away for a while. Besides, most of the authors puts into his books bright thoughts, noble aims, high ideals - after reading a good book some time to perceive the world more bright and joyous, thoughts are no longer obsessed, I look fresh, rested emotions... Read has a great influence on the spiritual development and moral guidance of man. Psychologists say that reading is an integral process in all stages of identity formation. Since childhood, when the child reading to the parents, ending a Mature age, when a person is going through personal crises and growing spiritually. An invaluable benefit of reading in adolescence. Reading, Teens not only develop memory, thinking and other cognitive processes, they develop emotional and volitional sphere, learn to love, to forgive, to empathize, to evaluate the actions, to analyze the actions, to trace causal relationships between events. Therefore, it is completely obvious use of books that allow you to grow and cultivate a holistic, harmonious personality.

And it's not all pros

By the way, a lot of interesting and useful books You will find in the electronic library Koob.ru only respect the work of authors - if You liked the book, buy the paper version, the author will receive profits and will be able to write something interesting, and You will be on the shelf a good book that later You will be able to read again plunged into a world built for You by the author (even if the power goes out, you will lose the information from all carriers, disappear the Internet...).<

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Re: [Newsletter] About the benefits of reading

Post by Магистр » Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:07

Thank you. All this is true. It is a pity that less people read.

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